11th Annual Pet Portrait Fundraiser! STARTS RIGHT NOW!!!!

I am asking people to donate $50 directly to their charity of choice online when making their appointment.  Just send me confirmation. All I ask of the rescue groups is to share, and therefore reaping in the donations! Send this email to your email lists and share this on your Facebook pages Please email for more info Julie@JuliePoole.com

What makes this so great?  It’s HALF OFF the normal creative fee *and* the entire creative fee goes directly to the charity of your choice. Its a gift directly from you. Win win for all. Your favorite charity gets $50, in most cases, you can write it off as a deduction(check with your accountant) and you get beautiful portraits!

These are full sessions, done either on location or at the studio. I suggest regular portrait clothing and we can also do a few photos for cards and fun with holiday attributes.  If you would like Christmas cards and gifts, please book as early as possible. Weekend appointments fill up extremely fast. Weekday ones are much more flexible.

This is extremely limited time wise. My lease has not been renewed so I have no idea how long I will be there. Book right now to get this done before I have to go! I am not going out of business, only moving where I am based from but that will create an issue during this holiday season! I am based from. That being said, this is now the time.  So, DO  NOT WAIT, there might not be time for studio portraits.

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