Very nice backwall but the light stopped working after 2 minutes. Wrong. ... Search results for 'Craftsman 6 Metal Workbench Backwall' CRAFTSMAN PRO-X 1.25 X 35FT TAPE. Nowhere on line or at sears are there any pegs to fit. I’m not sure $5.18 in parts is worth another trip to Sears. The assembled bench and back board are very heavy, so this is definately meant to be a stationary work bench. For a few pennies more they could have included a switch. I had to find a friend with a truck who could help me get my stuff, and I got a cash refund for my delivery fee. I also did not like that I had to take my work table apart and move the surface to allow this backwall to mount properly (this could have been referenced in the worktable manual). So once I got over this bench top shift, it was time to assemble. Simply slip this five-foot long tool wall behind your workbench, and you've created a ton of space for organizing your tools, equipment and accessories. It's your shop, so keep it neat, tidy and attractive with this standing tool board. The backwall measures 26" H or 66" H with posts. You have to plug/unplug each time for use - stupid! I spent most of the day working on it, and it is exceedingly difficult to install on the six foot work bench frame. Select your workbench frame 2. The all-steel construction with pegboard gives you stability and lightweight organization all in one. This product is not made to be easy to assemble - it is difficult to assemble. No way I could do this with the limited space I have plus the weight distribution of the benchtop to the front that much would have toppled the whole thing over. I ordered the backwall with light and after it was received, first learned that the workbench top had to be moved forward to allow the backwall brackets to mount directly to the lower bench frame. This is a great size and very sturdy. You get what you pay for.It would be wise to have a helper when you install this. The backwall can be mounted directly to your existing Craftsman workbench to provide light, power and additional organization. That's kind of lame. 8-in. Add storage modules4. When finger tight, there is just enough space in the bolt holes to allow the backwall to expand wide enough for top to fit between the ends. Build a custom workbench in 4 simple steps:1. This backwall is ideal for your garage, tool shed or workshop. The existing red backsplash was no longer needed, but removing it took away from the bench's overall appearance. CHAINSAW LOPPER KIT (2.0AH) Hint hint... If I had read the reviews of this product first, I would not have bought it.If I had to do this over, I would have ordered the heavy-duty work bench - much more expensive but easier to assemble - and I would have found another way to have a back board - this one is too much trouble. Craftsman workbenches have sturdy legs and durable tops that provide the perfect work area for any type of work piece. Sears provided instructions for each piece separately but does not provide a plan if you are building all the pieces together into a bench. Everything went together well, packaged fine, and once finished, it feels sturdy and looks great. The SS top has very sharp, unfinished edges so file/sand down to avoid cutting your hands. My advice is to assemble the frame first, and don't install top until the backwall is attached with screws FINGER TIGHT. No switch on the light. I bought everything as a "set" ... you would think Sears would have designed the pieces to fit without relying on the customer to become MacGyver. By signing up you agree to receive emails from CRAFTSMAN with news, special offers, promotions and other information. Convinced Sears to give me a small credit and bought the same light fixture elsewhere for $11. Need instructions for assembly when purchasing complete set, i.e. The only negative I've noticed is the pegboard hooks tend to fall out when I grab tools because the sheet metal isn't as thick as a regular peg board; but perhaps I just need to find a different type of hook. Spend some time figuring this out before you dive in. The way they attach the craftsman plastic logo to the bench is poorly designed and shows a lack of real "craftsmanship". I assembled the frame, and then had to remove the top and partially dis-assemble the frame to attach the back board. Here is where the real fun began… I called Sears to order replacement parts and spoke to an ***-clown named Jerry, who said that the “parts bag” for this product was $68.00 plus shipping. I returning the bench top to the original centered position. Worst purchase I've made in years. CRAFTSMAN 2000 Series 41-in W x 35-in H 7-Drawer Steel Rolling Tool … 53. You can unsubscribe at any time. I needed all the directions! Steel Backwall, Worklight and Outlet Strip, The Craftsman 14944 8' Metal Workbench Backwall can be mounted directly to your existing Craftsman workbench for easy organization and convenience, Backwall measures 26” H or 66” H with posts, 6-outlet power strip lets you power or charge tools, battery chargers, radios or any other item needed in your workspace. Our sales-kid ordered our items for us from his computer, and we paid $69.99 for them to be delivered to our house. This Well-made 5-ft. Black Backwall Organizes Your Tools Good quality back wall , a little pricey. I kept it just because it was such a pain to put together and I don't want to disassemble it. Other than that, it's a good item. Add accessories" Adds light, power and additional organziation to your 6 ft. Craftsman workbench (009-14928 or 009-14929) /li> Mounts directly to workbench 6-outlet power strip provides power when you need Worklight illuminates work area All … The light doesn't include a switch unless you plug it into the included power strip and use the power strip switch which of course shuts off power to everything else that is plugged into it. drawers and back wall. I bought 6' workbench frame, stainless steel (SS) top, backwall and tool drawers. This attractive 5-ft. black backwall turns your working area into a true workshop with the ability to tailor your peg board to your liking. This superior, made-to-last Craftsman professional 5-ft. black backwall provides you with a space to hang your tools and keep them organized, clean and ready to use at all times. The backwall can be mounted directly to your existing Craftsman workbench to provide light, power and additional organization. Nice for the price. 20-in. I have had this backwall on my Craftsman bench for a few years now and it has held up very well. I would like to get a second power strip for the other side...not available in the store. Because it uses standard pegboard hooks, you can arrange your tools in a variety of ways plus purchase specialty item like shelves or screwdriver holders that fit into the peg board's perforations. We put the top on per the bench's instructions, and had to remove it later when we put the backwall on. Trap to avoid- built the legs of the back wall onto the bench as you assemble the bench or you'll be taking a lot of things apart. This works fine with almost any five foot long workbench but it's specifically designed for the Craftsman 5 foot workbench or to be bolted to the Craftsman professional wall cabinet. Sears couldn't replace just the light fixture but would take the whole thing back, after I spent 4 hours assembling. Model #CMST22653BK. So far so good. I read the reviews on this before deciding to buy it. When you need parts for your Craftsman workbench, you'll find the replacement parts you need at Sears PartsDirect. 6-in-1 Long Nose Pliers. I started off by buying the Craftsman 6' workbench, 5 drawer insert, Craftsman 36” shelves, and Craftsman stool and then decided to continue to accessorize. If you wrench tighten nuts and bolts, the SS top will probably not fit between the flanges of the backwall. Craftsman Professional 5 ft. Backwall - Black, The Craftsman professional 5-ft. black backwall helps you create a wall of tools visible and organized on this sturdy pegboard, No need to purchase specialty hangers or hooks because this backwall uses standard pegboard hooks, This standing backwall slips nicely behind any five foot long workbench but is made to be compatible with the five foot Craftsman workbench and the Craftsman professional wall cabinet, The baked enamel coating is rust resistant and the rugged steel construction of, The baked enamel coating is rust resistant and the rugged steel construction of this tool wall makes it a long lasting and valued part of your workshop. The backwall measures 26" H or 66" H with posts. I like the item, but...needs a light switch, not just a plug. I also noted some complaints about the flimsy-ness around the outlet which I resolved by running an additional screw along the back into the wood top. This requires that you thread it through the top of the backwall and out the bottom.

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