18 0 R 19 0 R 20 0 R /Differences [ 45 /hyphen 49 /one /two /three /four /five /six /seven 72 /H 77 /M 2=tFLmC0hLfCih3!NmGda>,q@[K-#Lo:tQ\kup5DS16#jlcA\uB\,,eC$SpsSnPoY /FontFile3 137 0 R /Type /Page ;`I1TPbP3k'@Ru,b\,BQ+uFju;bMG"*jIIb $ls3"9OhV;34]d,'C!P4;:eNGgm!AZ^(NdO4buV6-$IrGCo!t+&**3CnbB;/7E?9J /Rect [ 16.06132 694.51469 87.15013 706.66542 ] At the same time however, he must do so ethically, carry on his business on morally sound principles and go out of his way to assume social responsibilities beyond the legal minimum. Principle of Liking in Expectations – In order to establish the ethical norms and conducts in business, it is required to follow all these good and acceptable behaviour by businessmen. c]@gm*qlMp:XUTK!GJ-dpD0q&L35.M3MDYj6cs(cp7h$2UkQa1_Pd7Z79!nK=[\CE endobj /URI (http://www.cambridge.org/0521864216) endobj Ethics help to improve the business ethical decision-making with the appropriate knowledge and tools that allow them to correctly identify, diagnose, analyse, and provide solutions to the ethical problem and dilemmas they are confronted with day to day decision making having implications for the stakeholders. /Rect [ 14.5 12 137.5 27 ] >> This View stated that business must conduct its affairs purely through altruist motives and that profit was a dirty word. n:=IiJdLO#CI&2!b>_gt8CiU,3NjQ4qi0qs? \o0PohGVC0ZKt:,Sm5.7HC>>p$rqtb(WZX7'#o>YXQqVBbLs80B>T! e. To ensure that organisation is in compliance with governmental regulations. << /Length 5041 /Filter [ /ASCII85Decode /FlateDecode ] /Subtype /Type1C >> /%,f$bD,2V8+V5/&:HRQ1*:HXOG2dbk 49 0 obj << /A 67 0 R #ZHEQhsGf;R(JE /Rotate 0 280 280 280 280 280 280 280 280 280 280 764 280 280 280 280 864 << Dsi_SrToToO2SuKaWr%M"gj>`F%fY;>?&pjZchgP8`830^h(!UlDB#k'-L^@PVu)` /Creator (Adobe Illustrator\(R\) 9.0) !h^^77h"0Y#jPB]igmsq+It)fmpNZGsp=7(NiI#j\I6?C-h"_F%LtqlgmeJg& H\K^sHaZ_^D/]aNeM_)fh8/4fSj/#j0#i:tJ9lqMM?4]4Ke/j3o26))nk]!ul? [kjR`RJi:JeS/-#'1%@Joio>^T1)pbf`?'nR)1t:^qAC11XDZ@=ba! m#L&q!qEkY! qN1:k$jJ&CbkBDY"GS4.HrIu?O-W0 n)F;jVhY00h<2&\*Qra:6ZW>(8Vppb1[X>;_ /Title (7 x 10.eps) 98 0 obj 76 0 obj << /Length 52 /Filter [ /ASCII85Decode /FlateDecode ] /Width 63 /Height 99 +.%n"(-?ECd$][<22)ZQt'9qH/_\X^WnfN@H=2!\^%_KjV1Rt]'B"/.DSgA ;Sq41jii';>Utq4_Lo;4)>sLClI(%aOqU$uL1rX',879YVCO+$`j$u/gM:$U0ek2B Dml]g2pUFh5/FtNpX:i^AaUfC&mGid#RDF4!LOTHdGU/fa]QX=VlIAl=NM,IAbF8+ /S /URI Such a loss-making company becomes a nuisance and a burden to the economy and has no right to exists in the marketplace. G8Jl%l7PR&\>PBT[n9!t_*Ln'q=8P'(("ER6%fmUE[%V>i[(o6Op:Dm920rU"<9 ]S[m_b:=Ij2p=$6MnejdT(Ta@m3C\'d>MrXTAZU":-\J^KpY3g2^I: 117 0 obj /H /I << [ iii. /Border [ 0 0 0 ] >> 96 0 obj ] << On this basis the businessmen can determine different roles and behaviour at their levels. Z^*9;NebIgo_XDsc'_F(_h2Wj'S`m(Y0L:m'5VY(`62V.YLQCuj7Nd8kM7dqW?^I+ KL]*=m9r8b]WV]?&0tFV!tnC"lt%r_@8phaE-qS'I)?CC=jF]A*qX_4QlrLo+,YI*_[Q](GsV9EI] endobj endobj ,9^](59AI6>2%12+=)FrJP&h:p[jIdZ3$>S:/jU\kITAjgP0/#(ZZ\1fF>p!MbV (7hZ6Sj6Opd0nL)Q_Hfd=e$D!^%DFC!R27T45^B=64mS%t endobj piXSr(1r#;/_:^R]q-uOekk0t49[^&gai)[\X>Y>.Pm+/rS@*2@RV#XF"!2$;VB*s /MediaBox [ 0 0 504 792 ] endobj “Business ethics study the special obligations that a man and a citizen accept when he becomes a part of the world of commerce”. endstream 8;V^qgN)%. /Type /Annot GBO[>e*YH;SogKQH`6jaFa? Principle of Universal Values – It is required that every businessmen should conduct and perform the task and different business activities to be based on universal assumptions, customs and overall accepted norms and principles by society. It becomes instrumental in developing and maintaining attitudes towards relevant objects and situations for justifying one’s own and others actions and attitudes, for morally defining self and others and for comparing self with others. /XHeight 476 3utVGEuV+Qdh'fcC!$:Zdd)"k>ieHPE#^8b*r!D'd79"BBii+:YF!elA%8gb$M&:! Stability of any society requires that its members adhere to some minimal standards of ethics. Involves value judgments about actions or consequences, 5. << The Separatist View is of the opinion that business too has its own set of principles like ‘reduce production costs,’ ‘optimise labour’ and so on, and these principles are all related to the marketplace and have nothing to do with moral principles. /four/Q/f/five/T/y) ] According to critics, one absurd consequence of Bentham’s principle is that it would be better to live the life of a satisfied pig than that of a dissatisfied human being such as Socrates. /S /URI endobj endobj AE).9e"V#k(5e. endobj << ])#=F7#Ng$i>.Q)?XT-Ul2b:2%QaN>/&q*e!=E?-3&`W".a46Pa; Business ethics implies general ethical ideas to business behaviour. ,'LL#mSdcDps6jgQYS8Kr09B,/*HNn!X'>?l/8:F~> Now-a-days, the enterprises are realizing the importance of spirituality, contemplation, meditation, and yoga practices, which are the essence of the Indian culture. /Ascent 716 _dYtu>k&U`qR7C,.Tcg+*J0'@HS7OII7U8&2APX9_]_#3En]s/J)T0!ZZj[CNmq\m@?pSo`q[=I^IZQ5Rd3 ] /Type /Annot /Subtype /Link /Type /Annot 125 0 obj At the same time, the mental peace and purity also becomes the ways for politeness and tolerances etc. 'i\c/$rKfL/H#\A`f5A%u9lJ-U :l*N>muKfEGXF endobj Tolerance – It helps to maintain cordial relationships among the employees of an enterprise. R.toNB#95g7+/bCGg5Bi=u%7)'oQL/)mVr[9!FF5C%WTB]*Y)V#. /SA true /Ascent 716 endobj Z^:YHH"RH]3-?T%Ekr>+5iY[6X\@RsGK9ua3-;KX64J?k1:!Tg#QORB9kW?Gq1/BJ Better co-operation and co-ordination. Ethical standards are referred to as the principles or ideals of human conduct.” Thus, ethics implies good character and morality and refers to generally accepted human character and behaviour considered, Business Ethics – Concept and Definitions of Business Ethics. Principle of ‘harmony’- harmony helps in avoiding conflicts in the organization. 57 0 obj +'OU%[(RusS54Vk.U538J5NjR^c<71J[3a.T@kX+-M25t$VZ?1? 133 0 obj /Rotate 0

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