Managing your risks means you get to streamline your operations for enhanced business performance. AHMED HASAN ALI P81517. “Construction Risk Management” The findings revealed that “financial problems arising from errors in estimating” is the most significant financial and economic risk factor faced by the property developers involved in high-rise apartment building projects, while “poor contract management” is the most significant financial and economic risk factor faced by the contractors of these projects. Lack of knowledge and awareness of risk management or assessment procedures in the construction industry in Oman caused additional cost and time delay in most of the awarded construction projects. Prior to its use, it was discussed with a pr, the Likert Scale (1–5) to indicate their perception of the signicance of each risk: “1” for the, lowest signicance and “5” for the highest risk signica, calculated, the percentage score was calculated for each risk usin, e percentage scoring technique was used because it is gen, and is easy to understand by everyone. Finally, the model is implemented in a real case study. Using targeted participants from engineering offices and consulting engineering companies, 70 questionnaires were distributed and collected with a response rate of 85.71%. A questionnaire survey was conducted to achieve the study aim, whose applicability was tested through a pilot study. This study aims to investigate and understand the main risks faced by the construction projects in the Gaza strip. Construction Management and Economics: Vol. The significance of risk management has accelerated over the last decade, and the critical risk factors (CRFs) have gained increasing attention from both researchers and practitioners. based on findings of a questionnaire-based survey on risk management in construction projects in Pakistan, reporting the significance of different type of risk, ultimate responsibility for them and the effectiveness of some most common risk management techniques practiced in the industry. 1. To overcome this situation the trans-Papua road building is planned. Conclusion Any. views with experienced professionals in this industry for questionna, dierent types of risk and discussion with ind, Fig. The results of the research of the extent of utilisation of the IT techniques by the Polish construction companies are also presented. MOHAMMED ISMAEL P81580 It is recommended that companies should appoint a specialist in the field of risk management. Nevertheless, various quality failures happen during the construction period in energy-saving renovation projects of residential buildings. Copyright © 2014 The Authors. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. (1997). The results also disclose that there is a higher degree of correlation between effective risk management and project success. substantial or systematic reproduction, redistribution, reselling, loan, sub-licensing, & Conditions of access and use can be found at, Downloaded by [Shahid Iqbal] at 23:26 17 August 2015, Received 15 November 2013; accepted 27 No, study is based on ndings of a questionnair, jects in Pakistan, reporting the signicance of dierent type of risk, ultima, and the eectiveness of some most common risk ma, used before the start of a project to manage risks tha, and remedial techniques that are used during the executio, e study revealed that nancial issues for p, most signicant risks aecting most of construction pr, in codes and regulations, and scope of wor, similar projects are the most eective pr, be concluded that the most signicant risks mus, their eects on the project. Building energy renovations can effectively improve the environmental performance and energy sustainability of existing buildings. The primary risk factors associated with modular construction are identified, and fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is utilized to rank these factors; simulation techniques are employed to assess the risks of projects. ZAID ABDULLAH P81461 Combination of quantitative and qualitative data analysis was used in analysing the data for the Model development. Executed deformation controlled compression tests provide investigations concerning the structural behaviour of the test specimens, and electrical measurement techniques such as LVTD and strain gauges enable a sufficient monitoring of failure modes. One of the major roles undertaken by a project manager is the management of the risk of a project. The purpose of this study is to identify and analyze the risk, Risk management is a comparatively new field and there is no core system of risk management in the construction industries of developing countries. Comparison between different adhesive, fiber coatings and testing materials, The project deals with the confinement of short reinforced concrete (RC) columns by carbon-fibre-sheets (CF sheet). The application of risk management was therefore used in solving problems that The construction industry is generally associated with a high level of risk and ambiguity because of the nature of its working contexts. This paper assesses critical risk factors, risk identification tools, and techniques, risk classification methods associated with construction projects. e likelihood of a project to go ou, there is a close supervision and coordination an, is study describes the way respondents percei, struction projects in Pakistan. Umożliwia właściwe wykorzystanie zasobów istniejących w przedsiębiorstwach oraz pozwala na wszechstronne wykorzystanie mechanizmów planowania. By means of regression and correlation calculations it has been concluded that there is no relationship between the character of enterprise (its size, form of ownership, and specialization), and an extent of utilisation of IT tools. Risk assessment and allocation in U, Hashemkhani Zolfani, S.; Chen, I.-S.; Rezaeiniya, N.; T,,,, struction utilizing fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) a, Ravanshadnia, M.; Rajaie, H. 2013.

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