Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of this article but neither Sound On Sound Limited nor the publishers can be held responsible for its contents. The specs list 60dB of gain but I think that's from INPUT to OUTPUT, not the preamp itself. If you are interested in receiving this coverage for longer than one year, you have the option of purchasing additional years of the Performance Warranty. $45 maximum. A mixer, a USB 2 interface, and valve coloration all for less than the price of many preamps — is it too good to be true? Long & McQuade reserves the right to restrict the purchase of additional years of Performance Warranty.Used products come with a 3-month Long & McQuade Performance Warranty. Wednesday: 8:30am – 10:00pm (EST) The Tube MP Studio V3 is a good solution for anyone who simply needs mic preamp and DI facilities, but who also likes the idea of having different sonic characters available. Overall the sound has a solid, comfortable feel to it, with plenty of detail but no rough edges. However, with any unit of this type, it pays to try all the presets regardless of what sound you're working with, as you might find, for example, that the electric-guitar setting works well on a hip-hop vocal. Friday: 8:30am – 10:00pm (EST) The tube mix looks to be an old school piece of equipment with the VU meters and the real wood sides as well as an assignable 12 ax7 tube adding to the mix. GUITARS: 4% of selling price to double the warranty from 1 year to 2 years. With all the output knobs switched to full, I was getting barely any signal into my interface. Bonus, it is quiet as a rock. Other than selecting presets, the unit operates like any other mic/line preamp. We are not able to get online delivery information from our supplier. 4% for each additional year. No special drivers needed with most modern versions of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. If this is not possible, a full refund will be provided. Our coverage does not provide compensation for loss of use. Here you'll find 15 different switchable voicings (plus a neutral position), each using varying degrees of tube warmth, limiting, and subtle EQ. PreSonus StudioLive 32SC Series III Mixing Console, Roger Mayer 500 Series: 68MP, 58LM, 456HD. From the new all-aluminum stackable chassis to the precision LED level metering circuitry, we have improved virtually every aspect of our already successful Tube MP series. These two-channel high performance preamps use a hand selected 12AX7A tube in the low noise input circuitry. The ART Tube Mix provides a compact versatile audio interface. The Mixer supports two mic inputs, one high Impedance Instrument input, and two line inputs simultaneously. The All-New Behringer Keyboards 'n' Stuff Thread. How does the Long & McQuade Performance Warranty differ from most manufacturers' warranties? Convenient - easy drop off and pick up of the product at any Long & McQuade location. A full list of beneficiaries can be found here. Some manufacturers provide warranties for longer than 1 year; however, these are usually limited warranties that do not provide the same coverage as the Long & McQuade Performance Warranty. This device has a soft-knee compression characteristic that sounds pretty transparent at moderate gain-reduction levels, but with a subtle musical warmth added by a 12AT7 vacuum tube in the otherwise solid-state, transformerless signal path. Long & McQuade is a family-owned Canadian business that has been servicing the Canadian music industry for over 60 years. This hybrid design is the latest in a long line of ART tube preamps. Because of this, Long & McQuade provides our customers with a FREE one-year Performance Warranty on most of our products. I found the ART Tube MP Studio V3 to be a versatile and sweet-sounding little mic preamp/DI box. The views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers. 4% for each additional year.

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