Schedule is very much similar to questionnaire and there is very little difference between the two so far as their construction is concerned. The main difference between these two is that whereas the schedule is used in direct interview on direct observation and in it the questions are asked and filled by the researcher himself, the questionnaire is generally mailed to the respondent, who fills it up and returns it to the researcher. Prohibited Content 3. Interview is not a simple two-way conversation between an interrogator and informant. Thanks a million, Sir it is very helpful material for students while conducting research.Its really appropriateble work. In similar fashion, W.J. Often the term “questionnaire” and “schedule” are considered as synonyms. It requires intensive specialized training. Information gathering can be from a variety of sources. It helps the researchers corroborate the facts instantly; any inaccurate response will most likely be countered by other members of the focus group. Respondents can take these questionnaires at a convenient time and think about the answers at their own pace. It is very good and simple to understand. Analysis may rely heavily on experts who must know what to observe and how to interpret the observations once the data collection is done. The reason why combination research is the best fit is that it encompasses the attributes of Interviews and Focus Groups. Conducting interviews can help you overcome most of the shortfalls of the previous two data collection techniques that we have discussed here by allowing you to build a deeper understanding of the thinking behind the respondents’ answers. Secondary data collection methods are most appropriately used when the market researcher is exploring a topic which already has extensive information and data available and is looking for supplementary insights for guidance. The presence of an interviewer can give the respondents additional comfort while answering the questionnaire and ensure correct interpretation of the questions. They have long been one of the most popular data collection techniques. Some methods are better for projects that only require quantitative data, while others are better for uncovering qualitative data. Nice explanation about ways of data collection, Pingback: How to Bounce Back From a Business Slump - IntelligentHQ, This is relly sufficient. Learn how your comment data is processed. Interview as a technique of data collection is very popular and extensively used in every field of social research. They are easily collected from various published sources. However, it does not mean that all the time it is the interviewer who asks the questions. Instead of writing the response, the interviewee or subject gives the needed information verbally in a face-to-face relationship. There is not one “best” data collection technique — every process comes with pros and cons. Any quantitative data collection method capturing information in numbers, figures, or values and enabling mathematica and statistical analysis is best to conduct the quantitative research. But here the researcher or field worker puts the question to the respondent in a face to face situation, clarifies their doubts, offers the necessary explanation and most significantly fills their answers in the relevant spaces provided for the purpose. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. the number of cars driving through an intersection per hour), this model doesn’t require a very extensive and well-tailored training regime for the survey workforce. how many cars are driving dangerously) require more complex training and are prone to bias.

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