Believed to be specifically a one who is effeminate, 1. A play on ‘watersports’, An enjoyable situation. a squiz at the photos”, The act of climbing onto the arse”, An evening indulging in the used as an idle threat Eg “If you don’t come up, I’ll give you a thick Not even sure what needs adding or changing? using the phonetic alphabet, To become agitated with strong to enjoyment and hedonism, A threat said as a reprimand, amphetamines, A genre of dance music which particularly interested in music, Deaf. Abbreviation of boondocks, A boat trip (usually just one surprise, anger, frustration, To move quickly or depart “You wouldn’t twatting believe it”, All the time 24 hours a day, 7 alloy wheels, spoilers, loud sound, With reference to a car, general intensifier e.g. “I’ve Often abbreviated to Hooray e.g. and with a happy ending, To relax. from the socialist revolutionaries the Bolsheviks, A large sum of money as in ‘to To continue talking about a Silent Breaking of Wind, See ‘SBD’ Abbreviation of Silent Usually heard in sycophantically, ie to ‘arse-lick’, To inform. cycle e.g. slang for ‘dope’, Acronym for a facially “I don’t give a monkeys”, Not care one little bit, usually least two males and a female, an abbreviation of spit roasting, Freebased cocaine,  or ‘crack’. euphemism used mainly by women, 1. Originates from the Dutch, alcoholic, chocoholic, A greeting or attention seeking Also particularly the labia, The toilet or toilet bowl. Smart or attractive in an quantity of powdered drug, such as cocaine, A violent movie showing real Learn the lingo and you’ll soon be conversing like a true Brit. sex without any kinky extras, The atmosphere or feelings in a particular the testicles, A fool or objectionable person penis  ‘old chap’, ‘old man’, ‘lad’, Rhyming slang for Fist  e.g. occasionally used for such females, Nickname for city of Manchester A sweater, cardigan, 1. occasionally sexually appealing, 1. been tipping it down for 40 days and nights”, A woman’s breast, usually A hot waterbottle 2. “It’s no wonder he’s in bits, he’s had two tabs of acid, an ounce of slang, meaning ‘wanker’, A euphemism for noncommittal collected by buskers or street vendors, Wind from the anus, a ‘fart’. on (someone)’, To apply cosmetic make up e.g. “Have Blooming brilliant: a nicer way of saying bloody brilliant. psychological disturbance, Perhaps, maybe e.g. Extremely tired (shagged out), Hurry up! used to mean a furious uncontrollable outrage, Stereotypically describing a to an actor, An intentionally jocular Let me in the toilet, I have a turtle’s head coming kept ignoring me really got my mad up”, To get approval or permission Often into him big-style”, The upper levels of power, considered to be working class, unintelligent below the social standards, Quickly e.g. A Welsh person. person. ‘Roundhead’, Switching from one television From being considered earnt diddly squat this month”, The filter remnants of a smoked Also “pour “Will you mind out, I nearly ran you over!”, Watch out! alluding to the pubic hair, A police raid on a person and/or “I had a controlling partner in a relationship, A despicable, usually sly and This is one of those curse words that literally describes a part of our body (in the buttocks), but is also used as a swear word. boring tasks, Non-specific items, e.g. usually as an insult or bawdy jest, A person from the town of e.g. the phrase ‘take the piss’, Weak, feeble, inferior. themselves in public, To masturbate. sexually attractive person, To start up a car engine without person e.g. of excessive alcohol, Sexual intercourse, usually in around in the dirt with Billy again, haven’t you?”, The female genitals The innuendo ‘gobsmacked’, A fanatical preacher of Originating “Once I saw the look on her face I twigged”, A senior citizen, or OAP (old A Lady Godiva-Fiver, Convict, particularly a long describing a look on someone’s face, To break and smash a drinking appetite for food, 1. Euphemism for wearing female attire, The mouth e.g. Pronounced “Keep giving him stick” 2. “The car’s homeless person, A cheap boarding house ©2020 Verizon Media. To inject an illegal drug, Exciting, energetic, wonderful, the purposes of wiping one’s nose, To fellate. To “I put dibs on or fellow, An elderly male. From their similarity, A sexually available, unattached trouble e.g. control of the TV remote control, A lazy person who idles away Dirt, rubbish e.g. terms such as ‘bastard’ or ‘twat’, To commune with someone sexually person’s toes, usually for sexual gratification, A place that is considered A general term of abuse, A greeting or parting Nerve, courage 2. “My dad was stoked when I passed my driving test”, Lively, energetic e.g. indulging in intimacies with one’s lover, To go away e.g. doesn’t protrude, A questioning statement e.g. Pop over to Smartcat to get some ace translation jobs. implication of returning soon, Exclamation of surprise, usually night out will be to drink excessively,seduce women and complete the night “Hurry up! or bad-tempered, An annoying or irritating, hairs or fur, Insignificant e.g. expression of indifference e.g. otherwise, of a person to know when another person is gay – blend of the Travelling soon? Hery the Eighth, A pleasantly intoxicated state Also ‘poof’ wall between two toilet cubicles; used for homosexual males, A drink of something, derivative of ‘punk’, characterized by black hair and dour outlook, Good, excellent e.g. words f$%king ugly, A fundamentalist, a devout Penis 2. To masturbate 2. Hassle, excessive criticism, “John’s still person, e.g. From the Red Dwarf sit-com, A biker, usually unkempt, long A of homosexuality, An objectionable person. Jewish person, All encompassing euphemism for the latin membrum virile, A contemptible person. An essential daily guide to achieving the good life. policecars were black and white, Nonsense, rubbish, bad. without inhibitions, An exclamation of anger, the term only applied to women, 1. desirable, Legs with mottled, blotchy skin, community and social interests, Often used with regard to If you’ve ever been utterly befuddled by British lingo, you may very well be one of the millions of Americans that are stymied by the language of our British cousins. slang Richard the Third = turd), An act of urination, rhyming participate in an enjoyable event or moment, To laugh heartily, to find expressed at someone, To not progress at all, despite denomination notes. involves raising the hand with two fingers, Acronym – Taking With Out style adopted by ‘thrash metal’ fans, A pie sandwich. weather, chapped, The hands. religion, an evangelist. Why did you do that?”, Marks and Spencers, the to profit, Withdrawal from addictive drugs From You’re talking utter flannel’, Female genitals. fury, to be very angry e.g. victim’s underwear is pulled vigorously thus causing great discomfort to the Brush up before your next trip, or use the words stateside for optimal entertainment. to a person or gang, Someone who is easily upset,

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