Give it a go and report your findings back here. I hope your evening went well in Seattle. . I use a middle of the road gold tequila, like Cuervo or Sauza. I picked up an electric citrus juicer for $6 bucks at a thrift shop many years ago for fresh juice. Each week, The Splendid Table brings you stories that expand your world view, inspire you to try something new and show how food brings us together. But I'm suggesting you start using it for large batches of margaritas on the rocks ASAP. Thank you for making me the new Margarita Queen in the hood…Had all the girls over for a Spring Fever party and WHOA those margies are good and strong. I love a strong drink, but MAN this was STRONG! :))) Jeff is right, don’t EVER, EVER use bottled lemon or lime juice. I would like to use Tequila, triple sec and limeade. Look to see if there is a club store or restaurant supply grocer in your town, they typically run cheaper than your neighborhood big-box retailer. My dinner guests polished of the gallon in 25 minutes. Hey, are you looking for a single-serving Margarita? Belle, i’ve even used a fork in place of a of a reamer in a juicer pinch once(juicer was broken),(takes a while but it can be done!) However, I personnally tasted the faint bitter taste of rind from the electic juicer. 2½ shots fresh lime juice This recipe sounds amazing. I think the flavor difference is almost negligible, and the cost here in Oregon is $15 less a bottle. 3. I’m paying $1.00 for two limes or two lemons. Then I fight that add more simple syrup battle and it never works. Get an electric juicer and spend the 15 minutes it takes to extract the juice. This man knows what he’s talking about folks! Hi there, And it's silver (unaged) tequila here, the freshest and most agave-flavored of the tequilas. Thanks jeff. 1. It will then be thawed and poured into a slushie machine we have and as it turns in the machine it will get slushie. i think that those people are not worth pleasing. I have a parrot ice margarita machine. Was great. I’m planning my own recipe for the annual camping trip and will most likely use a combination of Sauza Blanco and Patron Citronge. I came across your website while looking for margarita recipes…it looks really good; I live in Dubai (from TX) and none of my friends here have attended a proper fiesta or Cinco De Mayo party, so pulling out all the stops and throwing a bash this May 5th. Serve these with plenty of ice and salt and limes on the side for guests to create their own rimmed glasses, if desired. They sound delish. Cool crystal-clear water and a “Tex-ican ‘tini” might be a perfect match…. The Best Margarita Recipes You’ll Ever Taste! Step 1 Mix the water, tequila, limeade, and orange liqueur in a freezer-proof container with a lid; stir. I`m going to try this at the next party. I am wondering if you could possibly tell me what the recipe would be for just one drink? I was getting roped into bartending for some friends’ holiday parties. Quality: I'm sorry, but don't give me any of that bottled sweet-and-sour mix crap that's loaded with sugar and artificial flavors and is a guaranteed headache tomorrow. If not, try it out before you assume it’s too sweet. Very very strong…but very very good. Hey Jeffrey! Ivana – This recipe uses 1:1 simple syrup. cheers! I can already tell…this is going to be an expensive hosting! I have just finished to read through posts from 2007! I am a margarita snob so those would not do! Meehan’s Bartenders Manual, by Jim Meehan, The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Imbibe! Thanks! Whatev…I like mine better without the triple sec. Let me know your experience with that – I’m excited to make my first gallon of margarita. this is excellent! MAKE IT SHINE! I want to add ice to the mixture to make blended margaritas. Don’t use any premixed flavored icky stuff. Great blog! Scratch Sour Mix Recipe Great Taste Recipes Margarita by the gallon you a gallon of margaritas by the jeffrey morgenthaler margarita by the gallon tipsy bartender monin 1 2 gallon natural concentrated margarita mix finest call 1 gallon ready to use margarita mix monin 1 2 gallon natural concentrated margarita mix pitcher perfect margarita recipe chowhound the … Make sure all of your ingredients are ice cold (except for the frozen concentrate--you want to let it thaw just a little). There is no such thing as ‘good’ sour mix. Walmart Is Kicking Off Black Friday 2020 with THREE Sale Events This November, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents, 2 cups tequila (Make sure to get something smooth and delicious. It calls for margarita mix…blah. Thanks for the recipe I am going to try it :)…. For one margarita: If you like a salt-rimmed glass, moisten the rim of your glass with a lime wedge. Being that the Margarita (and its cousin, the Mexican Martini) may as well be the official drink of Austin, Texas, this is an oft-debated subject. (I use slightly more lime, slightly less lemon and use Patron Citronge for the orange liquor) I have made them too many times to count and they have been universally praised as awesome. And, when you donate, you'll become a member of The Splendid Table Co-op. I’m glad they worked out, Dan. However, if poured over a full cup of ice it is watered down quite a bit. Thanks! It makes all the difference here. I used El Jimador reposado, Cointreau, and the agave syrup you specified in a comment instead of simple syrup(and fresh juices, of course). Sure you can, Brian from KC. I have read all of your other comments and don’t see anything about a virgin-version…Can you give me an idea about how to do that?? So incredible. Thanks for your recipes! Yeah I prefer Cointreau but if you like a less expensive, lower-proof triple sec, then by all means do so. I have seen comments from people using slushy machines, which I am going to rent for my party, but I cannot see the recommended quantity of ice for one gallon of mix. 750ml sugar sirup. The lemons I got were huge but mostly rind so that was a bummer. I definitely plan to use it again! 235 ml simple syrup. It’s not summer here in Portland today, but it sure felt like it. Put ice in glasses and pour the drink mix over. Like many others that I’ve read here, I stumbled on your website this morning. As a Florida girl, of course I have a juicer! But on the whole, this was well received, and requests that I produce more of this were bountiful. & pour the juice through a strainer.Roll your limes on the counter with your hand , before cutting in half so they’re easier to squeeze the juice out of. My mom told me later that they were easy to drink (not harsh) and she had a little more than planned and slept through the night well. I’m looking to do something more on the line of blueberry and honey dew margarita . I’m getting ready to make my yearly batch of these, though I’m switching things up this year. another july fourth and i will be making another batch of these – as requested! I had the lemons and limes directly shipped in from Spain via UPS to Germany to have them really really fresh. Your thoughts? Your margaritas earned you a fan club in Calgary, Jeff. 2 bottles raspberry tequila (Cuervo Tradicional Silver 100% agave infused for two weeks with 2 pints raspberries per bottle) These are, hands down, the best fucking margaritas I’ve ever had. My friends enjoy the cadillac margaritas. You are adorable! Hey…I’m having a tequila fiesta in a couple of weeks and your “gallon of margaritas” post came up first when I searched. You can garish with a few more pieces of fruit. Prepare your margaritas accordingly. Love your website. More Triple Sec (maybe 3 cups) and less lemon juice (2 cups perhaps). Not a single drop was left when the party had ended. Pour tequila, Cointreau, and lime juice into glass. They were very strong so I added a few more cups of water but man they were yummy!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for publishing your recipe. I received a margarator..margrita machine from a neighbor. I was going to say that; limes contain more citric acid than lemons do, so in order to make this recipe balance you would need to use more sugar. Hiram Walker Triple Sec, Batch Three: That is a very good recipe and it reminds me that I should be going to more parties. You genius you! My husband’s been begging me to make them ever since. Lastly, my recipe: If you like the single marg ratio better then I’d say stick with that. INGREDIENTS Nutrition. If I add the 3 pounds of ice and your recipe..will that work?????? ha, ha…, These Margaritas are fantastic! ways to take your margarita to the next level. I hardly ever use a juicer, so I don’t know how it will effect the outcome of the taste. I don’t really know much about strawberry or other flavored margaritas, as I don’t care for drinking them.

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