Through proper use of our smartphones and computers, we can flourish our lives during lockdown period. Programs, Benefits Of Online Learning During The Lockdown. There are many reasons for that, affordability and flexibility being the main ones. 17 Palace Gate Moreover, online learning is one of the best tools that keep me mentally healthy right now as it takes my mind off any anxious thoughts. recently in 2008 we were honoured by the International Newspaper Marketing Association This was obviously met with some trepidation, and during the time children were learning at home, many were using online learning, alongside the help and support of parents. Major world-changing events are often an inflection point for rapid innovation such as the rise of e-commerce post-SARS. "", It also improves technological intelligence, While most people think it is important. "headline": "BENEFITS OF ONLINE LEARNING DURING THE LOCKDOWN", ©2020 Imphal Times. We use cookies in order to personalize your experience, display relevant advertising, offer social media sharing capabilities and analyze our website's performance. “I am able to workout, relax, and complete the work in a timely manner, with no distractions.” Time to Rethink the Overextended Kid } For some students, it is obviously not a choice for transfer to another country for study purposes. Designed by, Importance of Online learning during lockdown Period. It also interrupts heavily on students’ studies and their forthcoming examinations. A newspaper that inspires }, I consider online classes as a means to make students realise they are studying even when they are not. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the OnlineLearning community. Whether this is for the short-term or over the long-term, remains to be seen, but the sheer number of children who were learning online during the UK lockdown shows that it can be done when necessary and that it is a great way to ensure that education isn’t pushed to one side. "@type": "WebPage", It truly gives Here’s why you should take an online class, if you can: With the kind of tools and technology at our disposal, Our Rinku can be contacted at [email protected]. the students, packs a powerful punch in terms of content that leads to a smarter Our country is not different from it. Watercooler conversations. So create projects for your classes, complete the assignments, get feedback from your peers, collaborate with other students, ask questions, and participate in conversations. During the height of lockdown around the world, around 1.2 billion children were away from their classrooms and learning at home. Tens of thousands of professionals and students are glued to computers and smartphone screens as educators enter a new world of virtual lectures, tutorials, and assessments. Online learning has a lot of benefits and a lot more especially during this lockdown period. The majority of the world's population has been stuck at home for many weeks with many of us facing quarantine challenges daily. Developing personal skills and try for next-level success. It is imperative to do so as whenever the school reopens, there will be hardly any time for teachers Makes it easier for everyone to learn! Gossip. It's a very powerful way of offering online courses. Online learning came into force in 1982, when the Western Behavioral Science Institute  in La Jolla, California opened its school of Management and strategic studies. While you are aware that The Times of India is among the leading English Newspapers Through e-learning and you- tube our students can drive benefits. "dateModified": "2020-09-01", However, online learning can also help your child to become more independent and be responsible for their own educational needs. Covid19 has undoubtedly changed our common life style and working habits. The Benefits of Online Learning During Lockdown. While most people think it is important. Benefits of online learning during a lockdown - REEDS WORLD SCHOOL Home Benefits-of-online-learning-during-a-lockdown In the weeks gone by, schools in Coimbatore have faced peculiar problems by way of the unprecedented interruption in the academic plan and the disruption in the learning … This change in environment can be difficult for a child to thrive within at first, but over time most children become to grasp the change and even revel in it. and commitment. Many studies have shown that online learning could actually help some children to retain information far better and that it may take less time to do so. Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong. individual growth and development beyond school curriculum. The whole country has been locked down due to its rapid transmission among people in various parts of our country. The facilities are available from anywhere and at any time which can save our time and money both. young minds and equips them to face challenges of today’s world; making way for Even before our lives came to a grinding halt, e-learning had begun its juggernaut – according to the 2019 Global Learning Technology Investment Patterns report, EdTech companies around the world pulled an investment of $18.66 billion in 2019. Online learning has a lot of benefits and a lot more especially during this lockdown period. Whilst there are many benefits of online learning, we can’t avoid the fact that it’s no real substitute for in-classroom lessons. Benefits of Online Learning During Lockdown in The UK. I prefer services that offer unlimited monthly plans, this way I get to take as many classes as I wish. It emerges with the rapid development of technology. "" Terms of Use Your Change has been Successfully uploaded... World Young Reader Prize in the Newspapers In Education Category. New York University online, Western Governor’s University, the California  Virtud University and Trident University International.

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