The Bamfords

This was another one of those “I can’t choose sessions” Happens fairly often. Not a bad problem to have though! 


Steffi does so much with her dogs. I have photographed them all numerous times. This time it was Nari’s turn for a special session. She is such a neat dog!

The Purcells

All I have to say, is we should all have as much style! Not only the people, but the dogs had the greatest outfits! Makes my job so much easier 😀  


Brussel Griffons are the neatest dogs. This one truly takes the cake. I loved Kona. Perfect perfect dog!! Look at the adorableness!    

The Hardins

This is the most fun, close knit family!  They were a blast to photograph.   

The Thurmans

These guys were so fun. They made my job seem easy 🙂

Susan, Brittany and Bizmark

I have had the pleasure to photograph Susan both by herself and also with her dogs multiple times. Its always so nice to have such great clients!  

The Stouts…

What a wonderful couple. Some people you meet and you  just instantly like. They love their dogs and it shows!    


This is the most wonderful family. I have photographed all their dogs at one time or another. Donald brought in his special dog Melanie. Isn’t she awesome?    


Mosby is a wonderful senior citizen. Probably one of the most loved dogs that has been brought in to see me. Well, he is at least up in the top 5% 🙂  

Aye Chee-wawaaaaaa

Are these not the cutest little chi’s in the universe??  I would say yes!!!  

Every boy needs a dog…..

My very very favorite. Kids and dogs. Even better, kids are who perfect and easy paired with perfect and easy dogs! That combo doesn’t come around too often 😀  

General the blue tick coonhound!

This was a great dog. There is nothing in the world like a coonhound!! General knows he is something special 😀      


Its been a few weeks of very sad situations with my clients. The very well loved Ollie crossed over the rainbow bridge a couple weeks after these photos.