This is a no nonsense knife that won't break the bank. First, the MBO is more expensive probably because it is a more complex knife. Compared to the drum-tight lock on my Mini Grip, the MBO is down right snappy. The AXIS lock has traditionally been found on Benchmade knives. In the end, despite the higher price and inferior steel I don’t feel like the MBO is a significantly worse knife. Need a axis lock everyday carry knife? The tip, in particular, is much better reinforced than almost any of my other knives. The grind on the blade is bad. The grip is fairly big but very grippy. Good to know, thanks for doing the legwork. Lock Mechanism: AXIS No matter what there is a version of the griptillian or mini-griptillian for everyone. Orders to P.O. Here is my review sample: Twitter Review Summary: Yankees:Red Sox::MBO:DFII. The patent would be on the mechanism itself, while I'd assume the AXIS name is copyrighted. I guess Benchmade considered themselves as "owning" the patent after all. The inner workings of the Axis lock are not simple. MSRP on the MBO is $140, street is around $119. The original AXIS lock itself is now no longer patented, but the AXIS Assist still is. Mokume Bolster, Burgundy/Black Linen Micarta, © 2019 Benchmade, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I am not sure why that is. That is not an insignificant difference. Its like having no Whopper for the Big Mac or Coke for Pepsi. only complaint is a bit of up and down play and the clip isnt secure to the handle and clicks around but overall a classic and plan on getting the mini. I edc this knife every single day I can. The lock makes it easy to deploy and close with one hand. 424563, Date Added With all the advancements in knife technology that exists today, sometimes it is best to stick to the basics. The B:W is 1.88 which is among the best ever seen on this site (though still sort of the Al Mar Hawk record holder). But since its introduction nearly 20 years ago, Benchmade has yet to have a good challenger to the Dragonfly. If you are looking to spend 100 dollars and up on a knife, this is always a great option. Made of good quality materials, and has one of the smoothest actions of any knife in this price range. 4. Its the Anne Hathaway of knives, striking almost to the point of being the Platonic idea of the form. #2 It's kind of a fat knife in the pocket. Not perfect, but damn fine. ... Benchmade Osborne Axis Custom Titanium Scales. You’d think shrinking the grip down would impact how well the knife handles, but it doesn’t. I don’t like weak clips. So we may see Axis lock designs coming from everybody soon. With a fantastic pivot and very solid action, this is the best Axis lock action ever, which, given the spotty history of the Axis lock, which is like being the smartest of the Three Stoges—an ignominious distinction. Its stellar. The Aphid is a criminally underrated knife but its price and the 440C didn’t sit well in the market. This time it was the special edition of their 730 Ares.Special features include: M2 steel blade instead of standard 154CM, yes it happened! It has also been the only of my numerous Benchmade knives to have any sort of lock-stick This knife can handle just about anything. I've carried this knife for years and it's never ever let me down. This is my go to edc. The handle was a bit too thick. Oh's made in America. All Knives in Stock, Free Shipping on Every Order. If you are ever in the Portland area GO. S30V is not a premium steel. AXIS lock knives are ambidextrous, strong, and fun to use. This Axis Lock by Benchmade features a satin finished clip point blade with dual thumbstuds and a notched thumbrest. Bought mine from a buddy of mine for a great price. The blade is easy to maintain and the handle is very durable. Maybe one day I'll buy G10 or micarta scales, then it'll be a 5 star knife for me. Like its big brother the MBO embraces the new “high tolerances” Axis lock and the result is a dream knife for Axis lock and Benchmade fans. This Griptilian model is built with a black handle and a drop point blade with a satin finish. Benchmade’s quality control is legendary and the commitment of their designers and craftspeople is expressed in every knife that comes out of their Oregon City, Oregon production facility. That, it seems to me, makes the decision easy. That is all you need to do for a stellar slicer. Blade Hardness: 58-60HRC Stay on point with the latest products, offers and more! Other than that it's an exceptional knife for the price! They have worked out any brittleness or chipping and the steel is not quite the bear it used to be to sharpen. Its a good steel, just not a premium one. There are no reviews for this product, to write a review click here. Interesting. But man is only partially a rational animal, regardless of what Aristotle says. Look no further. Clean it, ensure there is no oil where the axis lock contacts the tang, and allow it to break in. In operation since 1998, has led the industry since Day 1. I have many Benchmade knives but I keep going back to this one because of its all around perfection. All rights reserved. Over the month that I have had the MBO, I have carried it a lot. Please understand that this policy is to protect our customers from fraud and theft. It has amazing value for the price you pay. Received mine as a gift for my birthday, and it has been with me for just about every backpacking trip and hard day's work since. Didnt hardly use it at all for about 6 months. Razor sharp and extremely tough. I recently was able to visit the Benchmade factory and handled many of their knives. Its made with good steel but its not so premium that you have to spend an extra hundred dollars for it. ft. facility. Not sure which folding knife is right for you? Even with the Spyderco Sharpmaker, it was a multi-hour project. DigitlHaus, The Benchmade 525SBK Presidio knife features the AXIS lock system. Each pushes the other and, per the logic of Adam Smith’s invisible appendage, we the consumers benefit. In fact, the 555-1 is really the only competitor in the Benchmade lineup for me. Shipping costs are calculated automatically when you checkout. Its just not. Like all Benchmade knives it has the LifeSharp guaranty. The click and clack of the Axis lock as always been appealing to me, but it is hard to find a better Axis lock than the MBO’s. The knife was announced at SHOT Show 2020 and was released three weeks later. I did need to resharpen it but that doesn't matter, because it holds an amazing edge. As soon as I handled the Griptillian I knew I had to have one but I was unwilling to pay full retail. Boxes or military addresses require shipping via USPS. I have used the tip of this blade to drill holes, pick open knots, pierce cans's tough. This model is outfitted with a drop point blade in a satin finish with a plain cutting edge and dual ambidextrous thumb studs. In the end, you don’t really ever need to take a knife apart and so this complexity is never a problem. Cmon. Class: Black, Benchmade 525SBK Mini Presidio AXIS Lock Knife, Black Combo Blade, Smith & Wesson Military and Police Knives, Benchmade 5220S Auto Presidio Ultra AXIS Lock Knife, Combo Satin Blade, Benchmade 5220SBK Auto Presidio Ultra AXIS Lock Knife, Combo Black Blade. If you are looking for a reliable edc you can count on, it's the 551. Benchmade Knife Comapany bought the rights and tagged the new lock with the moniker "AXIS Lock." Built with a drop point blade built of 154CM stainless steel (58-61HRC), the 525SBK finishes the combo edge blade with a BK1 tactical black coat. The DFII, in contrast, is unconventionally beautiful, like Winona Ryder, I suppose. I am not sure how Benchmade could have done the Axis lock on a knife this slim without reducing its size, but that seems to miss the point; why does this need to be an Axis lock in the first place? For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Benchmade additionally holds an exclusive license on use of the McHenry / Williams "AXIS Lock", a strong, spring operated locking mechanism used in both automatic and manual action models. Manuel-opening knives are a staple when it comes to everyday carry. In contrast, the DFII has about as simple a design as possible. Consult your local and state laws before ordering if you are in doubt. It came sharp and took an edge easier than any other knife I have ever sharpened. If anyone wants to read some senseless speculations on this matter: Can someone please read into and explain Benchmades response? Any customers with separate shipping and billing addresses are subject to follow up contact. This manual folder is built tough with black anodized and machined 6061 T-6 aluminum handles and 420J stainless steel liners.

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