Related on numerology from interview with Mary Shannon: For anyone else, I’d think the problem is that they’d met someone new. At the top are both 1 (left) and 2 (right). “It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. I have been trying to support him, out of love and hope for our potentially better future. ---2--- ~ Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. Appropiate questions only and no testing. Does he struggle because of changes, some "new beginnings" in his life? This card tells us what to expect for the next 10 years with each year having it's own description through the cards. A guide to finding out how to work towards loving yourself, what are you doing wrong when trying to cross the hedge. Have your needs been fulfilled in this relationship? Sometimes you need a little clarity. how do I fix them? Get the 411 on what may be upside down in your world and calling out to you for assistance in this moment. Any second opinions would be appreciated! This was done based on numerology around leap day: As Above, So Below What do my spirit guides have to tell me? To anticipate/foresee the near future within the next six month, since the point of date drawing cards. What do I need to know about how it ended? Hope it gets better friend! A fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly holds it back. I have noticed that a lot of the deities I work with will present a COMPLETELY different side of themselves to others. Cuz im also feeling beautiful, loved, fortunate and super grateful for the way everything in my life is evolving. how do I fix them? The Laurel On My Head Deity Communication spread will help give you insight into your past and present relationships with the deity or spirit in question. Pick a card 1 to 5. Let this person go so you can both move forward. Present Canon refers to where your character is during the media in which they are in, or the 'present time' of the character's life. What are his/her sexual thoughts about me right now. So, for example, a new patron or matron. The craftsman’s hand: What you can do to help the process along 4. (taken off Tumblr). Card 04 - How can I best make this happen? Basically its the unconscious side of us. Then go a little deeper with a two more cards. hopefully this helps clear your mind a bit? worked for me and friends. But it also serves the obvious purpose of warning you of what you’re getting into. is answered as 'yes, you will be whole again'? We had recently tried counselling due to his difficult times and I thought we had come out stronger as a couple. Inversely, I can't help but wonder if this refers to the 'wholeness' I have felt with him before this turbulent time. When finished there should be 3 stacks of cards. Can it … The first thing is verification, to make sure you know which deity you’re dealing with. We had recently tried counselling due to his difficult times and I thought we had come out stronger as a couple. Some relationship context if you like going into a reading knowing more details: I didn't get an explanation for the split. Source:, Deathly Hallows Tarot Spread by IggyMarauder on DeviantArt Cuz im also feeling beautiful, loved, fortunate and super grateful for the way everything in my life is evolving. 2 - if no: for not being that captivating, does she like you at all or you're more of a neutral to her? There is an ancient Japanese tradition of mending broken pottery with gold-enriched resin, which is said to render the object more beautiful than before it was broken. This is a briefly a tarot reading for firm yes or no questions. Maybe this will help, Having questions? And more often than not, more than one person's efforts are needed to mend the breach. What goes around comes around.

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