Hi Kyoshiro, For any further assistance, you may contact our friendly customer service personnel at 1-800-88-3228. Thank you for your interest in our product. But can i know if all the ingredients used not from animals or any animal extracts? May i check which product do not have egg? Ingredients, allergens, additives, nutrition facts, labels, origin of ingredients and information on product Enriched white bread - Gardenia - 600 g Gardenia uses ONLY 30% of the permitted amount prior to the launch of our No Artificial Preservatives bread. As for eggs, please note that all our ingredients are listed on the packaging of each product. Dah macam-macam jenis yang saya makan. May I know which Gardenia products use eggs as an ingredient? The hygienic environment of Gardenia factories contribute to the products shelf-life. Please contact us at 03-5542 3228 for us to share the information and further details. The leftovers on the shelf are either nearly expired or just expired while other type of breads are still available. Facebook and Rasanya sedap terkata,lembut senang dikunyah dan ditelan oleh anak-anak dan kita orang dewasa.Roti Putih Classic Jumbonya ,beberapa keping saja cepat mengenyangkan dan puaslah memakannya.Menjimatkan.Tiada apa yang meragukan saya dengan diiktiraf oleh pihak JAKIM.Rokok dan arak dah terang-terang membahayakan dan jelas keharamannya,orang buat tak kesah je.Sapu semacam!! Leading bread manufacturer Gardenia Bakeries is investing nearly Php1 billion in a fully automated bread manufacturing plant in Mindanao to serve the continuously growing bread demand in the south. Thank you for your interest Annie. Made with 60% wholemeal flour, Gardenia Fine Grain Wholemeal Bread is high in fiber and yet soft and delicious. The details of ingredients are listed on the packaging of each product. 4. what about BENZOIL PEROXIDE?..does your product free from this poison..it’s a kryptonite to gouty patient. Now, instead of calcium propionate, we use natural ingredients such as vinegar and raisin juice concentrate. It is perfect for toast or as a sandwich. Some ingredients could not be recognized. All Gardenia breads has 0% trans fat. By any chance are you guys also using the same form of chemical for the bread hardening? Hi there. Baik dari roti keping dia sampai roti bun dia. Claim to goodness – Low in fat, high in fiber and has no artificial, synthetic or unnatural preservatives. We would like to share that we do not have product that is gluten free. I hope the information is helpful and do enjoy our product. Have a nice day. As previously mentioned, we do use dough conditioner, that is largely made up of Emulsifiers which are Soy and Palm base. Today, the biological route (natural fermentation) accounts for only about 10 percent of world production but it remains important for vinegar production as many of the world food purity laws stipulate that vinegar used in foods must be of biological origin. Promotion Classic White Bread - Regular Slice 600g. Just to let you know, the shelf-life of Gardenia sandwich bread is 4 days whilst some brands have 5 days shelf-life. We had been receiving overwhelming request from consumers and professional nutritionist for a low GI bread that is at a lower and more affordable price. Does gardenia bread contains L-cysteine?? We deliver fresh bread everyday. Hi Lesly. Join us on Slack: Saya tiada masalah dalam menikmati apa-apa jenis roti keluaran GARDENIA. For any further clarification, please feel free to call our toll-free line at 1-800-88-3228. Follow us on Telegram for more informative & easy-to-read … Please feel free to contact us at our toll-free line or land-line at 03-5542 3228 for further enquiries. Hi Nic, I would still want to know how much sugar there is in a loaf of gardenia wholegrain bread? → The analysis is based solely on the ingredients listed and does not take into account processing methods. Your email address will not be published. However, all our bread do not contain azodicarbonamide which is most commonly refered to as ADA. oh my goodness………. For your information, Gardenia Squiggles do not contain eggs. Open Food Facts gathers information and data on food products from around the world. In addition to its unique flavour, some believe sourdough to be a healthier alternative to white or wholemeal bread. Hi aGal, What happen to Breakthrough Gardenia Bread? - Gardenia Sommerset Cottage (GI value – 52) The consumption of azodicarbonamide may also heighten an allergic reaction to other ingredients in a food. ... My selfish wish is for gardenia to make wholemeal bread in a bun version. Last edit of product page on January 8, 2020 at 6:45:27 AM CET by inf. Any replacement for people with diabettes like me? Hi Rasyidi. Does your bread contain any trace of “azodicarbonamide” or “dough conditioner” which has been known to cause allergic reactions in those sensitive to other azo compounds, such as food dyes? The reason I stop taking Gardenia bread is because of the artificial preservative. We hope this information is helpful and you would enjoy our product. We hope the above information is helpful for you. Hi Nadiah, Hi Mizylgmendoza. Be assured that all our bread do not contain azodicarbonamide which is most commonly referred to as ADA. No, unfortunately I did not recieve any email from you. Hi Charlotte! Radya, For your information, as stated on the packaging, Gardenia Auntie Rosie Kaya has eggs as one of the ingredients. As to the other products (eg Buns, Waffles), please refer to the ingredients list printed on the packaging because some products have eggs as one of the ingredients. Can i know what the different between gardenia product than other product such as Hi-5 or another.. Please forward your telephone number for us to contact you directly. You can help us recognize more ingredients and better analyze the list of ingredients for this product and others: If you would like to help, join the #ingredients channel on our Slack discussion space and/or learn about ingredients analysis on our wiki. Hi SSinghtinna. Thanks. As you have pointed out, calcium propionate is commonly used by wholesale bakeries worldwide for their ‘on-the-shelf’ bread. Hi Jasvindar, We would like to share that all ingredients in our product are as listed on the packaging.

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