Knocking out Bruce Banners with his dart and making him go into a deep sleep is what Batman will do to beat him up. Casual. One of his weaknesses is magic. Crossover between Batman and The Avengers. Iron Man was swift to launch a machine to prevent Martian Manhunter from reentering Earth doing their takeover. Well, with his usual plot armor and asspulls it should end similarly to Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe (except maybe no one dies), however if we disregard any support from the narrative I don't see Batman winning. Superman and Batman. Their abilities and strength are diverse enough. Captain America with the help of Thor managed to lure Aquaman from his home and poison him. That he can kick anyone’s ass. These two would come at each other from the shadows, hitting and running, using everything in their arsenal to take the other down, but Black Widow just doesn't have what it takes to beat Batman. Then they could be abducted and threatened, and she could be forced to lock herself up indefinitely under the threat of her lives. 4 votes for Solid Snake vs. Sam Fisher. The Spider-Man and Thor plans are solid. They are strong as a team and are the powerhouse. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. I know in Original Sin Nick Fury basically pulled this off against a few of these guys, but he was empowered with knowledge and skills by the Eye of the Watcher Uatu and knew stuff no-one could possibly know, even Batman. Weeks/Months of problems forcing him to forgo sleep and building up wounds and exaustion until I could take him. Thor's strength, while not Superman level, is still way greater than anything that Batman can deal with and combine that with his ability to fire lightning bolts, Batman doesn't have a chance. A fight between them would be nasty and brutal, but Batman would win it. Batman has made contingency plans to take down the various members of the Justice League, among the most powerful beings on his world. As it has always been a tough fight with Superman several times. He is far better and powerful than any other Avenger. Black Panther is just too good and his vibranium weave costume would protect him from most of Batman's attacks. If Tony Stark can create an Iron Man suit out of cave garbage, Hank Pym could create a teleporter out of prison parts. Black Widow is one of the most dangerous "regular" people in all of Marvel. Attempt to buy his company maybe? As the Avengers branch out from S.H.E.I.L.D they launch a plan of world peace, by destroying anyone with the power to oppose them. It’s really unpredictable and tough to decide who can exactly win the fight. Batman vs. Spider-Man wins! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Hellbat, tons of hax items, the list goes on. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Similar plan to Bane's in Knightfall. By: Leonchi21. @robertmiles1: comic Batman with Prep could take down the comic justice league, Movie avengers are screwed. There have been clashes between the two Universe, Marvel, and DC. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Batman with that amount of prep stomps. He even won the Justice League. A few of those aren't even remotely realistic (though I enjoyed your creativity!). Even then, she'd be able to one punch him at any time and win. Hawkeye is good but he doesn't bring anything to the table that Batman hasn't faced a million times before. 266. You've got one street-level clown against a whole ton of other guys and even Iron Man is smarter than him alone. Needs much more than that. This is my first story ever so work with me as I work to produce entertainment for all of us. 7 ‘Crazy’ Details Behind Christian Bale’s Batman That Fans Should Know. the only problem is Thor. Abduct him while he's asleep. Alright, let's get to it, but first: The following is a FanFiction story. Comic batman would wreck them with prep. An unworthy Thor is still an S-Tier superhero, so that plan isn't going to work either. On the other hand, Batman can defeat Avengers like Black Widow and Hawkeye, but he can never beat Doctor Strange, Thor, and Hulk as they are stronger than him. So he would target Bruce Banners. Every Avenger from, Iron Man to Hulk, has various capabilities. Use of sedating gas when he is asleep? 2 years ago. Who do you think? Eventually exaustion will make it easy to incap him, and he won't trust his spider-sense. Putting him in a situation where he's going to use all of his arrows, then fighting him one on one.Locking him up and amputation of hands could work too. The final battle was among us, and it started with the Death Of Superman…. Death Battle belongs to ScrewAttack, and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and all Marvel related content belongs to Marvel. And there is a reason for that. The fans all over the world have come up with many fan theories. However, with just his utility belt, Batman doesn't stand much of a chance against Iron Man. Then beats the hell out of the human within the suit. - Batman gets about 1 week of prep time and has full knowledge, - Fight takes place at an unpopulated city setting at night. Did you make them up or have those tactics been used on them in voice before? Well, I am not going to comment much and would just quote what Max had to say. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Captain Marvel is just way too powerful for Batman to deal with. Batman has way to many options to stomp with. Lastly they must face up against the Justice League & all that is left is Batman. the only prep that would work is using armors. How Batman Can Beat The Entire Avengers! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Batman is the most famous superhero and the most idolized one too. As the Avengers branch out from S.H.E.I.L.D they launch a plan of world peace, by destroying anyone with the power to oppose them. Batman takes this one easily. Both men are ultra rich, ultra skilled, and ultra intelligent. NEXT: Batman: 10 Villains He Almost Killed (But Didn't). #RIPlegend: Avengers Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, Mark Ruffalo, Josh Braolin & Jeremy Renner mourn death of 'Black Panther' Chadwik Boseman, 3 Powerful Avengers’ Dialogues That Rule Our Hearts, 5 Secret Of Scarlett Johansson's Fitness And Glowing Skin, Check Out. If she was on the Justice League, Batman would have figured out a bunch of ways to beat Captain Marvel. But I honestly don't think so. Tony made a suit that lives inside his bloodstream and can travel faster than Batman's billion dollar planes. I assume Batman has morals off since it says to the death? Keep him locked up without access to any resources he could fashion tools out of. He needs no maintenance, so you can shove him on an island with a camera making sure the electro-magnets are okay and working. Tell us in the comment section. Who would beat him? Batman has fought gods before but with either a lot of help or with his specialized Hellbat armor. They are strong as a team and are the powerhouse. Batman has almost countless resources and even after years he's still in a car. Hell, 10 minutes and access to his Hellbat suit and he would beat them all into submission. Captain America versus Batman is another one of those fights that fans have wanted to see for a long time. Dealing with her would probably require something that dampens/removes mutant powers. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Iron Man was no fool in his plot for full out war against these too, going against strength that rivaled The Hulk and Thor along with wits & intelligence that almost toppled his. Thor is immune to all mortal diseases, viruses, gases etc, and he doesn't lose any of his powers even if he's unworthy of Mjolnir. Pretty sure Batman curbstomps. This is a Marvel massacre. Well, Batman did kill a God, defeated the most dangerous villain, Darkseid and many more. Batman has faced androids before but Vision would be too much for him. Beast will get some shots in but Batman has fought against people stronger and faster than Beast and come out on top. However, he'll find it hard to figure out a way to beat her while she's coming at him. He can go completely intangible or extremely dense. 10 Marvel Heroes Who Were Also Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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