thank you. Hi Paru, Yes, you can make the cake base ahead of time and store it either in the fridge or at room temperature for a day or 2 or wrap and freeze up to 3 months.You do not need to cut the top or sides for this case. If you want a higher cake (or 2 layers without slicing), double the recipe. HI Eli, I haven’t tested it that way so you would have to experiment. I have not tried using a smaller tray to advise, sorry! It may have needed a longer bake time being in a smaller pan. Can I half the recipe Hi Sandra, the grams are by weight. Recent recipes Natasha, you must get physically ill at having to answer the same questions about this cake every single day! How do I prevent this? But the flour lumps keep forming when I add it, and when I mix it too much I risk deflation. Greeting from Germany. Tried it today. I’m new in baking. I sure hope that helps some. This cake does not require any butter. It sounds like you are on the right track but I would guess that 4 eggs might work better or the cakes may be a little flat. Nina. Check out our post on how we measure which may help. My question is about the baking pans you use – can I use springform pan or do you recommend using the round ones you use? Slowly add in hot milk, continue mixing (low speed) until mixture is smooth (batter will be thin). My wife hates frosting on cakes (she scrapes it off to eat the cake without it! Hi Sana, I haven’t tried, but I think it could work since it is a sponge. 4 egg yolks. Black Forest Cake – A chocolate version of classic genoise with 1 lb of kirsch infused cherries and whipped cream. Using a sieve, add icing sugar and sift. I do recommend sifting it in if you keep experiencing this. Since this cake relies on the volume of the eggs and sugar to rise, it is critical to follow every step in the recipe and use the right tools. How long will that take? Your recipes never disappoint !! Hi Natasha, I haven’t tested that with an 12 inch pan but I have doubled this recipe for a 9×13″ cake pan before. If the figure 8 sinks into the batter before 10 secs, then u need to beat it longer.”, 8. I have tried this cake and came out so well.thank you so much. , 1. Any suggestions, recommendations? You’re welcome. Hi Melissa, I would suggest following the instructions from our sponge cake roll It’s not the ideal sheet cake as you do have to remove it to remove the parchment paper underneath or it would stick badly to the pan. Now beat in the eggs into the creamed mixture, one at a time, adding a spoonful of flour with each egg which will prevent curdling. I would highly recommend either of our tres leches cakes. Hi Danielle, I haven’t tested that in this cake and to be honest, we don’t think it needs it. Janette here. Hi Natasha, one more question..can we use the 3 milk syrup in this simple sponge cake ? Will that work? You will get your private online COOKBOOK for free! And if I want to use pan with 20 cm how many eggs I should use? I mean absolutely delicious! Hi Mary, they are very different recipes and have completely different flavor profiles. 1/2 cup sugar. Add coffee milk to egg yolk mixture, mix well. My husband liked it but I found it too sweet. Read on to see 11 marvelous recipes you can make using this sponge cake base. Always use a conventional oven setting (not a convection/fan setting), 4. I served them topped with cherry pie filling and whipped cream. (Flour has been measured by lightly spooning it into the cup, rather than scooping and levelling it directly from the container.). My Twitter friend Kate, a very experienced baker, gave me this coffee cake recipe, made with camp coffee. Please let me know! In a medium bowl, beat butter until creamy. This is a classic European sponge cake (aka Genoise). And should I sizzle with syrup before frosting ? Did you start with room temperature eggs and use a high powered stand mixer to beat together the eggs and sugar and then fold the flour in with a spatula so as not to deflate the batter? We enjoy interacting with and responding to these comments! I think that would be ok to cut the recipe in half and just bake in 1 pan or use a non-stick loaf pan (line the bottom of it also) so it can grow taller and you can cut it in half. 2- Additionally, I notice its VERY sticky. Welcome to my kitchen! The cakes came out incredibly flat. Make a figure “8” using the batter that drip off the beater. Read my disclosure policy. Most of our cakes are not overly sweet but I guess it depends on taste preference. Scrape spatula from the bottom to catch any pockets of flour and stop mixing when no streaks of flour remain. Any idea what I could have done wrong Hi Anne, with baking it is tough to say. I hope that helps! Hi Sirine, make sure you add a syrup – this cake is meant to be enjoyed moistened with a syrup or it can seem dry. Made this And it was a huge hit. Was anything altered in this recipe to help better pinpoint what caused the cake to crack. We did that in our older Tiramsu layered cake recipe. We are so happy you're here. Hi Natasha, This post may contain affiliate links. I haven’t had it collapse from vanilla either. Place the 2nd half half on top of the frosted cake and spread the remaining frosting on top. Hi Radhika, Since this cake relies on the volume of the eggs and sugar to rise, it is critical to follow every step in the recipe and use the right tools. Your email address will not be published. Alternatives pls. Let me know if you experiment since others may have the same question. It was beautiful and so tasty. Hi Korina, I have only tested this in a 9-inch pan to advise. Can I make this recipe in 13*9 square pan. transfer the batter to the cake tin, and level it with the back of a spoon or a spatula I promise I w\ill try it later, Hi best sponge cake ever so easy and fast❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Turn to low speed and beat in vanilla and dissolved coffee. Thanks so much!! Make sure to check before the set time as oven temperature varies. Hi. Hi Victoria, if using one pan, you would need one with tall walls like a springform pan. Method. I have not tested this in smaller pans to advise but one of our readers mentioned they were going to try two six-inch round baking pans.

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