However, echolocation in shallow waters and flooded forests may result in many echoes to keep track of. Typically, these creatures are slow swimmers, and are primarily diurnal. Breathing takes place every 30 to 110 seconds. In the meantime, they are likely to practice polyandry and polygynandry - a mating system, where both males and females have a number of mates. They are mostly active early in the morning, until late afternoon. The calves are born between July and September. The Botos are not afraid of boats, thus they often suffer from wounds by colliding with them, and even get tangled up in fishing nets. The Amazon river dolphin population is in the tens of thousands, but may be in rapid decline. They also rely on an internal sonar system to maneuver under water and find food due to their poor vision. However, dolphins in captivity may not show the same behavior that they do in their natural environment, where they have been reported to hold the oars of the fishermen, rub against the boat, pluck underwater plants, and play with sticks, logs, clay, turtles, snakes, and fish. The Dusky dolphin has a 20 – 25 year lifespan. However, they are predominantly crepuscular. Instead the amazon river dolphin may be hunted by other animals that inhibit the Amazon. 10) The female amazon river dolphin can grow as much as 3 ft. longer than their male counterparts. This dolphin is one of several species among the river dolphin family. Amazon River Dolphin Species . [18] The flukes are broad and triangular, and the dorsal fin, which is keel-shaped, is short in height but very long, extending from the middle of the body to the caudal region. In Colombia, the oil pipelines have been blown up by armed groups, causing irreparable pollution. Depending upon their ranges, the dolphins have been classified into the following: The Amazon River Dolphins are social and friendly creatures, living since centuries in the Amazon and its tributaries. [6], They are slow swimmers; they commonly travel at speeds of 1.5 to 3.2 kilometres per hour (0.93 to 1.99 mph) but have been recorded to swim at speeds up to 14 to 22 kilometres per hour (8.7 to 13.7 mph). All dolphins with the exception of the franciscana dolphin (la plata dolphin) live in fresh water rivers. However, the Amazon River dolphins are often seen swimming upside down, though the reason is uncertain. These observations suggest that the Amazon river dolphin is found in higher density than any other cetacean. Like many other species, the botos are seldom seen leaping above the water surface. The amazon river dolphin can be found swimming in south America throughout the amazon and Orinoco rivers. Their colors fade gradually with age, having blue-gray and white tinges all over. There is one albino on record, kept in an aquarium in Germany. 9) Rather than a tall dorsal fin these dolphins have a low triangular hump-shaped ridge down the middle of their back. 1. They display extremely aggressive behavior: because of biting and abrasion, male dolphins often damage their fins, flukes, and blowholes. When they surface, the tips of the snout, melon and dorsal fins appear simultaneously, the tail rarely showing before diving. They also consume shellfish, crabs, crustaceans, and even small turtles. Males are ready for mating around 7 to 12 years old. 10. If the area has a particularly large number of prey, however, groups of 10 to 15 can be found together. The distribution of dolphins in the rivers and surrounding areas depends on the time of year; in the dry season they are located in the river beds, but in the rainy season, when the rivers overflow, they disperse to the flooded areas, both the forests and the plains. [26], In captivity, courtship and mating foreplay have been documented. [6] Another source of concern is the difficulty in keeping these animals alive in captivity, due to intra-species aggression and low longevity. They sometimes take advantage of the disturbances made by boats to catch disoriented prey. The length of its fins allows the animal to perform a circular movement, allowing for exceptional maneuverability to swim through the flooded forest but decreasing its speed.[19]. When it comes to the entire Amazon river dolphin species there is inconclusive information regarding their endangered status due to insufficient data. Associated with these legends is the use of various fetishes, such as dried eyeballs and genitalia. The raise in contaminant levels of mercury have also caused and increased the total number of recorded deaths among these mammals, especially close to the gold mines, where mercury is used in the process for mining gold.

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