The first time I met with Dr. Kogan we spent hardly any time at all talking about the Metro. We may spend all our waking moments trying to fight and think our way better, spending days going over and over how we feel and trying to find a way out of this hell, which in turn brings more mental stress and worry to the mix. I had tried so many different treatments, techniques and therapists that got me nowhere, that I lost all hope of regaining my former self. Slowly, as I answered his inquiries I realized the truth. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Even I could see that perhaps an interplay between the mental and the physical was at work. If worry and stress brought on the initial anxiety, then it makes no sense that worrying and stressing about your anxious state is going to cure you of it. I recently saw a message on Twitter that was shared 100 times saying ‘You can never recover from anxiety, you can only manage it’ then another saying ‘Anxiety is a chemical imbalance in the brain and so medication is the only answer’. Google is your friend. Giving a health issue a little time allows it space to resolve on its own — or even change. Ask Erin: Do I Tell Her I Don't See Us In A Long Term Relationship? The key to overcoming anxiety is to no longer create it and then release what you have previously created, only in this way can you be free of it. I learned I can choose my thinking about my health. The health system is failing to recognize the importance of treating mental health issues in stroke recovery. When I experienced my first ocular migraine, I rushed to the ophthalmologist convinced I was having a stroke or going blind. I finally gave up my daily mission not to feel anxiety, the end of this battle came as such a relief and freed up so much wasted energy. Help in overcoming Depersonalisation & Derealisation, Overcoming Depersonalisation & Derealisation. They don’t work because they are not allowing a release to happen, they are all built around suppression and so this anxious energy ends up staying within. A few months later, I experienced more mysterious attacks of pain, again in my abdomen. If you spend most of your time worrying, stressing and overthinking, then all you will do is stay in a loop of recreating your anxiety and so no progress is made. Previous to when I suffered, I was a miserable, unfit, chronic worrier who spent all there days getting over hangovers. Somewhere along the way, a book called It’s Not All in Your Head turned up in an Amazon search. These days, I can’t say I’m never hit with anxiety about an unexpected pain or a weird lump. It certainly wasn’t for me. Unless I had been hexed, this maze of medical issues was not normal for a 20-something woman who had always taken good care of her health. I don’t and won’t charge for anything more than a book and I don’t give people wild claims or false promises. I decided I wouldn’t give in until I found the truth behind this condition and the correct way out; I refused to become another statistic. That is where I am now, there is no anxious energy within me to trigger, and my mind through a process of non-avoidance no longer feels it has to keep me safe and protect me. I know the fearful reaction in the mind and the feelings it creates within the body are uncomfortable, but life is actually helping you here, not punishing you. I regard myself as being a recovered person living a normal fulfilling life. I was wrong. Receive our latest updates and join over 7,000 people who’ve left great feedback on our posts. Due to this, the anxious energy is then stored within the body, and so you feel this anxious energy continuously. Our sessions helped me understand that, as a new mom, anxiety about my health replaced underlying emotions about motherhood. I Recovered From Health Anxiety (And So Can You), I’ll Admit It: I’m A Crappy Facebook Friend. Once I understood why I felt like I did, then the whole battle with myself started to fall away. The urologist wanted to call it interstitial cystitis. If I could focus on problems in my health, I didn’t have to address the reality that there was a lot I really didn’t enjoy about taking care of my kids. Through all my years of helping people, I have yet to meet someone who recovered overnight or through some technique; the truth is, it can’t happen this way. My body was the enemy, lying in wait to spring its next assault. Best wishes. A community for sharing what makes us tick, what ticks us off, plus pictures of our dogs (or cats – inclusivity is important). The size of a melon, this growth was so large it had twisted my ovary beyond the point of saving. All the while, fear of a debilitating diagnosis constantly filled my mind. As long as we know what we need to do to heal, then recovery is there for everyone. Around this time, I also began seeing a therapist. I wish someone had explained this to me when I first asked for help. 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