Ibanez RG450DX RG Series Electric Guitar, 10. This full-sized piece is an original designed electric guitar well crafted with lots of awesome features that even exceed some of the most costly models in terms of quality and reliability. 11) Stedman Pro EG39-TGRB-Beginners Series Electric Guitar. Our handy price comparison widgets have also found the best prices online right now, to save you having to shop around and to help you match the right guitar with your budget. Capable of serving as a very versatile guitar, the Oscar Schmidt OE20QTE is definitely another choice to consider when thinking about the best guitars for beginners out there. With a cheaper price tag however, you can expect a few budget cuts. Epiphone electric guitars have equipped the Standard with Alnico Classic Humbuckers, which are more powerful than its sibling’s 700Ts. As your skills advance, so should the quality of the guitar and that means a bigger price tag. Schecter Hellraiser has solid and beautiful finish which makes it appealing on the stand. This manifests itself in the body styling, ergonomics and hardware, with certain brands – like ESP and Schecter – dominating this world. However, you still get the regular Strat pickup layout employing a trio of single-coils. Will suit you if you are looking for a guitar that has a very developed team and technology behind it. To try new styles of playing, sounds or genres. The pickups are basically what makes an electric guitar an electric guitar, weird, huh? It also has a 22.75-inch … The sound is awesome and because of its intuitive nature, you can easily tune it in a matter of minutes. High-end guitars are usually made from top quality woods and have propriety hardware from the best makers. Everything about this instrument is perfect, no matter what sort of environment you're playing, the sound you get is amazing. When choosing an electric guitar for a child, there are a number of things to consider. Fretboards are, for the most part, rosewood or maple, but they can be made of many other types of woods. Launch price: $2,599/£1,999 | Body: Maple/poplar/maple | Neck: mahogany | Fingerboard: rosewood | Frets: 22 medium jumbo frets | Pickups: two Memphis Historic Spec humbuckers. It marries up a range of exceptional tones, with the highest levels of build quality and silky-smooth playability. If you are not shopping online, then get to the nearest local instrument store and try out different guitars by playing them while switching between different positions in standing and sitting down. Few would’ve thought that a day would come when Paul Reed Smith’s mighty Custom 24 electric guitar would make its way to the masses. It comes with the same semi-hollow body profile; the center is solid, while the sides are hollow. With its Ceramic Open Coil humbuckers and its Mahogany SlimTaperTM neck, this guitar gives some awesomely unbelievable comfort when playing it. Playability is further enhanced by the hard maple neck featuring an asymmetric D-profile, as well as the rosewood fingerboard. Keeping an open mind is no bad thing. Bolt on: This neck is bolted to the body and is usually seen on cheaper electric guitars. Best Electric Guitar We spent over 36 hours researching and testing 15 different kinds of electric guitars and found that performance, construction, and intonation were most important. Manufacturers such as Suhr have proven that there is a niche for super-playable but grown-up instruments that expand upon the Strat’s template. The Guild Starfire V Electric guitar is a deluxe cutaway with loads of outstanding features that gives a fully expressive voice to the user’s playing style and taste. Fret count stays unchanged at 22, as does the 24.75 inch scale. Its shape and size usually vary. 20) Gretsch G5422TDCG Electromatic Hollow Body Electric Guitar. Simply because you won’t be able to judge your playing and won’t know if you are hitting the right note or not. Imagine yourself playing it and see how you would look if you were playing it. The PRS 58/15 humbuckers are well-suited to jazz when you roll some of the treble back, but through a cranked tube amp you’ll get an ES-vibe and a tone that is relevant for a wide manner of styles. Controls include a 3-way switch, plus master volume and tone knobs. ESP gives the impression that the EC-256FM is crafted with nothing but the best materials. Getting this metallic blue axe in your arsenal of instruments will take you to a greater height. There is no direct formula to it as every little detail affects the sound. Furthermore, the Stedman Pro EG39 protects your instrument from scratching by featuring a stylish pick-guard, and with a complete set of accessories like a 10-watt amp, electronic tuner, guitar strap, cable, whamming bar, picks, sting winder and polishing cloth—making it the best package for the beginner.

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