Thanks I’ve read lots of people wrongly attributing the BB as a Bluesbreaker where it really is not. Gearing Up! There’s a lot of debate about whether a pedal is a clone of a certain circuit which I always find kind of overly academic - and I prefer to think of these as more inspired-by - even when there are marked similarities in the circuits. Click for more info. Active EQ. This is a limited edition of the BlackBox V2 with all the formerly internal dip-switches externalised. It's a great little pedal. Welcome Guest. 4 Paths to Big Muff Pi Full-Range Nirvana! Honing Your Axe. These are all boutique pedals of a sort, but run from as low as $70, while the Mini Mooer Blues Crab is just £45 or thereabouts and another decent alternative if space is tight. As you watch it, the gain is top right, volume is lower right, treble is top left, bass is lower left. It's capable of a 30dB+ clean boost with an adjustable ±15dB two band active EQ which adds a wide range of harmonic content to your ideal sound. I've spoken at length about this amazing pedal and this will be its last feature for a while. In any case there are plenty of different pedals here at different price points - and if you’re really strapped for cash or real-estate then go with the Mooer Mini Blues Crab which also does an excellent assimilation of this core Bluesbreaker tone. Super Solid Metal Casing. Dave Friedman Finally Releases Compact Smallbox Overdrive/Distortion Pedal which was first teased at this year's Winter NAMM, Boss Releases Refined and Evolved Nextone Special 2-Channel Amp with Extra Controls and Brand New B12 Waza Craft Speaker, Sitek's New and Improved Caffeine V2 Dirty Booster is the Perfect Dynamic Playback Amp Conditioner, Keeley Launches Hydra Stereo Reverb & Tremolo Pedal on Same Smart Platform as the Eccos Delay, Ed Rembold's Toneczar Openhaus 6-Band Active EQ High Gain Distortion is a Beautifully Balanced Metal Monster, Steve Demedash Releases the Rather Clever Spidola Germanium Fuzz - which Internally Splits the High and Low Frequency Signal Generation. There’s a lot of debate about whether a pedal is a clone of a certain circuit which I always find kind of overly academic - and I prefer to think of these as more inspired-by - even when there are marked similarities in the circuits. They do sound cool though and I had considered getting one of these at the time which I saw it for around £100 then. Possibly this is just the honeymoon period - but I've pretty much been playing this one non-stop since I got it. Lutherie and Repair. At one time I had a mind to get the Rockbox Baby Blues as well as the VFE Blues King - both of which have extended voicing capabilities via additional switches and dials. This is essentially the last piece I will do in a while on the Wampler Pantheon - which I am so enchanted by currently. Can … Pickups. Lots of players already love the King of Tone / Prince of Tone, Morning Glory and Snouse BlackBox in particular - but over the coming years I expect the Pantheon to dominate too. Great post as usual. These are sort of the Cinderellas of the pedal world which perform far far better than they initially look. Tone Control Discussions. Some guitarists don’t like the Tube Screamer because they feel it sucks too much bass out of their tone and also that it is a bit tame. 21 of the Best Pedals Introduced at Winter NAMM 2018, 24 of the Best Compact Distortion Pedals - 2019 Edition, 24 of the Best Compact Enclosure Bluesbreaker-style Overdrive Pedals - 2020 Ultimate Selection, 24 of the Best Compact High Gain and Metal Style Distortion Pedals - 2019 Edition, 24 of the Best Compact Overdrive Pedals - 2019 Edition, 24 of the Best Overdrive Pedals - 2018 Compact Edition, 28 of the Best Compact Overdrive Pedals - 2020 Ultimate Selection, 35 of the Best Boss Compact Guitar Pedals - 2018 Update, 4 Fantastic Programmable Overdrive Pedals, 4 Great Analogue Multi-Voice Fuzz and Overdrive Pedals, 4 of the Best and Most Versatile Overdrive Pedals Released in 2017, 6 of the Best Butler Tube Driver Style Pedals, 6 Potent Pairings - Superbly Articulate Compact Overdrive and Distortion Pedal Pairs, 9 of the Best Non-Marshall Generic Compact Amp-in-a-Box / Amp-style Pedals, 9 Practical Modern Colorsound Power Boost Style Pedals, A Brief Hobbyist Primer on Clipping Diodes, A Quick Overview on the Best of the OneControl Mini Drives, Fuzzes and Distortions and their Alternatives, Best of Mini, Compact, Medium and Large Blues Breaker Style Pedals, Best of Summer NAMM 2018 - Pedals, Guitars and Amps, Brian Wampler Finally Releases his 11 Mode Terraform Modulation Workstation after a Year's Worth of Tweaking. This pedal has lots of fans, but it has never quite attained the lofty heights of the two more famous aforementioned pedals - even though it's another amazing sounding BB style pedal in its own right. I am a huge fan of VFE pedals - with 4 already in the collection and many more on the wishlist - all of these main line ones are now somewhat discontinued, but do come up for sale every now and again as specials and second hand examples. It kind of shows the importance of maintaining a current and present image and reminding both retailers and potential customers that you are still around and active and relevant. Any clones out there? Watch Queue Queue. New to me but established Canadian pedal builder Goudie has its own well-respected version of the Bluesbreaker style circuit - and similar to its two preceding pedals in this listing has that same vanilla control topology of Gain, Level and Tone. The BB Preamp addresses these issues and adds some welcomed improvements such as a massive volume boost capacity and a very effective two band EQ instead of the single tone control of the Tube Screamer. The Cmatmods Signa Drive was featured in my original Blues/Breaker/Driver overview - while that is more of a Driver style pedal, and the ...smooth as... 'Butah' is the equivalent Breaker style. I often wonder if this range would not do better with a more strategic facelift of better / more appealing livery and graphics - after all us artistic musical types listen with our eyes as well as our ears! (I'm not a lefty guitarist). I very much use it right along the Overdrive range at the moment, while traditional King of Tone / Prince of Tone pedals have largely classically been used as High Headroom Boosts. New build completed this weekend - clone of the boutique BB preamp pedal, basically a tubescreamer circuit with active bass & treble via a second op amp chip. Guitar Pedal Directory - Favourite Pedals by Preferred Pedal-Makers. I think he was expecting the Muffuletta multi-mode Muff to do similar things, but that did not manage to topple the incumbent champion. The LP didn't really thrill me much. Watch Queue Queue I have something of a phobia towards internal dip-switches and trim-pots - so I’ve always been more in the market for a Prince of Tone rather than a King of Tone - as the voicing / gain toggle is external - and you can easily switch from Boost to Overdrive to Distortion mode. Browsing is anonymised until you sign up. Please Login or Register. Just curious as to your "... "Totally agreed on the second footswitch. This is definitely though one of the most significant Bluesbreaker types of all time. I paid exactly £147 for this pedal all-in from the official Snouse store on The Gallery. The BB also utilizes a pre-gain stage which allows the Pedal to go from a very pristine clean to a very smooth,compressed, overdriven sound.

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