Biotechnology is changing both the health care and its effective delivery in a profound way. Health care biotechnology uses chemistry of living organisms through molecular biology and cell manipulation to develop new or alternative methods in order to find more effective ways of producing traditional products. 3. Large molecules of proteins are usually the source of biopharmaceuticals. Drug Revenue: $8.7 billion Glaucoma, the second-leading cause of blindness, develops when pressure builds inside the eye and damages retinal cells. Drugmaker: Biogen , Roche Enbrel treats rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and plaque psoriasis in adults, as well as juvenile idiopathic arthritis in children. In some cases in which a genetic disease is present in an individuals family, family members may be advised to undergo genetic testing. Leonardo da Vinci's Human Heart Mystery, Solved. Key Points The study of pharmacogenomics can result in the development of tailor-made vaccines for people, more accurate means of determining drug dosages, improvements in drug discovery and approval, and the development of safer vaccines. These treatments could represent a long sought after breakthrough for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. Biotechnology firm Cellectis has engineered one such therapy called transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs). By using the techniques of biotechnology, the drugs biopharmaceuticals were developed. This involves isolating, identifying, and sequencing the … Bearing this in mind, the following biotechnology advancements have changed the human condition in a monumental way. That host organism will produce new genetic combinations for medicine, agriculture, and industry. Adding strength to prosthetic limbs has typically required bulky battery packs. Biotechnology is widely used in different fields such as medicine, agriculture, food processing, etc. Launched in 2004, Roche’s blockbuster cancer drug Avastin could soon compete with Amgen and Allergan’s biosimilar version, which succeeded in a late-stage trial against non-small-cell lung cancer. 4. In surgical rooms, doctors can now operate on patients remotely from their computer screens, guiding robotic arms to an accuracy of a few nanometers. This will ultimately help in the creation of a healthier, greener, produc­tive and a sustainable economy. There are no chemicals involved in the synthesis of these drugs, but microorganisms have made it possible to develop them. Herceptin treats breast cancer, as well as malignant tumor of the stomach and esophagus and stomach cancer. Roche/Genentech and Biogen co-market Rituxan in the United States. The drugs would perform a service similar to a heart surgeon removing plaque from a clogged artery, which is currently impossible to mimic in the human brain. by Sashi Mahato in Biomedical. September 30, 2015 Israeli company StimuHeal solves that problem with the MyoSpare, a battery-operated device that uses electrical stimulators—small enough to be worn underneath casts—to exercise muscles and keep them strong during recovery. This helps to decrease swelling and immune system weakness, and in turn, slows the damage caused by the disease. Drug Revenue: $4.5 billion The genetically modified products are able to perform better than the regular medicine or produce. Drug Revenue: $8.7 billion. The discov­eries in molecular biology, genomics, cellular and tissue engineering, new drug discovery and delivery techniques, and bio-imaging hold the promise of improving health care by en­hancing the diagnostic capabilities and substantially expanding therapeutic options. Lantus Developed in conjunction with Texas Instruments, the Audeo uses electrodes to detect neuronal signals traveling from the brain to the vocal cords.

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