*/, (All of these trips have been postponed due to the current health crisis. Even though I’m terrified of seeing a bear in real life, out in the open, I would love to do this. Remember you are a visitor to their home. Near the park’s northeast entrance, east of Roosevelt Lodge, is a great spot for wolf watching. Was in Yellowstone and Grand Teton NPs last year in the fall it was amazing. The Reasons Rangers lead guided programs. When I arrived, an onlooker allowed me to look through his scope to view a pack of wolves feasting on a dead buffalo. Yellowstone is obviously an iconic park and so I was really excited to see it! Black bears are commonly seen in the Tower area and meadows around Mammoth. If you'd like any help, Call us for the best time to go to Yellowstone, Yellowstone and Grand Teton wildlife holiday, Wolf watching holiday in Yellowstone, USA, West Coast National Parks tour in America, Self drive tour of the National Parks of America. It tells the often tumultuous history of bears and people in the park, including the changing ideas on bear research and conservation. On the flip side, many general travel forums lead one to believe that finding a bear or a wolf is not a realistic goal. Black bears are active primarily during crepuscular and diurnal (daylight) time periods. Tags: Mammal Watching, National Parks, Outdoor Rec, Traveling Naturalist, Wolves, Matthew L. Miller is director of science communications for The Nature Conservancy and editor of the Cool Green Science blog. The park rewards the patient and observant naturalist. You just need to know where and how to look. Spring sees many baby animals making their first appearance, while the meadows are ablaze with wild flowers. Are you wondering when is the best time to visit Yellowstone? ). Rule no.1—don't get too close, watch them from a safe place and large distance. Scott Shetler is a Seattle-based freelance writer & fan of indie rock, road trips, ice cream, squirrels on power lines, runaway shopping carts, and six-way intersections. Also, as I wrote in my blog, be patient and keep an eye out anywhere. I have used several 8x and 10x binoculars. Welcome! The greater Yellowstone ecosystem and north-west Montana are the only places where large populations of grizzly bears can be found. And I haven’t even mentioned the other wildlife in Yellowstone, like elk, pronghorn and deer. In Lamar Valley, the bison, moose, and pronghorn have their calves while black bears and wolf pups emerge from their den. The peak time is definitely summer when everything is open. These areas have pullouts where you can sit, pull out your binoculars, and scan the landscape. In Alaska, you can see not only brown bears but also black bears. Wouldn’t really have thought the bisons would get so close to cars. Today, it would be unheard of for people to intentionally feed bears but in the early 1900s it was common practice. Meanwhile, cars whizzed past – probably heading to Lamar Valley to look for wolves. We’ll help you plan the perfect Yellowstone trip for any season: Spring - See melting snow and baby animals Summer - Camp under the stars and play in the water Fall - View aspens changing color and bears getting ready for winter Winter - Explore the winter wonderland of snow, ice and steam Find the closest airports for the seasonal entrances of Yellowstone. Look for smaller creatures. It is one of the rarest in the world, which can be spotted in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve or Tongass National Forest. The art of looking can be hard to explain. You can pick up an official map when you enter the park or at the visitors center. Every visit, I see something new. They’re going to know where animals have been spotted in the previous few hours or days, so they’ll be your most reliable and current source of information. A visitor sees zero bears, and then pronounces bears “impossible to find.” The fact is that you are extremely unlikely to see a large predator at Old Faithful. I would add listening to the list – and not just for well-known noisy species like birds and wolves, but also for small, quiet things. Bring bear spray, hike with a partner, and keep your distance. I watched the large wolf chewing on an elk leg, just a short distance off the road. This is a spectacular place to explore at any time of year, but the best time to go to Yellowstone depends on what you want to see and do. I just recently signed up and am glad I did. Yellowstone National Park is a true natural wonderland. We are Jenn and Ed, aka Coleman Concierge. The best times to visit Yellowstone. Be sure to compare flight prices to the various airports to find the best price. The question probably made me sound like a newbie, but that’s ok, because I was. I’ve seen river otters catching and tearing apart cutthroat trout, Clark’s nutcrackers raiding camp sites, a badger trotting through sagebrush, a bighorn ewe giving birth to a lamb on the side of a cliff. Yellowstone is known for its abundant wildlife that can be viewed year-round. I have had great predator viewing even during the busiest times in the park, like the July 4 holiday. Visit in summer for backcountry hiking, winter to track wolves in the snow, spring to see bears as they emerge from hibernation and autumn to watch vast herds of elk and bison on the move. I grew up in the Canadian Rockies and have seen bears a handful of times despite spending a lot of time in the mountains. Many dedicated wildlife watchers use spotting scopes, too, but I have found that binoculars are sufficient most of the time. At high elevations, the quaking aspens put on a brilliant display of fall colors. But sometimes those stumps start to move and turn into a nice black bear. Do you have any tips on where to see bears in Yellowstone (or other wildlife)? This sounds like a great trip! Park rangers and wildlife officials that we spoke with agreed that they had not see so many bears, or had to work as many bear jams, in years.

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