Good luck. Adults and larvae eat high-protein materials, such as animal hides and furs, feathers, meat, cheese, dry pet foods and dead animals or insects. If you find pests in any life stage, throw out the whole package. If there’s a food product you’re not sure isn’t contaminated, you can put it in the freezer at 0 degrees for 4 days. Animals are going to be curious and eat things they shouldn’t eat. Mitchell treats her patients with a mouthwash containing sucralfate, lidocaine, and diphenhydramine to treat ulcers and reduce discomfort. The existing items should either be thrown out or frozen for at least 4 days to kill any pests. Also, they don’t sting humans. “In the mouth of an animal, this material would be somewhat similar to the hull of a popcorn kernel.”, Plus beetles have hard, thickened wing covers that protect their hind wings from damage, Liesch says. This is the first time I’ve seen this living in Bahrain the in the Middle East. “The ulcers calmed down with manual removal of the beetles and treatment of the ulcers.”, But Dr. Jennifer Coates, veterinary advisor with petMD, adds, “While I’ve not seen any cases myself, veterinarians have reported a few cases of dogs ingesting these beetles and subsequently developing vomiting, diarrhea, and other signs of gastroenteritis. If you open a bag of dog food and find bugs in any of these life stages, don’t panic! Are Larder Beetles Dangerous? Larder beetles are not harmful to humans because they don’t sink their teeth into their skin. Store all foods that aren’t contaminated in plastic or glass containers. You may find a stray moth flying around for up to 3 weeks. Look for the “webbing” that they spin to nest in until they are transformed, they will often make this in a place that is not a food source. And beetles can lay between 45 and 90 eggs at a time. They’ve been prolific across the country since about the mid-1980s, and are present in much of the continental United States, except for Montana, Wyoming, and parts of the Southwest. When a graphic image of Bailey, the dog with over 40 Asian lady beetles stuck to the roof of her mouth, surfaced in 2016, pet parents were naturally alarmed. Whewww Find out whether your dog is at risk, how to prevent encounters with Asian lady beetles, and what to do if she ends up like Bailey. You’d only be spraying the empty cabinets where you keep your food. Other times, dogs just really enjoy the taste and texture of certain bugs. Found these pesty moths in our dog food that we just kept out in the garage. It could have been picked up anywhere easily. But don’t store pet food in the garage. But Asian beetle encounters are still a possibility, especially if your pup is the curious type. Believe it or not, it’s not that unusual. I buy the dry food, bring home, immediately empty entire 40 lb bag into the sealed container and no problem until now. We could never identify which food item it was—even after we emptied every packaged dry food into plastic containers. But the good news is that these encounters are rare, and when they do occur, they’re usually quite treatable. Thanks for the article now I need to check inside my kitchen to make sure there isn’t any of the moths in my cereal boxes and other dry food items. I am out hundreds of dollars now. Anna-They will be attracted to all of the dry goods in your pantry area, not just pet food. Pet stores sell many brands of food that come from lots of different locations (manufacturing facilities and warehouses) where the contamination could have occurred. My dog regularly gets heartgard. Thanks for the article, it helped to calm my fears for sure! We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. VERY COMMON. Their hefty appetites extend to non-pest insects, like monarch butterfly eggs and larvae (whose numbers have already been reduced), says Dr. Robert Koch, assistant professor and extension entomologist at the University of Minnesota, Department of Entomology in Saint Paul. I’m assuming ths food is the initial source. “The beetles may be visible within the mouth, or open sores may be seen. But if you still see them after 3 weeks, you haven’t gotten rid of the source. if no moths have escaped, do I need to worry about them spreading to the kitchen? I would just be vigilant with your storage (the food bin is great), but also careful with all of the other food products in proximity. Change ), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Worms In Your Pet Food… Disgusting But Not Uncommon, How To Safely Store Your Pet Food | Happy Tails from Husse. Larder beetles, cabinet beetles and carpet beetles are also common pantry pests. It also has a strong repellent odor and foul taste,” says Dr. Elizabeth Doll, a veterinarian with WVRC Emergency and Specialty Pet Care in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Asian lady beetles seek out sheltered spots in fall in anticipation of winter. There are some bugs that could hurt your dog if they eat it. I was thinking of getting another dog food bin for the pups food (I have one for the older dogs food), and now I definitely will get one. What are these things and where do they come from? It was a disgusting sight. But if you open a bag of dog food and find worms or beetles, you have a problem. I found what appears to be a worm-like creature (larvae) in the plastic scoop that came with my dog’s rolling food bin. So I would suggest that you go through everything to find the source. It can be tough to spot the difference between a multi-colored Asian lady beetle (Harmonia axyridis) and a native North American species like the nine-spotted ladybug (referred to as C-9). But yes if they were in a container that is good. In a warehouse, a store, or your home, pet food is a magnet for these moths and beetles. Had to run down to the pet store and buy a another bag same kind just a smaller in size and bought and container to keep outside in the garage. If a dog quickly swallows the beetles, erosion to the mouth appears to be minimal, says Dr. Nancy C. Hinkle, professor of veterinary entomology in the Department of Entomology at the University of Georgia, Athens. When Barton County, Kansas, (where Bailey is from) experienced a bumper crop of sugarcane aphids last year, Asian beetles were also on hand to enjoy the feast. To our surprise, he went right to the pantry to assess our problem. These pantry pests can come into your home in any dry food package. This eliminates these pests. It feels scary but that is why we did the article….it is a fact of life. Harmful Bugs Dogs Shouldn’t Eat. Being mindful of your dog’s surroundings while outside, and keeping beetle numbers in your home to a minimum, goes a long way to ensuring she doesn’t end up with a mouthful of bugs…or worse. So chances are, the little orange oval-shaped tomato bug you’ve encountered recently is the Asian variety. I did throw it all outside to the stray cats. And other dry pantry items should be stored air tight as well. When attacked, Asian lady beetles release body fluids (called hemolymph) containing stinky and poisonous chemicals. The cases that Mitchell saw, “were limited to anorexia due to painful ulcerations in the mouth,” she says. Have you ever found worms, moths or beetles in your pet’s food? You’ve obviously experienced the investigation part. One handy way to tell the difference is to look at the area behind the beetle’s head (called the pronotum)—the Asian beetle’s is yellow-colored with black markings in the middle. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I found the worms and webs today in a bag of dog food I had been feeding to my new 3 mo old pup. I have had the food many months but was not concerned. “However, these insects can also readily sneak into buildings. The most common food pest—and the one that infested our home—is the meal moth.

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