Im planning on using the yellow top cylindrical batteries, but the price of four of them is a little much for me. The chain needs to be tightened and aligned as per the user manual. Don't wear big conductive belt buckles that can also scratch paint-jobs. The plate also needs mounting points to connect it to the frame of the motorcycle. Honestly, what we really need to make a DIY motorcycle conversion more practical is a revolution in battery technology. This is not to suggest that adding regen is always a bad deal. When it reads 0 ohm when just connected, and 5000 ohms when fully twisted, you got the right two wires. The motor wont natively charge as you ride down hill. When it comes to selecting a battery size, bigger is almost always better (bigger meaning physical volume and Amp-hr capacity). There are many on-line motorsports companies that will make custom rear sprockets. Please visit a web forum for the latest availability and best practices with Lithium Batteries. On my cycle, the best place for the controller was behind the batteries and above the motor. Keep in mind that heat, noise, and vibration are all signs of POOR efficiency. While I had the rear wheel off, I also used the opportunity to put on new tires. 5 years ago This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. On this project, I re-used the existing mounting points in the frame of the cycle where the engine and transmission originally bolted in place. If you choose 5000 ohms as no output then your bike will accelerate if you disconnect the cable! That still means we can get DOUBLE the power out of the motor compared to what you might think it can produce, just based on the numbers stamped on it. A watt is a unit of power used. Lugs Get crimp-on power lugs that match the size of the cable you are using. Don't cuff your pants. It would be pretty simple to hook up one twelve-volt charger to each of the four batteries. It seems that motorcycles are sold much more often WITHOUT a title than cars ever are. My project is sitting in the garage until I find one :(. Motorcycle news, reviews and deals delivered to your inbox. Wear closed-toe shoes or boots, preferably leather, and safety toe if you have them. This is typically done with a box shape or angle iron. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, The Lego Ducati Panigale V4 R's Transmission Works, Ford App Checks Out Ride-Share Cars for Bad Odors, The New BMW R 18 Cruiser Is Retro-Cool Gorgeous, The Cake Kalk Is An Exotic Electric Dirt Bike, This Electric Moped Is Also a Mobile Generator, The Honda CRF450L Is a Street-Legal Dirt Bike, Finding Inspiration on the 2019 Honda Gold Wing, The Most Fun You Can Have on Three Wheels, Rad Power Bikes Just Built An Electric Minibike. If you want a motor that doesn’t need maintenance, you can choose to buy the brushless motor. You can read more about the lithium cycle shown here at Tony's blog. Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close. If you ride over to a friend's house, or have access to an electric outlet at work, you can ride there, plug-in, and charge the cycle the whole time you are there. The cycle recharges from the wall, through a renewable energy program, and if there is a blackout, I can actually run my house off my electric motorcycle! (Bought on sale during a close-up sale!). Thick cable can get pricey fast. If you are into computer design, there are many great programs out there to help you create 3D images and think in three-dimensional space. I always encourage people to take a look at the EV Album. Build a custom chain guard if the project requires it. The resistor simply bypasses the main contactor. It may be cliche, but every shop class, repair book, and seminar starts off talking about safety. Hey, I had a question about your batteries, and I was wondering if having four batteries are necessary. I discovered that the money was 25 times better spent on buying bigger batteries than by adding regen! Did you make this project? All over these various components serve important roles. An IDEAL Poorman's Smart Grid would also have PV (photovoltaic) solar panels, a solar charge controller, an AC grid-tie, and device to switch from charging the 48V batteries, to running power back into the grid when the batteries are fully charged. The plate needs to have a hole in the middle of it for the driveshaft to pass through and four holes in the appropriate locations for the bolts to mount the motor to the plate. This has been disproven by research groups many years ago. Controllers that can do regen are somewhat more complicated to wire up. On the cycle, the motor is connected to the back wheel, where it would be less effective for regen. The two bottom batteries sit on top of it. Test your voltage, amperage and resistance using a multimeter. I used a Magura Twist-grip, a popular throttle that replaces the right-hand grip on a scooter or motorcycle. (a 30% in total project cost). I also traced the outline of the motor on the plate. When you park the cycle at home, you either plug in the connector or clamp on the alligator clips from the charger to the battery pack. x�͒�j�0��~�9&˒,���c��?I��@)!�5$vk���}e;�� e�|���As�i�`ZоZS!��4v�쾐� This will minimize the risk of electrical shocks and sparks. So, some of the ideal locations for the air and intake that would benefit the motor we can use to benefit the aero of the bike.

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