where on this website do i order this? I’m thinking of using a foam mattress to raise it up to the same height as the arm rests. Some people might find it supportive, yet comfortable. DIY Basics of Building Your Foam Mattress Select your “Base Foam” which is a 6″ High Density 2lb Certi-Pur foam. I loved this post and your creativity. But now, I need your help figuring out what I need. You can disassemble and move to another location easily. With this particular combo, you could most likely get away with layers of 1” Latex Topper, 2” 3lb Memory Foam Topper and 3” HD-R. The problem with these products, however, is that they are extremely expensive and are out of the price range of many consumers. So it’s no wonder that memory foam mattresses from Tempur-Pedic, Leesa, Casper, and other name brands are top sellers. One layer? I would suggest 2″ of our memory foam on top, 3LB or 4LB density. Find out and then build it for $2000. http://websites.retailcatalog.us/2346/mm/concertoinfo.pdf, http://websites.retailcatalog.us/2346/mm/preludeinfo.pdf, Using Foam To Make An Interchangeable Sofa, 1” Latex Foam (4.6LB density) – Queen 60” x 80” for the top layer, 2” 3LB Memory Foam – Queen 60” x 80” for the contouring middle layer, 5” HD36-R Foam – Queen 60” x 80” for the supporting base layer, Spray adhesive to glue the individual layers together (1 can). Would the memory foam you offer ‘be hotter’ than some of the gel-swirl, BlackICE, etc foams seen in other mattresses? It’s a pillow top, constructed with coils, base foam of unknown quality/firmness, only 1/2″ of gel foam, and a very uncomfortable pillow top (no memory foam). Thank you! Do you think you could sleep on just a 4" topper on plywood? This would be too thick to fold. Any links to help me there? I’m thinking the amazing mattresses helped. No more waking up with headaches or aching neck/ back. Ordered a Leesa standard and it’s too hard. I have a Verlo bed that I have been unhappy with since I purchased it less than 2 years ago. DIY Advantages. The remaining 3 inches needs some help. But here's the real shocker: I have since realized that the cheaper and firmer the mattress, the better. Where can I buy the exact mattress as indicated in your article??? It was great as we are both side sleepers and have hip and lower back pain. Thank you. It feels supportive beneath my upper back whereas I sink a little into the memory foam topper. 13” bamboo zippered mattress cover (Arizona Mattress – http://www.mattresses.net). I have since found that a lot of my neck and back problems are irritated first by foods I eat that cause inflammation, then my neck/ back moves out of place and the firm bed is necessary. i have a hard twin mattress (was the top one for kids bunk beds), i am a side sleeper and thinking about using with a topper. Another alternative is our custom cut dryfast foam, which doesn’t hold moisture. You could replace the memory foam layer with our super soft foam topper. (http://websites.retailcatalog.us/2346/mm/concertoinfo.pdf) Would we just do a 6″ and a 2″ to replicate that, since you don’t have 8″? The article link will be included in the email automatically. Hi. Thanks. Thank you, Terry! You build your own personalized bed with mattress customized differently for the left side and the right side. Our mattress components allow you to choose your core, and comfort layers, then wrap it all up in one of our easy access top-zip mattress covers. We like a med-firm mattress and are not all that thrilled with the heat from the memory foam. I’m a 5’6” 265lb woman, side sleeper and my husband is 5’11” 180lb, side sleeper. dmw, I just wrote what I remember of the frame making plans in a new post for you, here:http://myso-calledhandmadelife.blogspot.com/2012/04/cheap-diy-memory-foam-platform-bed.html. Are these combos advisable? We would suggest 3″ of 5LB density memory foam on a 9″ HD36-HQ medium base. We would suggest our Foam Futon Mattress for your application. This is the replacement mattress after making a warranty claim on the first that had the same problem. With latex as the top comfort layer you will get pressure relief enhanced air flow, and a material that contours to your every curve. It is 14” .. what foam would you recommend so I can perform surgery and bring it back to life? After reading more reviews, about construction and a few, (This is before adding slats, obviously. I have a question, though. So after seeing a chiropractor for spinal care, I knew the mattress we were sleeping on was about as supportive as Gilligan's hammock. Affiliate Program. I got the can of Super 77, but I’m trying to decide whether or not to apply it since we have a small apartment and the only real spot I could pull it off safely would be the backyard or the garage. and do i put the entire matress & topper in a zipper cover? I really like the way the frame looks. What people may not realize is that it’s fairly easy to recreate a Casper foam mattress from equivalent or even better materials from FoamByMail for less than half the cost! What would be your suggestion be for components? Alternative DIY Uses for Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Like virtually all synthetic materials, memory foam mattress toppers will eventually wear out, lose their unique body molding and support capabilities, and have to be replaced. Also, I’d like to make some for my toddler’s beds. All of these items can be ordered through our website. So I didn't have to do a thing. “Do It Yourself”  Design and build any mattress from our selection of mattress components. However, I need to build a relatively thin mattress (no more than 5″ deep) for camping in my car. I’m going to assemble it like so: 1” Lux HQ foam, 8” combi-zone pocket coil base (Arizona Mattress – http://www.mattresses.net), 1” Lux HQ foam, 3” HD36 HQ foam or 3” Dunlop latex topper (medium density), 1/2” cool gel memory foam sheet 24” x 72” from Amazon (positioned horizontally across the middle third of the bed), and a 1” talalay latex topper (soft). But I don't believe soft beds are necessary, or even good for most people, so I'm not much help. Here’s exactly what you need to make a DIY version of the queen sized Casper foam mattress: The density of the memory foam mattress components listed above is comparable to or better than the density of the materials used in the popular Casper and Leesa models. Yes, that would be a good setup. How much space would it take up? This is a standard item that can be ordered on our website. I have to see if my cover unzips ?? I am 6’2″ 170lbs wife I’d 5’10” 165lbs. what would be a topper? Stumbled upon this from a YouTube video! 1” Latex Foam (4.6LB density) – Queen 60” x 80” for the top layer Price: $98.99; 2” 3LB Memory Foam – Queen 60” x 80” for the contouring middle layer Price: $70.99 then add 2″ super soft And I do sleep like a rock in it.We're going to be making a different frame soon, but I like this one too, for it's thriftiness and simplicity. Thank You in advance! We finally faced the ugly truth: my neck issue that leads me to wake up with migraines is probably exacerbated by our crummy mattress. 5LB Density Memory Foam Mattress. Since I’m assuming once the two sides are adhered, adjustment will be near impossible. Various types of foams are what 80% of your “bed in a box” mattresses are made. Both side sleepers and sometimes back when my shoulder or her hip starts hurting too much. It’s been gaining momentum over the last 10 years, but is growing by leaps and bounds this year, as knowledgeable mattress shoppers discover they can build their own mattress for far less than what they pay retail and online. Excited to work with you! We have a foam mattress in which the top layers have degraded to the point it is uncomfortable. , 2″ of the medium latex, and then 1-2″ of super soft foam? No wonder I always sleep great on our old, second hand, pop-up camper mattress. I am a 6′, 185 lb. 1. measure a twin bed? buy 3 layers at twin size? ), (Sorry there's no more photos, but even after vacuuming up the dog hair, my room was still a mess.). I love this! 3″ of 5LB density memory foam on a 5″ Firm Lux-HQ base. Best of luck! nice and minimal. Memory foam mattresses offer many benefits that ordinary spring mattresses do not offer. )It is the best mattress I've owned in my life, but I'm sure a bed similar to hers would be even more comfortable. I’m curious, could this construction be used for a futon?

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