Was it ever stated that the planet is bigger than our own? Wonder Woman’s moral guidance usually comes from an internal place. So fighting in space is not a be all end all situation here. And she could just carry Wonder Woman to space and through here away, leaving her to die in the empty black void. Are you having trouble comprehending what I said? Struggle sleeping on that. From her various magical swords, to the bullet deflecting gauntlets she wears on her arms, to the unforgettable Lasso of Truth. Yes, Carol’s proven herself a gifted, brilliant leader of the Avengers on countless occasions. Unless of course you think Diana can block supposedly infinite level power with her force shield (Aegis), this feat is unquantifiable and outlier-ish in nature. And all he wanted to do was humiliate Carol there for comedic purposes, i dunno why i don't think he has anything special against her, he just wanted to display the difference in power between her and Hulk and he did it in a funny way, which is why she also had that talk with Clint where he says "better you than me", in that same comic Hulk was represented as the main threat that they didn't have an answer for until they used their own Hulk and the 2 fought briefly quite literally shaking the whole planet. In making them the focus of several upcoming films, they are redefining the protagonist of a comic book movie. Diana can also take the fight back to earth. Wonder Woman has sisterhood witn fire. So even without the idea she can’t access Binary without energy absorption she can constantly absorb energy. But in terms of AP able to destroy a planet I think shaking a planet shys extremely far from that capability. Wonder Woman Vs. Captain Marvel: 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Will Win In A Fight (& 5 Why It's Captain Marvel) Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman are two of the strongest heroines in comics history, but who would win in a fight? @underfire47: The scan literally states she holds back a lot and shows a lot of restraint. When there is clear evidence proving it is not. That punch barely did anything to Supergirl and I assure you, even mid-tiers like Nova Centurion has tanked far worse. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Check out the amazing power of her photon energy when Captain Marvel hits theaters this March. But for all the working-class, egalitarian populism on display, early superheroes also featured a reactionary impulse, most clearly displayed in Bill Finger and Bob Kane’s Batman. She can drain Carol's energy and has the same powerset due to stealing her power before, so instead of Carol draining, she's being drained, and the longer the fight, the more Rogue has the advantage like with the solo comic? @necrogod: Gladiator one shot a weakened Binary... context matters. Backed up kind of by something a previous writer did Brian Reed in his Ms Marvel run, Her not going Binary often could simply be explained by once again. Grant DeArmitt is a New York City-based writer and lover of all things weird. Hulk has shaken the entire planet on about half a dozen occasions, even the incarnation that shook the continent also shook the planet, so why wouldn't i claim he is casual about the continent stuff when he has done even more impressive stuff? Which is no surprise since being stronger than Hercules has been part of her character since forever. Rivaling Superman in popularity was C.C. Your dodging the question cause the obvious answer. Captain Marvel Abilities Skilled pilot: Carol is a trained and very skilled pilot, having served in the USAF. ambient energy. Atleast not in the realm of being able to bust a planet because you could shake one. They are God Made. Cap Marvel and WW aren't engaging in a crossfit throwdown or a javelin contest to see who can throw an object the longest distance. Nice, but it's a throwing feat and not a striking power feat. If you want to have a discussion about that we could do it over a private message. Like i said. Do you know what a "twist" is? Cause there is a difference. In practice, this meant that Marvel superheroes, instead of squaring off against oppressive systems, began to operate within them; many were even created by hierarchies of business, government, science and academia. The idea that she has more instances where she goes Binary via energy amping so instances where she doesn’t do that are asspulls is just weird given no one has stated she couldn’t go Binary outside any other means.

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