Our Top 3 Picks for Best Beginner Electric Guitar Starter Kit. The top is made of spruce while the sides and back are made of meranti. Nevertheless, they have not cut any corners in the two main components of the bundle – the guitar and the amplifier. With the case, you have a way of both securely storing your guitar as well as transporting it around safely. Verdict: This isn’t the cookie-cutter beginner electric guitar starter pack as its scope extends to serious intermediate guitarists. Over 3 MILLION People Use These Guitar Lessons! The bad news is that one of them is pink. We stock a large range of all different types of beginner guitars. If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend the Donner DST-1S Electric Guitar Starter Kit. Overall, it’s a simple amp that gets the job done. The aux-in allows you to connect your music-playing device (like a cellphone) to jam with backing tracks or listen to music through the amp. Don’t feel the need to buy one of these guitar packages just because we mentioned them; there are tons more on the market, and if you aren’t certain, you shouldn’t buy. The LyxPro 39” electric guitar has a Canadian maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and standard dot inlays. This is a great tool as it will help you to start developing your musical ear early on. It may be simple but it covers all the bases, and the components are prudent and sturdy for the price. Advertising is great, but it doesn’t always mean that what you are buying is any better than anything else available. The Ibanez AW54 also comes with an Ibanez preamp and Fishman pickup, plus a dual band equalizer. While they may not be among the very big names, they pride themselves in the quality they offer. The slim neck profile makes it easy to play barre chords and the rosewood fretboard is fast and playable. --->>, Copyright © 2020 GuitarRepairBench.com | All Rights Reserved |, Top 10 Best Budget Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit Packages for Beginners, List of Best Acoustic Guitar Kits for Beginners, Bailando Dreadnought Cutaway Spruce Acoustic Guitar Kit, Guitar For Dummies Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack, Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack, Yamaha Gigmaker Standard Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit, Yamaha F325D Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Beginner Bundle, Yamaha FS800 Small Body Acoustic Guitar Package, Common Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit Questions. For instance – despite being priced $100 more than the Donner bundle, they don’t offer any capo but they do offer free downloadable guitar lessons from eMedia. This is the ideal guitar pack to consider if you cannot really handle a full size guitar or if you love the finger-picking playing style. We sincerely hope our detailed reviews will inform you of the pros and cons of each product, and get you on the road to buying the best electric guitar starter pack for you. . Starting this guitar journey at a young age has some very clear advantages which Yamaha acknowledges. The guitar itself is top quality with a really rich tone. . Our second favorite acoustic guitar package for beginners is the Takamine S35 by Jasmine Acoustic Guitar Package. Verdict: This affordable kit can appease all the needs of any student or beginner looking for a complete bundle that has good playability right of out of the box. A quick tune-up and you’re good to go. It’s Fender again and since we all already know what Fender stands for and what they can offer, we will go straight into this particular pack. You can also supplement your bundle with a nice guitar wall mount like the Hercules GSP38 which was our Top Choice in our detailed review of guitar wall hangers. As a matter of fact, the sleek black soft-case gig bag has a reliable 5mm padding and the soft nylon fabric is water-resistant. The Fender Squire electric guitar kit is a great ‘first-guitar’ purchase that will last well past the beginner phase of your musical journey. It’s however more about the ease with which you can get started, especially with the included instructional material. The product is backed by a big name brand that abides by strict Q&A and offers a first-rate all-purpose guitar kit for beginner to intermediate guitar players (especially for those who dream of a Les Paul). Dean tends to put out some very solid guitars, and one of the best qualities is that they play very well for their price range, whichever range that may be. For a starter guitar, this is our choice. Wondering what acoustic guitar to start with? The all-black Epiphone gig bag is well-padded and feels durable enough for transport and storage. You should of course know that a case provides better protection than a gig bag. A beginner guitar kit is the ideal first purchase for any learner because it ensures you have everything you need to start playing in one box. The good news for our southpaw friends out there is that Donner offers a left-handed option as well. They also offer a 12-pack of guitar picks and a set of high-quality DR LITE strings. It’s well-crafted and looks gorgeous in Vintage Sunburst, if you’re into that styling (and what Les Paul fan isn’t). Surely, that is great. It’s high on performance, low on cost, and is available in four finish options. This is the right beginner guitar pack for the individual who wants to learn on their own. Of a truth, that track by Enrique is enough to make you desire to play the guitar and just in case that desire has indeed captured you, Bailando has ensured you have everything you need to get started on this journey. If you’ve listened to Enrique Iglesias’ “Bailando” and you loved the Spanish guitar at the beginning and the groove of the entire music, then you are likely to appreciate what this brand is all about. Fender is a monumental brand when it comes to all things guitar. The guitar and amp combination sounds great right out of the box. Verdict: The Smartxchoices Beginners Kit is one of those throwaway price kits that you buy and discard in a year, but one that holds fort long enough for you to decide how serious you are about the instrument once you start playing. The flexible 4-knob EQ panel has master volume, treble, bass, and gain. Good luck. The 10watt Pyle Guitar amplifier has master volume, bass and treble knobs with headphone input. This is a great way to start learning to play the guitar. Honestly, it won’t get any better if you look for something cheaper because any further compromise in component quality will really tarnish your playing experience. These include guitar kits that feature add on accessories. The included accessories such as the gig bag, guitar strap, capo etc are all of above-average quality. The other accessories in the bundle like the cable, tuner, strap and plectrums are all standard quality.

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