A light and airy pineapple cake rolled with sweet coconut whipped cream and topped with pineapple coconut buttercream. Prep time includes refrigeration. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Best eaten within 2-3 days. I’ve come up with a new term for when you are using cake mix, but not following the directions on the box–Cake bashing! In thirds, fold the egg whites into the egg yolk mixture. But I rarely use a cake mix to make a cake the way the instructions say. https://www.delscookingtwist.com/toasted-coconut-tropical-fruit-cake-roll-video This website uses cookies to improve your experience. of edges. Remove from heat and add butter a couple of pieces at a time, whisking until fully incorporated before adding more. I am a Registered Nurse, a licensed deep water aerobics instructor, a Wife and a Mother .I grew up in New England but have been fortunate to live all over the US. Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C) and line a 12.25×8.125-inch (31×20.5 cm) baking tray with parchment paper. Immediately after removing the cake from the oven invert the cake onto the prepared tea towel and gently peel off the parchment paper. Learn how your comment data is processed. I'm the face behind this imperfect, but tasty corner of the internet where I share recipes true to my rural Midwestern roots. A light and airy pineapple cake rolled with sweet coconut whipped cream and topped with pineapple coconut buttercream. Meanwhile, whisk egg yolks, egg, and remaining ¼ cup sugar in a medium bowl for about 2 minutes until pale and fluffy. Fold in yolk and flour mixture. Roll from the short end so that you have several rolls. Its light and cramy with great coconut flavor!s, Preheat the oven to 350. Place the rolled cake on the counter, seam side down and let cool for 10 minutes. Spread 3 1/2 cups of cake batter into your prepared pan, making sure to spread the batter as evenly as possible. . I created this easy, And... I’m back! Whether you want to make it for Christmas, for a summer party or an afternoon tea, or even as a Birthday cake, this cake roll recipe will never disappoint. Originally from France, I lived in Stockholm, Chicago, and I just moved to Vancouver, BC. Tips to prepare ahead of time: You could prepare this toasted coconut tropical fruit cake roll from A to Z one day in advance and keep it in the refrigerator. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. I love cake mix, love, love, love it! Refrigerate for 1 hour to set, then trim the ends even. Bake 20 minutes or until golden brown. Line baking sheet with parchment paper. For the coconut sponge cake: Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Coat an 11-by-17-inch rimmed baking sheet or jelly roll pan with cooking spray; line the bottom with parchment and spray the parchment. Roll the cake through the coconut to coat completely. Frost outside with cream and garnish with fresh strawberries. Discover my easy and often healthy, plant-based recipes, always prepared with natural ingredients. Store in the fridge. Trim the ends if desired and place the cake onto a serving tray. Hi there, I'm Amy. Your email address will not be published. Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form. Spray with baking spray and lightly … Or if desired the remaining cake batter can be discarded. This way, you are guaranteed to spread a thick cream all over the sponge cake that won’t spread out when rolling the cake. Finally add in the sifted flour. Line a 10 1/2" by 15 1/2" jelly roll pan with baking parchment and lightly coat with nonstick vegetable spray. https://www.accidentalhappybaker.com/pina-colada-swiss-cake-roll This is the most important thing to know! For sweetened cream beat whipping cream on low speed until frothy. Mix the preserves and water until smooth, then carefully spread 1/3 of it in a very thin layer over the vanilla cream. Evenly spread the coconut whipped cream over the cake. Oh Stephanie, once you make one you’ll be hooked. Sprinkle with 1 cup of shredded coconut. Beat egg yolks, sugar, and vanilla extract in a small bowl. Copyright © Cookpad Inc. All Rights Reserved. 84.3 g Roll up tightly. Pour all over the cake roll, then quickly sprinkle with shredded coconut. At a drizzle, gradually beat in the vanilla and corn syrup until the filling is the consistency of mayonnaise, about 2 minute more. Remove cake roll from the fridge, remove the damp towel, then brush the cake with syrup. To assemble the cake: After the cake has completely cooled, gently unwrap the cake from the tea towel and unroll the cake. You could serve it any time of the year really, but in France cake roll is usually served around Christmas time. Full of emotions of all k, Chocolate Orange Cake Roll with Caramelized Nuts, Crepes with Fresh Mango, Coconut and Chocolate, Healthy Raw Mango Cheesecake with Coconut, Healthy Green Smoothie with Tropical Fruits, Chocolate & Orange Cake Roll topped with Caramelized Nuts, Follow me on Instagram | @delscookingtwist, Tropical fruits, diced (mango, kiwis, pineapple, passion fruit…). This should take about 5 minutes. Add 5 Tablespoons of cream of coconut and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla and gently stir until combined. In a mixing bowl, beat the egg yolks, vanilla, and 1/4 cup of the sugar together until thick, pale yellow and when drizzled, will hold a ribbon shape for 2 seconds on the surface. Preheat oven to 355°F. I know what you’re thinking right now: “the recipe seems too advanced and I will never be able to make it”. Gradually beat in 2 1/2 cups powdered sugar. This toasted coconut tropical fruit cake roll is subtle, fruity, and just irresistible. In a large mixing bowl, beat the eggs on high speed for 5-6 minutes, they should be thick and lemon colored. Through my recipes, I want to help you create beautiful healthy and mostly plant-based recipes, and indulge in feel-good desserts.

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