The leaves are 3-6 inches long, whitish midrib, margin is entire, basal. Most experts recommend a daily dosage of 3000 to 6000 mg of evening primrose oil per day. The Common Evening Primrose has long been a foraging standby and for a century or so was a common vegetable found in European gardens though it’s an American native….probably. Common evening primrose and other such plants may be listed as abundant on species status inventories, but it wasn’t long ago that milkweed was abundant, too. While the edibility of Oenothera biennis (ee-noh-THEER-uh bye-EN-niss) is not in doubt much about the plant is. Evening Primrose leaves are alternate, rough-hairy, lanceolate, about 3 to 6 inches long and lemon-scented. This plant is native to Canada and the US and grows in all provinces (not the territories) and most states. The seeds of common evening-primrose contain gamma linolenic acid, an anti-inflammatory compound used to treat cardiovascular disorders and arthritis. COMMON EVENING PRIMROSE Oenothera biennis EVENING PRIMROSE FAMILY (Onagraceae) Description This native biennial plant produces a rosette of leaves the first year, a stout flowering stalk up to 5 feet tall the second. Evening Primrose is identified by its tall and dramatic flowering stalk. It can grow to over 6 feet tall! Evening primrose leaves are lanceolate in shape and the margins are (sometimes) toothed. This view shows the underside of the topmost leaves in late spring. The leaves are lance-shaped and alternate on the stem (A). Habitat. Evening Primrose is a tall wildflower, often 4 to 5 feet or more in height. The most common use is the capsule form. Evening primrose grows in meadows, on beaches, in dunes, roadsides, and in waste places. There are many desirable perennial evening primroses, raised one year to start flowering from the following season, but far fewer biennials. It’s a real treat to find these flowers in the morning with the Primrose moth visitor still hanging out in … Evening primrose comes in herbal forms, such as dried leaves and flowers, as well as oils and capsules. Notice the prominent central vein. The stem is erect, stout, soft-hairy, reddish, branching and forms a shrub-like appearance. Common Names: evening star, fever plant, king’s CURE-ALL.

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