What I was told is 3 parts woad for 1 part refined limestone powder (and a wee bit of water, still maintaining the highest concentration rule), but you’re welcome to experiment. Kidding…I’m not actually surprised. *Sigh*. Yes, I am implying a forbidden migration theory that will make a lot of today’s histiorans roll their eyes. It is clearly borne out of a desperation to fit the Celts into the mainstream modern idea of “civilized”. Talk to us. There’s definately a great deal to find out about this topic. Ironically enough, the general sympathy for the Celts from a “safe distance” was very beneficial during the same time period, in a very different industry: Academia. Simple Celtic Knot - drawing -courtesy of gmc, Round knot design -drawing courtesy of gmc Phil Shirley, 4 interlocking Triquetras or Trintiy knots- drawing courtesy of gmc, Celtic shamrock knot in shape of famous Irish symbol - drawing courtesy of gmc, Celtic Trinity Knot- drawing courtesy of gmc, Celtic Cross with simple Trinity knot -drawing courtesy of gmc, An intricate Celtic knot design cut in paper- image courtesy of rore, Celtic knot art-photo courtesy of Diane McKillop, Celtic Art 2- picture courtesy ofDiane MacKillop, Another beautiful one of St Martin's Cross, Iona -photo courtesy of Vectorportal. I am no historian or celticist, I wish I was at this point (given how a lot of people dismiss my theories as somewhat less valuable). Required fields are marked *. We don’t spam! I wish I didn’t have to start my post by disproving some fake news that shouldn’t ever be believed in the first place. Perhaps the most popular assumption about the Picts is that they “stained themselves with woad”. You can find different knotwork patterns consisting of one or a number for strands which criss-cross. As a spirit worker who collaborates with Picts, I also see it as an offering to the warriors, war gods, Pictish farmers and hunters. This is probably why people assume I’m not up to date when I mention the likes of Elizabeth Sutherland and Katherine Forsyth. Have a look at the beauty and intricacy of Celtic Knot designs and patterns in the drawings and pictures below. Why is it so important to deny your ancestors their right to differ from the 21st century social norm? Now, in the 21st century, we have gone back to a subjective outlook, but in favour of the Celts, an opposition to the Victorian sentiment. **) Ye all may be wondering how I just happen to know the recipe. Did you know that Saint Patrick was not an Irish man or the first to bring Christianity to Ireland? Well, the reason I know the recipe is very simple: I asked the Picts and they shared it with me. Learn about other well-known Gaelic symbols by looking at the following pages. They look like strands which are interwoven. The Celtic cross in another interesting Gaelic symbol. No, I don’t think there is any research attesting what I say here, I talk from experience. Deal with it. I wish I could just skip the rant and start here. This is not a blog post on linguistics. The most common 21st century argument I see against woad is the allegation that Caesar’s account refers to glass, not woad. All the attempts at reviving the Celtic woad tradition, so far, were made by people who clearly had a bias against the idea of “painted Celts”. By the way, have a look at my new blog, I’ve been more active there: http://www.pictishsoul.weebly.com, Your email address will not be published. As a person who is not related to people in Celtic nations by blood (as far as I can tell), I tend to see my connection with them as entirely spiritual, so I don’t really care about “my Celtic lineage’s image before society” (contains sarcasm). Thanks for proving it is antiseptic, anyway, because this is exactly what antiseptics do when injected and why their use is topic, not internal. So, woad was not tattoo paint. We simply deny its existence because accepting it would be the same as saying “I am a savage”. It isn’t the most pleasant smell, but not the worst either. It was also a traditional war paint for the sake of visual communication, especially when collaborating with neighbouring tribes – they’d paint symbols on the skin to communicate who is who, and what the strategy is. Now we finally have an interesting question to answer. It is far from a mysterious substance. Oct 11, 2016 - Explore Circe Willow's board "Woad", followed by 613 people on Pinterest. (**Please don’t try this! Maybe we should trust Caesar and try topical use instead. **Please be careful not to use quicklime, it is not what you’re looking for. I dislike him too, but don’t think he was a liar. Water will do (just a tiny wee bit of water, the higher concentration of woad the better) – the colour fades gradually, but the repellent properties last a long time – and it’s all natural, won’t be toxic for wildlife. Right? I know… It stinks. Learn something of its origin and history by checking out our Celtic Cross Meaning page and our celtic cross gallery page. I love those papers because the 20th century authors kept subjectivity to a minimum: the general sentiment is “I won’t take the Celtic culture personally, it’s just something I’m looking into”. It’s fun. View videos of "how to" recreate ancient blue body art. Aye. There are trends, too. It blows my mind. Nice simple celtic knot pattern on cross- picture courtesy of MGifford, Celtic Knot Art on mouse mat-photo courtesy of Crimfants, Beautiful Celtic Knot pattern onCeltic cross - photo courtesy of mrpattersonsir, Simple celtic knot pattern on sweater-photo courtesy of Noricom, Another great example of Celtic Knot Art on Cross - photo courtesy of gmc, The Celtic Knot Meaning page will give you some background to this Important Celtic symbol. El protagonista de esta historia pudo ser un gran jefe tribal de los pictos o fruto de la inventiva de Publio Cornelio Tácito, historiador, político y ... By the fourth century AD, the predominant race in northern Scotland were the Picts, the name was coined by the Romans who referred to them as 'Picti' meaning 'painted ones', which referred to the Pictish custom of either tattooing their bodies or covering themselves with warpaint. Header image by Navanna. We won’t ever admit it, but we take Celtic culture very personally if we are into it at all. It is a very biased, pseudo-intellectual argument filled with fake news and very easy to disprove. I keep my mind completely open when they talk. If you connect to the egregore of “war protection”, woad can also be used in banishings, cleansings and as an aid to spiritual shielding. Caesar wasn’t crazy, or making things up. I think the 20th century was far from perfect, but at least the Celtic studies from that period tend to have a more objective methodology. Keep being stubborn, dear 21st century “Celts”. However, as the colour quickly fades, it probably wouldn’t be noticed by onlookers, which explains why Roman observers describing the daily lives of the Britons never mention it. That is all. Did Caesar actually see “all the Britons”? This is especially important if you engage in guerrilla tactics (which the Picts were famous for), where the lack of a clear formation could make communication difficult.

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