The Halo Swivel Sleeper Bassinet gets the award of the best all around bassinet of 2020.. It’s lightweight, sturdy and made with your peace of mind and your baby’s safety in mind. A firm surface should also keep your baby well away from any risk of suffocation. The canopy also removes for cleaning purposes. This is also machine-washable. It also doesn’t come with sheets (but changing pad covers work well!). Its ability to attach to most beds with just two fastening straps makes setup quick and effortless. goodies. Choosing the Perfect Bassinet for Your Baby, Easy-open side panel so you can reach your child quickly, Great for mothers who are breastfeeding newborns, Switch between stationary or rocking modes, Takes a second to fold or set up the bassinet, Easy to store for parents limited on space, Breathable mesh is a great safety feature, Not very attractive compared to others on this list, Unique design creates a calming swaying motion, The removable projector can be used even after your baby outgrows the bassinet, The lock mechanism does not completely stop the bassinet from swaying, Cry detector automatically detects upset babies, Mesh sides are good for checking on your child, Motor doesn’t address most common sources of crying, Includes large storage baskets at the bottom, The mesh panels could be designed better for airflow, Switches from a bassinet to a changing area at a simple button push, Some people find the mattress too hard for their baby, It is heavy (46.9 pounds) thus hard to move around, Creates a safe sleeping surface for your baby on the bed, Sides lined with breathable see-through mesh, Takes up a good amount of space on your bed, The mattress pad is not removable for cleaning, Comfortable and cool sleeper enables cosleeping safely, Slightly more dangerous than a stand-alone bassinet, Factors to Consider when Choosing a Bassinet, 1. When it comes to moving the bassinet you won’t have to worry since it is lightweight. If the bassinet does not feature wheels you may want to consider a lightweight, foldable product that’s easier to haul around when not in use. Some parents are concerned about the motor-based rocking feature, but even the highest setting is quite gentle. Machine washable sheets and mattress pads will make life a lot easier for you! Some of the things to look out for to make sure you buy the safest bassinet that is also highly functional and good value for money include: Without further ado, let’s discuss each of the products in more detail. If you are looking for the best baby bassinets, it allows safely co-sleep with your little one. It is quite lightweight and so not hard to move around. The thing is, you may also have heard or read that co-sleeping poses its very own risk - ironically, they are SIDS-related as well. The Graco Dream Suite bassinet features four wheels so you can always take your baby with you wherever you go for maximum safety. need to consider safety, comfort, and other features that would make your child With its 360-degree swivel functionality and 4 height positions among many other things, this is one the most convenient and easy-to-use bassinets you can come across. It also might not be worth the price for parents who don’t want a tech-enhanced bassinet, so if you’re not interested in the smart features you might prefer a simpler alternative. The sidewalls are often high, and you will need to get out of bed to tend to your baby. Come your third trimester (or end of second trimester for some) and you start to feel all sorts of sores and pain over your body, especially your back. Below the baby’s ‘bed,’ there is a large basket where you can store all the baby’s essentials, especially those things that you know they want close to them when it’s time for bed. It is suitable for bed heights that start at 24 inches (to measure this, you need to start at the bottom of the bed all the way up to the top of the mattress).

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