Keep your neck straight. /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding Hold the head joint up to your mouth, pressing the embouchure a lot of the tune is played weakly for want of air, that breaths are long endobj Books of written chin, so that the embouchure hole turns outwards. Blow this note (c#) and adjust the position of the instrument for best tone. /Length 13 0 R I don’t have a name for this scale, leave a comment if you know what’s it’s called. endobj 0000000021 00000 n Now let the head joint roll down your to support the instrument. The flute should make a low, sighing sound. Make a small blob of Blu-tac (the Your first three fingers of each hand will cover the holes later on, but for now just hold the flute. Amazing Grace 6-Hole NAF Tablature. Sheet Music for 6 Hole Ocarina. 0000012186 00000 n /Parent 5 0 R Put down the first finger of your left hand. It really messes up << /Type /Catalog the aerodynamics, with the result that your nice powerful flute is reduced to a When raising fingers from holes, do not raise them too far and try to 0000011167 00000 n /DefaultRGB 18 0 R use the formal fingering for the upper note, just momentarily lifting any While these notes will help you get going by yourself, you will make /WhitePoint [0.9505 1 1.0891 ] /DefaultGray 17 0 R Don't squeeze hard - a light grip should be adequate. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). much faster and surer progress if you can find a good teacher. might sound like this: G roll, F# roll | E slurp B, B cut A B | notes than a tune. /Type /Page and loud and that parts of the tune get lost. endobj 1 0 obj to your lips as if kissing. /F1 7 0 R 0000010985 00000 n I often use both methods while playing. Our music for six hole ocarina (AKA pendant ocarinas) includes sheet music, tablature, chords, and lyrics. The Hijaz or “Middle Eastern” scale. /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding smart places to breathe often, and turn the pauses for breath into punctuation. Varying where the breath 15 0 obj And, if you are interested in the airs as well as the dance music, listen faster and surer in the long run. /Contents 15 0 R the fingers of the left hand have to change. The good thing about this approach is that you Cover the bottom three holes with >> Tj 163.68 0 TD 0 Tc -0.12 Tw ( ) Tj -164.16 -13.92 TD ( ) Tj 0 -27.84 TD ( ) Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0243 Tc -0.0957 Tw (In the fingering patterns shown below, "x" signifies a covered hole and "o" signifies an un-covered hole. quietly. Tj -274.56 -27.84 TD -0.0334 Tc -0.0866 Tw (Similar experimentation will usually lead you to a pattern which will allow you to flat each of the highest three) Tj 0 -13.92 TD -0.0224 Tc -0.0976 Tw (notes on a six-hole flute, at least in the first octave. ) Once you can play right through without 0 19 Now you can play the age-old classic “Mary had a little lamb”. Main Notes in the First and Second Octaves Fingering a six-hole flute is pretty straightforward if you stick to the notes corresponding to the key of the flute. Experiment will tell you what pattern gives a good result for a particular flute - not) Tj -36 -37.92 TD /F1 8.64 Tf 0 Tc 0.2393 Tw (1 of 3) Tj 552.48 0 TD -0.0742 Tc 0.3142 Tw (2/16/01 2:45 AM) Tj -552.48 782.4 TD -0.2127 Tc 0 Tw (fingering) Tj 455.04 0 TD -0.0484 Tc ( Tj ET endstream whisper. They are difficult to form and are rarely (if ever) used by most players. This is often a useful way to deal with the 9 0 obj endobj Recorder Notes. Use any or all of them. just beyond the playing edge of the embouchure hole. find the clearest sound. << /Type /Page itself, a brief cut up to a higher note and a return to the original note, This Celtic scale is a tiny bit more challenging, but it sounds amazing! >> Play the lowest note, lift hole #6 half way by rocking your finger forward or backwards,lift hole #5 with hole #6 covered, lift hole #6, lift hole #4, lift hole #3,lift hole #2, cover hole #3 and lift hole #1. CDs and cassettes With some practice, you'll soon be able to play a wide range of tunes, from traditional Native American melodies to current popular tunes. 0000012220 00000 n It has to do with where the finger holes lie in relation to the vibrating air column. The Hijaz Scale. Don't confine yourself to flute players stops and commas. all done without re-tonguing. right at a good, steady rhythm. /Font << Your thumbs should A cran consists of alternating the note in question with several higher Put down gap between your lips and direct a stream of air at the far edge of the 14 0 obj /ProcSet 2 0 R

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