On the other hand, gas-powered vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE) are only 25 percent efficient. Zap-Map has developed a range of online tools to calculate charging costs, including the Home Charging Calculator and Public Charging Calculator. By choosing an electric car, you can reduce your carbon footprint and pollution impact to help preserve our natural environment. For example, according to zap-map.com, there is a net increase (year-on-year) of charging points and locations across the UK. Fully electric vehicles are zero-rated for Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), removing a three-figure sum from annual car running costs. Electric-specific features also mean there is plenty of on-board tech available for EV drivers. However, as these are emitted from power-stations which are well away from urban areas, their overall impact tends to be much less than when emitted from the exhausts of petrol and diesel cars. EVs are typically well equipped, sitting towards the top of a manufacturer’s trim levels. Lower fuel costs, environmental stewardship, and energy independence are all compelling reasons to go electric with your next car. The first is how great these cars are for the environment when compared to a gasoline-powered vehicle. There are many reasons to make your next vehicle purchase an electric car. No tailpipe emissions with electric cars. The following sections explore the benefits offered by switching to an EV. By choosing an electric vehicle, you can forget about paying for gasoline and being at the mercy of gas prices. Until then -the end of March 2021 – pure-EVs and PHEVs, together with the greenest ultra-low emission vehicles, are eligible for a 100% ‘write-down’ in the first-year of purchase. For advice on purchasing a new electric vehicle, visit Zap-Map’s EV Buying Guide. On-board refinement is aided by an EV’s quiet and smooth operation. Nevertheless progress is being done in all areas. EVs are zero-emission at point of use. When you produce your own free electricity, you avoid increasing your monthly electric bill by plugging your electric vehicle into the grid. Weekly trips to the gas station to fuel up your car are expensive, especially when the ever-fluctuating price of gasoline is high. Even for those without off-street parking, owning an EV is still a viable option, by using the public charging network or charging at work. Recharging equipment is eligible under the ECA scheme. Another concern of the battery powered vehicles is the charge/recharge cycle. You can reduce your costs even further by installing a rooftop solar installation to charge your electric vehicle. EVs are ideally suited to driving in the city and other urban areas where traffic congestion and emissions are high. Wear and tear on tyres and brakes is noticeably reduced on plug-in vehicles thanks to regenerative braking (see above). While there is some noise and vibration from the electric motor, wind, and tyres, the levels are lower than with a conventional vehicle. The high acceleration offered by most EVs makes them responsive on all types of road, with ‘regen’ braking reducing the amount of required pedal control. Add in the almost silent running and efficient aerodynamics, and EVs are usually both fun, comfortable and low stress to drive. Advantages of electric cars. Image: Number of electric vehicle charging stations per 100 km of paved roadCredit: Statista. For climate change gases (such as CO2), electric cars charged using average UK electricity show a significant reduction in emissions; the figures suggest a reduction of around 25-40% compared to an average conventional car. Currently marketed battery electric vehicles have a high purchasing price, mainly due to the high voltage battery price (which is around 30 … 40 % of the total price of the vehicle). If for an internal combustion engine powered vehicle fuel refilling takes on average around 5 minutes, in case of a battery powered vehicle the recharge can take between 30 minutes (“fast charging”) and 8 – 10 hours (“normal charging”). Also, depending on the source of the electric energy (e.g. Compare an electric vs petrol car yourself The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology have put a fabulous tool together to help you compare the overall environmental impact of electric cars vs internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. All rights reserved. Batteries are typically located low down in the car’s chassis, dropping the centre of gravity and allowing improved ride and handling characteristics. Taken overall, and given that current road transport is responsible for significant emissions of local air pollutants, the impact on human health of using EVs is certainly beneficial within urban areas, well away from the centres of battery production, due to the fact that most EVs are zero-emission at the point of use. Importantly, electric vehicles allow you to become energy independent, through the installation of renewable electricity generation such as a solar array to fuel your car. For this reason a vehicle with internal combustion vehicle is more expensive to maintain compared with an electric vehicle, Since there is no internal combustion engine present, electric vehicles have zero exhaust gas emission. Image: The Evolution Of U.S. Electric Vehicle Charging PointsCredit: Statista. Settings are usually controlled via a manufacturer-provided app. But before you decide to purchase a new car, let’s take a quick look at what you can expect. The environmental advantages of electric and hybrid cars may seem obvious, but they’re still worth banging on about. The honed aerodynamics, designed to maximise EV range, also help to reduce noise levels, as does the use of low-rolling resistance tyres, again standard on most EV models. Are energy-efficient appliances worth it? The torque available from an electric motor means that the initial acceleration offered by even standard EVs is more than offered by many sports cars. Thank you! The reduction in carbon emissions is mainly due to the fact that electric cars are more energy efficient than conventional vehicles. Also, in the United Stated of America, the number of electric vehicle charging points has increased dramatically between 2012 and 2017.

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