(2017). 2015, 11 (2015), H. Xin, X. Li, Y. Fang, X. Yi, W. Hu, Y. Chu, F. Zhang, A. Zheng, H. Zhang, X. Li, J. Catal. Composites of 12-tungstophosforic acid on ceria zirconia for ethanol dehydration. 108, 31 (2013). By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. 2017 Aug 7;2(8):4287-4296. doi: 10.1021/acsomega.7b00680. @��9�@�޹�W=tT�D��< q���eE�5�mC������%%@�2&�'\�e&��{/3��J+Q2�2Sv ������������(�� ����������������X;,:8���+����E��fb^�H� �s��f�բ��Όb��s�����c`��Ҍ@� Ď,s� |F1� &%K� At the same time, the regenerated catalyst exhibits better stability than the fresh catalyst. However, the acid sites of the catalyst cannot be recovered completely after regeneration. The correlation between the acid density and ethanol conversion was observed. Chem. Catal. Hu Y, Zhan N, Dou C, Huang H, Han Y, Yu D, Hu Y. Biotechnol J. Ceram. Catalytic Ethanol Dehydration to Ethylene over Nanocrystalline χ- and γ-Al 2 O 3 Catalysts. Main uses of ethylene in industry (left to right): polyethylene, ethylene dichloride (precursor…, Trend in number of patents (dash-dot line) and publications (solid line) since 1998.…. Technol. Adsorption of cobalt species on the interface, which is developed between aqueous solution and metal oxides used for the preparation of supported catalysts: a critical review. 2007, 113, 82. PubMed Central  A.; Pérez-Ramfrez, J.; J. Catal. Before the analysis, each sample was evacuated at 300 ºC for 8 h. The total surface area was calculated according to the BET isothermal equation, and the micropore volume and external surface area were evaluated by the t-plot method. Biotechnological production of glycolic acid and ethylene glycol: current state and perspectives. Commun. After that, the temperature was raised to 500 ºC and maintained for 4 h, and then cooled to room temperature. Author information Keywords: ethanol dehydration, XPS analysis, solvothermal method, mixed phase alumina. 20, 13 (2016), R. Feng, S. Liu, P. Bai, K. Qiao, Y. Wang, H.A. h�b```f``� �l? The selectivity to ethylene decreases with increasing NaOH concentration. Considering ethylene production, the M–Al–B exhibited the highest ethylene yield among other catalysts with 92% at 400 °C. [ Links ], 12. 1994, 15, 463. @JI#�3f~0 �� However, AT0.4 presents higher stability than the parent HZSM-5. Chem. 53, 263 (2011), Y. Chen, Y. Wu, L. Tao, B. Dai, M. Yang, Z. Chen, X. Zhu, J. Ind. Takahara, I.; Saito, M.; Inaba, M.; Murata, K.; Catal. Winter, M.T. The results show that the alkali treatment is a suitable method to modify the HZSM-5 catalyst for ethanol dehydration to ethylene. Catal., B 2010, 97, 299. 2013 Oct;29(10):1431-40. Thus, the introduction of metastable χ- alumina structure into γ- alumina enhanced catalytic activity and ethylene yield. 2004 Aug 31;110(3):97-120. doi: 10.1016/j.cis.2004.04.001. 105 0 obj <> endobj Selective dehydration of bio-ethanol to ethylene catalyzed by lanthanum-phosphorous-modified HZSM-5: influence of the fusel. eCollection 2017 Aug 31. The samples treated with NaOH solution in the concentrations of 0.2 mol L–1, 0.8 mol L–1 and 1.0 mol L–1 have a slightly increase in nitrogen uptake within the relative pressure range between 0.4-1.0, indicating the formation of new mesopores. 2007, 50, 227. B 117–118, 369 (2012), A.L. Clipboard, Search History, and several other advanced features are temporarily unavailable. The decrease in acidity of strong acid sites suppresses the side reactions to higher olefins, improving the selectivity to ethylene. J Oleo Sci. Silveston, P. Praserthdam, M. Inoue, V. Pavarajarn, W. Tanakulrungsank, Inorg. Jakrapan Janlamool, Bunjerd Jongsomjit. Mechanism for the dehydration of ethanol to ethylene. [(accessed on 23 July 2012)]. Trend in number of patents (dash-dot line) and publications (solid line) since 1998. good stability, and the purity of produced ethylene product. Commun. Immediate online access to all issues from 2019. Chim. A.; Moulijn, J. Chem. Lett. The catalytic dehydration of ethanol to ethylene is a well-known commercial process for the selective conversion of the ethanol to value-added ethylene. This is because the boron modification increased the amounts of total acid sites, which can promote the production of ethylene, while this is not preferable for diethyl ether production, which is favored by weak acid sites. Production of Ethylene through Ethanol Dehydration on SBA-15 Catalysts Synthesized by Sol-gel and One-step Hydrothermal Methods. Monomolecular Dehydration of Ethanol into Ethylene over H-MOR Studied by Density Functional Theory. J Mol Model. Res. 65, 347 (2016), Article  Song, Y. Q.; Feng, Y. L.; Liu, F.; Kang, C. L.; Zhou, X. L.; Xu, L. Y.; Yu, G. X.; J. Mol.  |  Chem. The necessary tasks include the revision of significant processes such as the ethanol-to-olefin process (ETO), and our goal was the production of ethylene. 2016, 8 (2015), A. Klisin„ska, K. Samson, I. Gressel, B. Grzybowska, Appl. To further study the stability of the AT0.4, the catalytic stability test of 350 h for AT0.4 was conducted. The number of strong acid sites can be reduced and new mesopores can be created on the HZSM-5 catalyst during the alkali treatment process. Anal. Pd Modification and Supporting Effects on Catalytic Dehydration of Ethanol to Ethylene and Diethyl Ether over W/TiO. Tresatayawed A, Glinrun P, Autthanit C, Jongsomjit B. J Oleo Sci. Chem. Subscription will auto renew annually. XPS analysis; ethanol dehydration; mixed phase alumina; solvothermal method. Meanwhile, the newly created mesopores may accommodate part of coke deposition, consequently suppressing the formation of the coke deposition in its inherent micropores to some extent. The newly created mesopores favor the molecular diffusion and accommodate part of coke deposition, consequently suppressing the formation of coke in the inherent micropores to some extent. Catal. [ Links ], 11. The catalytic ethanol dehydration of ethanol over the solvothermal-derived alumina catalysts was investigated in this study. However, there are some limitations for the catalytic application of … One-pot conversion of cellulose to ethylene glycol with multifunctional tungsten-based catalysts. [ Links ], 24. 2009, 10, 567. Sci. Mater. 19, 271 (2002), Y. Saih, K. Segawa, Appl. Acc Chem Res. The mesopore volume (Vmeso) increases from 0.06 cm3 g–1 for the parent HZSM-5 to 0.18 cm3 g–1 for AT0.4, indicating the formation of mesopores after alkali treatment. Technol. Learn more about Institutional subscriptions, G. Chen, S. Li, F. Jiao, Q. Yuan, Catal. Hence, the different O 1s surface atoms can be identified and divided into three types including lattice oxygen (O, 530.7 eV), surface hydroxyl (OH, 532.1 eV) and lattice water (H2O, 532.9 eV).

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