The aizome experience begins with a lecture on the history of Japanese indigo dyeing. We spend a third of our lifetime sleeping, our beds should be comfy–and safe. “I got to experience aizome dyeing under the guidance of a real artisan and can take my hand-dyed towel home. Aizome refers to the practice of traditional indigo dyeing. Make easy monthly payments over 3, 6, or 12 months with affirm. Aizome dyeing, indigo blue, also known as "Japanese blue", is a traditional dyeing existing since the dawn of time. "Best bedding for sensitive skin or allergies", 4 Bedding tips that make your bed a safe haven, How to Reduce Your (Quarantine) Anxiety for Better Sleep, How sleep can boost your immune system to fight viruses. There’s someone else who did the Wanariya shibori design, and their towel looks completely different from mine! Tokushima is dominated by mountains and sea. As he learned a lot about sukumo from his father-in-law, he is quite strict about the choice of the ingredient. After repeated soaking, finally the cloth is taken out from the pots and relocated to a freshwater tub. “Hon” means “authentic.” Ranshu’s farming background helped him to best handle the natural ingredient sukumo, an annual plant. “Oh, wow!” Virtual Trip: Fall in Love With These 20 Traditional Japanese Landscapes, Japanese Drinking Culture is so Different! Operating under the concept of being a gate to Japanese culture, the aizome store welcomes shoppers and visitors from both Japan and abroad with open arms. Aizome is leaving out chemicals for good. … The dyed hands of aizome artisans – even the nails are blue. Copyright © 2020 Carillon LLC. Aizome Bedding™ is making hypoallergenic all natural fabrics to soothe your sensitive skin while you sleep. Even though everyone dyed their cloth together, some are a deep and rich blue, while others have a much lighter shade. It’s a traditional color in modern times, and I think I made a really cool thing.” (Nationality: China) The skin is filled with tiny holes called pores which make absorption and evaporation really easy. Making such an experience in a place like Asakusa adds to the atmosphere, and I think that Japanese traditional culture can be felt even better here.” (Nationality: Japan) I looked at these hands and could actually see the passion they have for their craft. It’s really interesting that everyone’s came out so unique.” (Nationality: Japan) T-shirts, tote bags, all kinds of different items and garments can be dyed in this mystical blue, the color of Old Japan. Some even choose to be surprised by the outcome and utilize rubber bands and ties wherever they seem to fit – in any case, everyone is working excitedly on their very own hand-dyed towel. If you see it for yourself or even just via YouTube, you will know what it really means. The color immediately transforms into beautiful indigo blue. Also, I learned more about Japan’s traditional culture and started to really love it. The substance that is floating on the top is called ‘indigo flower’ and the result of this reaction. The raw ingredients are fermented and this turns them into dye. I don’t think that there are many people who want to do this kind of job in a modern day and age, but it’s a tradition with a long history in Japan and I do believe it should continue to live on.” (Nationality: China). Aizome craftsmen know the correlations between the color degrees and the length of fermentation. They almost never saw how the indigo dyeing is done at a factory of Japanese indigo dyeing, which is called aizome. “I want it to look cute, but how do I do that...” Japan has its own dyeing technique called “aizome,” literally indigo dyeing, utilizing a plant called “tade.” Aizome has been introduced to Japan in Nara period (710 – 794), and it is said that depending on different factors, such as mixture and time, this Japanese indigo can be separated into a total of 48 different shades! 5 Best Pokemon Centers and Pokemon Stores in Tokyo: Catch Them All! Aizome is accepted as non-irritating by the National Eczema Association. Aizome bedding from Japan. A shop in Asakusa called Wanariya lets you experience this traditional technique of dyeing for yourself. At first, I thought: ‘What should I do if I screw it up?’ But I was encouraged: ‘If the result is different from what you wanted it to be, that’s because of the living things in the dye. The town surrounded by idyllic landscape is located right next to the Kyu-Yoshinogawa river, where abundant clean water flows. Specifically, the deep blue of indigo has been a popular kimono color since ancient times, and it is also the color of the official logo for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games 2020. All possible by our proprietary ultrasonic dyeing technology, securing the vibrant color and natural benefits of plants. The Japanese saying refers to this. Smell it – a lot of people say it has a bit of a fishy smell but it seems to work great with people who suffer from hay fever.” Global shipping from $29. When he turned 20 years old, he married Hiroko, whose father was a grower of the indigo plant called. The process of color change and the craftsman’s indifferent repetition impress those who visit aizome factories. Hiroko’s family was all about aizome dyeing. A large barrel contains the natural indigo dye. Surprisingly, the average bedding uses chemicals like formaldehyde, mercury, and lead for “performance”. Japan has its own dyeing technique called “aizome,” literally indigo dyeing, utilizing a plant called “tade.” Aizome has been introduced to Japan in Nara period (710 – 794), and it is said that depending on different factors, such as mixture and time, this Japanese indigo can be separated into a total of 48 different shades! Even with the model cloth in front of the students, they’re having trouble imagining how an intricate pattern such as this will come to be with only wrapping and rubber bands.

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