#32: Alex English will go down as one of the better scorers in the game, as he ranks 18th in points. The 90s could have been very different if Pippen didn’t find his way to Chicago. Frazier shot 49% in his carer, and averaged nearly two steals per game. Also, James is better, so let’s dive in. Payton had a long career, and during his prime was an absolute force at the point guard position. Who Is The Best NBA Small Forward Of All Time? Thomas had his career cut short, retiring at age 32 after an Achilles injury. Olajuwon played out his career with Houston until his last season, where he landed with Toronto. They have to adapt to what the opposing team is doing on defense to ensure that a scoring opportunity is created. When these teams take the floor, it truly is poetry in motion. We also have to remember his overall stats included taking a year off to play baseball, and then retiring for three years before coming back to average 20 points per game in two seasons with Washington. NBA is filled with what-ifs, and the endless player comparisons seem to be debated in this sport more than any other. #16: Julius Erving has a couple of titles, although two came playing during the ABA years. The overall game changes so frequently; in previous eras, guys were playing 40 minutes a night. On the block, Duncan could reach deep into his bag of tricks on every possession to destroy the opposition with an assortment of drop steps, up-and-under moves, spins, hook shots, and turnaround jumpers. Another great player that cannot be denied as the best at their position is LeBron James, a man who rivals the greatness of Michael Jordan. Who will be the NBA’s best players in the 2019-20 season? A shooting guard will be able to shoot from all areas of the court, especially from three-point range. He averaged 24.6 ppg, 2.6 bpg, and 11.2 rpg for his career. He played his entire NBA career with the Detroit Pistons and won two championships during the “Bad Boys” era. Close. I mean, Chamberlain averaged 50.4 points per game when he was 25. Enjoy this trip down memory lane and keep checking back as we’ll be completing at least one franchise each week. We go back to the 50s for Cousy, where he was a 13-time all-star, who also found his way onto six championship teams. The best small forwards are flamboyant high fliers and superior scorers both around the rim and beyond the three-point line. Looking for a list of the 10 best soccer or football players of all time? 2. When watching a basketball game on TV, commentators will refer to players as the 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 position. He was a four-time MVP, two-time NBA champion, and a seven-time scoring champ. In the post, Bird was equally as unstoppable. Ecoggins has an MBA in Global Management from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from CSU. Kevin Durant could make it one day. His rivalry with Magic Johnson and the Lakers is considered to be one the greatest in sports. He was a ten-time all-star, and also a two-time NBA champion. He was a part of three Boston championships, during those 80s runs. #49: Currently Vince Carter is still in the league, and grinding out with some bad teams. #40: George Mikan is a historical player in basketball history, as he dominated in the short time that he played. A look at the 10 best players to wear the purple and gold. Honorable Mention: Tim Duncan could be argued. Magic Johnson’s Showtime Lakers served as the perfect contrast for the gritty team play of Larry Bird and his Boston Celtics. This was also in an era after WWII where the game of basketball was barely starting to thrive. He is a four-time scoring champ and a two-time NBA champ. Pair that with his amazing passing ability and you have the recipe for greatness. #39: Bob Cousy is just another Boston legend that found his way into the rankings. He was a four-time scoring champion, and also a three time steals champ. Prime Michael Jordan won six championships during the 1990s and was the Finals MVP in all of them. You're not logged in! He rotated to small forward later in his career but is known for shooting guard. Robinson cooled off a bit in his later stages of his career, but early on he was an automatic double-double on a nightly basis. The 1 position refers to what is also commonly known as a point guard. He came close to a few rings, but Miller is one of the greats who never accomplished a title. He is a three-time NBA Champion and a two-time Finals MVP. The overall game changes so frequently; in previous eras, guys were playing 40 minutes a night. He is also over 11,000 rebounds in his career, and is currently inside the top 25 all-time there as well. Miller spent his entire career with the Pacers, which is an impressive accomplishment as well. While the following list of great players for each position involves some opinion, the way we see it, this composition cannot be defeated. #38: Allen Iverson came into the league during a time where a lot of high scoring players were on their way out. Many will want to talk about the finals record, but his production should overshadow it. Kareem was a transcendent big man with an unguardable shot. Curry is currently shooting 44% from three in his career, and is also averaging over 1.5 steals per game. 32. Who are the 5 best players of all-time for each position? This is one of the more versatile positions as small forwards can excel in a variety of roles, whether it be driving to the hoop or guarding multiple positions. Where do you start and end when ranking players? Therefore, basketball fans tend to simplify the meaning of greatness to a collection of first names: Wilt, Larry, Magic, and Michael. West was a volume shooter, and the career 47% field goal percentage says a lot. In 1973, the Big Dipper completed his 14-year career with an unreal 30-point/22-rebound/4-assist per game average. Duncan was also a two-time MVP and was named to the All-Defensive team 15 times. 23, dare him to share the ball, and physically dominate the Bulls. Gervin played most of his ball with the Spurs before they put together their championship run, so unfortunately he did not end up with a ring when his career was over. He played over ten seasons with the Lakers, and the only season he scored under 20 points per game was in his rookie season. Who Is The Best NBA Point Guard Of All Time? Michael Jordan dominated the 90s with six NBA championships for the Chicago Bulls. Cousy is currently 17th all-time in assists. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Malone had a lengthy career, although, in the last few seasons, you saw he was tanked physically. He stayed in Boston during his entire career, which many did. © Copyright 2020 Endgame360 Inc. All Rights Reserved. Given their relative size and versatility, a player might be used in more than one position during the course of a game. This is due to the fact that they are typically placed under the basket for zone defense strategies. When steals were recorded, he finished with 2.0 steals per game in his career.

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