Although constructed entirely on analogue equipment, the techniques Eno and Byrne used to craft My Life in the Bush of Ghosts would be embraced and perfected by a generation of hip-hop and electronica artists as the decade progressed and the art of sampling emerged. On the original Passengers album, the song that comes before “Beach Sequence” includes atmospheric noises that blend into the noises at the start of “Beach Sequence.” On this new album by Eno, there has been a fade added into the track. The information presented within these pages is accurate to the best of our knowledge but is based upon information provided by other fans, research into individual items and several books, and U2 Songs takes no responsibility for any problems resulting from use of the material as presented within. This website is an informational resource for private use only and is not affiliated with U2, their management company, their record label or any related bodies. The release includes a number of previously released tracks by Eno, as well as seven previously unreleased tracks. That album -- a tight, cohesive collection of 11 well-crafted songs, each a masterpiece in a different way -- has understandably become the gold standard by which all future U2 releases have been measured. It was intended as a conceptual soundtrack for imaginary films, and only the last track, “Final Sunset” was written for an actual film. Another track, “Always Forever Now” later appeared in Heat. But the overall track length is longer due to added silence at the end of the track. Consciously rebelling against the stereotypes and typecasting that could have consumed them after "War," the band famously "broke up" (in the words of Bono) at the end of the War tour, reuniting a few months later with a new attitude, a new spirit, and two new producers who would become their creative collaborators and muses for the next twenty-five years. With so many albums and years to his credit, it’s nearly impossible to narrow down Eno’s work outside U2 to just five albums. Bono has credited Eno with breathing life into two of U2’s most iconic songs from those albums: “What makes [With or Without You] special is Brian Eno’s sequencer; he did for ‘With or Without You’ what he’d done for ‘Bad,’ sketched it out and improvised.” With or without Lanois (ha! Brian Eno produced three albums with Talking Heads, including More Songs About Buildings and Food (1978), Fear of Music (1979), and Remain in Light (1980). Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois. On November 13, 2020, Brian Eno released his first collection of music that he has composed for film and television soundtracks. Oryema is a Ugandan singer-songwriter who fled Idi Amin’s regime and eventually relocated to France, only to be discovered by organizers of the WOMAD (World of Music, Arts, and Dance) festival. The Pearl will hold particular interest for U2 fans, as the track “Against the Sky” was sampled and incorporated into the melody of “Cedars of Lebanon” from No Line on the Horizon. The bonus tracks give a more fully-realized portrait of the band on this record -- a band experimenting in the studio, playing with new sounds and new colors, and in the process crafting an extraordinary album both subtle in its craft and potent in its power. Nevertheless, beyond the obvious associations with Roxy Music and David Bowie, here are five essential albums that bear the Eno stamp, whether as producer, performer, collaborator—or sometimes all three at once! That led to an introduction to Peter Gabriel and the opportunity to record at Realworld Studios in the UK. Brian Eno produced three albums with Talking Heads, including More Songs About Buildings and Food (1978), Fear of Music (1979), and Remain in Light (1980). Although he’s often categorized on the more “arty” end of the musical spectrum, he’s actually worked with a broad range of pop acts, including Coldplay, Belinda Carlisle, Icehouse, Daryl Hall, Dido, Andrea Corr, and Roy Orbison. L'opus a été réalisé dans différents studios dublinois ou lieux irlandais entre janvier 1986 et janvier 1987 : aux STS Studios, à Danesmoate House, à Melbeach et aux Windmill Lane Studios. You must be a logged-in member to add comments. Brian Eno [ˈbɹaɪən ˈiːnoʊ]1, nom de scène de Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno né Brian Peter George Eno le 15 mai 1948 à Woodbridge (Suffolk, Angleterre), est un musicien, arrangeur et producteur britannique.

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