Some examples that could be similar to pastelitos are Greek Bougatsas; Aloo Pies in Trinidad and Tobago; Bridies and Cornish Pasty in the United Kingdom; Curry puffs in Southeast Asia; Knish in Eastern Europe; an Öçpoçmaq in Russia; Panzarottis in Italy; Paste in Mexico; Pastel in Brazil; Maltese Pastizzis; Pâté Chauds in Vietnam; Pithiviers in France; Samosas in the Indian subcontinent; turnovers, hot pockets, or a very small portable pot pie here in the US. Continue to sauté, until the tuna is browned and has mixed with all the other ingredients and all the flavors are absorbed. Sooner than later, her cheese wraps became famous around the small city where she lived. Half a smoothie, half a dessert, this is a classic beverage that can be found in many street stalls. Follow the instructions for Boiled Yuca. Pasticho: Venezuelan cuisine meets Italy, 9. Once it has cooled down, grab all the solid pieces and place them in a blender or food processor. 5. The waiter had brought an appetizer for the table, like everything else, it looked weird to that picky eater. Beef is especially popular, although fish and seafood are common along the long Caribbean coast. Grab a flat serving dish, larger than the circumference of the frying pan, pace it on top of the pan, and then carefully flip the tortilla on to the plate. – 1 Celery Stick It is a little piece of Venezuela … – The entire juice of one lime. Continue to make these disks until you have no more dough left. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before eating. It most resembles the squash and pumpkin types. Second, buying something in the cantina could mean that you would spend half your recess time standing in line. 6. It’s a very simple recipe and it’s very light, perfect for a light Venezuelan dinner, or anytime you are on a diet. © 2020, The Broke Backpacker. Most mojos are prepared with a mixture of herbs, vegetables, oil and vinegar. More information. – 1 Cup of Mexican Cheese Blend (I like the Sorrento Brand) Or you can do it the lazy way and stick them all in the microwave for a minute or two. When the other side is ready, simply serve by flipping it into a serving dish. Ensalada de Gallina | Venezuelan Christmas Dinner Chicken Salad. Quesillo has a texture similar to pudding, just firmer and more consistent. Venezuelans tend to spread it on thin waffles or add a bit of lemon juice. Salsa is not really a Venezuelan tradition, and neither is spicy food, just for your information. Prepare an assembly line next to your stove and add the oil to a frying pan (or deep fryer if you have one), and begin to heat up the oil. 2. After the 20 minutes, add only 4 cups of the flour and mix it very well using your fingers. Here is a great recipe for arequipe. Tuna is very common and accessible in Venezuela. It had some pink moon-shaped pieces, on top of a large green soft bowl of sorts, and it was all served in a very large and tall cocktail glass and drizzled with pink sauce. 1. However, I can give you a few examples of other food items across the world that are SIMILAR to pastelitos, but definitely not the same. This is where I would spend many weekends, long weekends, special occasions and long vacations as a child. I asked my mom “¿Qué es eso?”, she said it was cóctel de camarones… then I asked what the green stuff was, and she said it was aguacate… then I asked what camarones are, and I didn’t care for the answer because it was seafood. Preparation: You can include small squares of tomatoes for decoration and one or two leafs of parsley also. 11. Divide the ball of dough in three equal parts. 11. What is it-Cornmeal bread that can be grilled, fried, baked or steamed is stuffed with a filling of beef, pork or eggs.It is not only a common staple food in the Venezuelan cuisine but has become a rage throughout the world. This is what we in Venezuela call “Salsa Rosada”, or pink sauce. – Always add more olive oil and less vinegar. You can eat them as a main dish or as a side and they are perfect for breakfast, lunch or even dinner! This will give you a half circle, or moon shape for each pastelito. One way is to cut the dough with a knife in two equal parts; on one side add small portions of filling separating each one by roughly two inches; then add the rest of the dough on top and use a small round mold or cup to cut each section. A big filling salad, much like the tuna salad. Once the shrimp is thawed, you can choose to serve whole or remove the shells and chop them up. 10. 16. Make sure you thaw the beef (I always seem to forget about this step). 7. Once flattened, cut strips from the dough of about ½ an inch thick by 10 inches long. Crema de Auyama | Venezuelan Cream of Squash Calabaza (Soup). In a big mixing bowl, add the flour, the sugar, and the salt. And trust me, if you do not live near an authentic Venezuelan market, you may not find the right cheese, but you could try to sample different cheeses at a Latin market near you and try to find a similar cheese. The chicken salad is also very popular in any birthday party or any other celebration or family gathering in Venezuela. Remove from pot and drain for about 3 minutes, and serve hot. – 1 Egg – 1 Tbsp. Chopped. Others prefer to add milk to the mixture, but the bold ones combine it with vanilla ice cream or condensed milk to make it super sweet. Wholefoods are offering free Thanksgiving turkey insurance to cover burning, undercooking or dry meat. Cut the onions in the same manner, in strips, or simply Julienne the onion. 12. 5. Click here to receive your invitation by e-mail to this Venezuelan Cooking Blog every time there is a new post. In a bowl, beat the eggs, only 3 at first. Place the bread back in the oven for another 10 minutes.

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