You can do it your own way, if it's done just how I say! We’ve looked at the most important and pressing differences between these fantastic brands – so there’s still more to dig into if you need to. As we touched on above, we’re going to look at the main differences between Spyderco vs Benchmade knives. Both brands use excellent quality steel in their premium knives, with Benchmade taking a slight lead in terms of material quality. The Ball Lock and Compression lock IMO seem to be stronger and much, much more difficult to accidently unlock. Please visit following page for more information. AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. Once you do though, they fit exceptionally well into your hands and are some of the most comfortable knives on the market. Easy, smooth, strong. Joined Mar 2005; Posts 18620; EE Offline; FL, USA. Get whichever you like best after playing with them both. Lock-up - well, the compression lock would be most prone to blade-play from extended wear, so that would get the bottom of the heap, I don't know if the BBL is designed to accommodate for this the way the axis-lock is, so I'd give the axis-lock … As we go through the guide, don’t forget how important your own experience is! [ARCHIVED THREAD] - SPYDERCO Knives Compression Lock vs Ball Bearing Lock. You would have to play with one to see if the position of the lock is easy for you to access when you pull it out of your pocket. Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by LethaL_98, May 3, 2012. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. You most likely won’t find a similarly priced knife from Benchmade. Also Read: Best Pocket Knife Under $50 – Excellent for the Outdoors. ). I have never gotten into the habit of flicking my knives open, so I may not be the best person to answer that question. It was developed and patented by ... Axis Locks and Derivatives. I’ve owned pocket knives from a dozen different brands over my lifetime. I can't comment on the ball bearing lock because I don't have any. The compression lock can be thought of as an improved, inverted liner lock. Benchmade vs Spyderco? You can counteract this relatively well with good care and maintenance. $25-$30 premium? The blade release is swift and snappy, while still being reliable and durable enough for everyday use. Discussion in 'Knives' started by A144, Aug 5, 2013. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time working with or carrying your knife, it’s essential that you like the opening action and method. See what works for you and what catches your attention the most. Discussion in 'Spyderco' started by Nosetotail, Sep 15, 2007. ChrisGarrett. If you’re a lefty (or ambidextrous) then you’d likely be paired better with a Benchmade knife as their symmetry helps you out a lot. Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more. The ball bearing lock has better overall security IMO. I have 2 Dodos, a Poliwog, & a P'kal and have not had a problem with any of them, solid lockup, zero blade play, easy to deploy. IMHO, I like the compression lock better for one handed manipulation. Copyright © 1996-2020 AR15.COM LLC. It depends on where you live and the condition of the knife. Spyderco knives, on the other hand, are very ergonomic. Which lock is the strongest? S30V, G10, ~3.5" blade for ~$110 is hard to beat from any company imo and is a great deal. COMPRESSION LOCK® A lock mechanism that uses a leaf-like spring from a split liner in the handle to wedge laterally between a ramp on the blade tang and the stop pin (or anvil pin). I look at the Native being about $50-55 less than a PM2 with main differences being G10 slabs and liners which should add about $15-20 (cost them maybe $5-7 for materials plus factory and man hours) - maybe add $5 for little bit more blade stock and ffg - so the premium really is about $25-30. It’s exceptionally sturdy and lets you open and close the blade one-handed without any hassle. Posted: 8/30/2019 … Please visit following page for more information, (You must log in or sign up to post here. This isn’t necessarily a bad feature as they’re just as lightweight (often even lighter and slimmer than their Benchmade counterparts). In operation since 1998, has led the industry since Day 1. Are you a current member with account or password issues? Another vote for axis. Take what you learn here and go get your hands on a couple of knives from each of the two brands. My Taiwan made compression lock is awesome, Kapara model. It's located along the spine of the blade, and engages between the stop pin and the tang of the blade. These are the questions you should be asking if you want to make a more informed decision. So if you can adjust to the ergonomics of the lock position, it would most certainly be easy to flick open. It’s not a complete Benchmade and Spyderco knife comparison without looking at how they lock up. The good news is that Benchmade is aware of the issue and is constantly trying to improve quality control to bring you the best quality possible. I think the ball lock is the strongest. Each has their specialties and focus areas, so you need to choose what suits you best. With all this in mind, let’s take a look at what separates two of the biggest names in the pocket knife world! If you want something that looks and feels a little different – without straying too far from the path – then Spyderco might have what you want. It takes a little time to get used to the feel and balance of Spyderco knives, and you’ll need a little practice to open/close them one-handed. If you’re a fan of the traditional thumb stud, then Benchmade is the way to go. Spyderco has several options that cater to the budget market, whereas Benchmade sticks to the premium range. I know that you are able to close the knife one handed with the ball bearing lock. Good luck! If this is your first knife, or you’ve had bad experiences in the past, this feature could be a lifesaver. It’s an addictively fun lock, with many practical benefits. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. I have all three of the locks. Take what you’ve learned here with our Spyderco vs Benchmade breakdown, list what you’re looking for and what’s important to you, and take a look at some knives! We’ve done tons of reviews of some excellent knives to help you out, so feel free to take a look – you’ll find loads of helpful information! If I'm getting that crazy with a knife I just switch to a fixed blade, This is a major reason I advocate fixed strongly. The frame lock is very similar to … All Rights Reserved. It is not like the Benchmade axis lock.....same concept, but the Benchmade axis is a lot easier to manipulate one handed than the spyderco ball lock. They’re quite symmetrical and hold closer to that traditional “rectangular” look. When the ball is full retracted, the blade on a ball lock swings as easily as pivot screw tension allows. The only one I really won't buy is the liner lock, because of the reliability issues. Just remember that there is no perfect knife. Admittedly, it takes a while to get used to, but when you do, it’s hard going back to a simple thumb stud. Their handles are often quite straight and not overly ergonomic. I find the axis lock to be a little awkward to release one-handed. It is not like the Benchmade axis lock.....same concept, but the Benchmade axis is a lot easier to manipulate one handed than the spyderco ball lock. I have several of each. Nosetotail - I just use my thumb in the hole to open my Para. The compression lock is patented by Spyderco, and it can be thought of as an improved, inverted liner lock. ). If you want speed and don’t mind assisted opening knives, then Benchmade’s axis lock is top-class. is similar to the Walker LinerLock, but uses a lock bar that is integral to one of the handle scales. Both have their strengths and my favorite of the two is the compression lock. Let’s get started! The compression lock is solid and works one handed. They're pocket knives and not that difficult to operate. Benchmade knives come with a generous warranty that allows oftentimes free repair on any damage done to the knife. While this area comes down to personal preference, just bear in mind that you’ll adapt quickly to the opening and closing action, so this shouldn’t be your primary deciding point (unless you don’t like the “Spidey-hole” on Spyderco knives). Frame Lock. Don’t let the price deceive you though. My favorite is the Axis lock, but the ball lock, compression lock, frame lock, and Arc lock all work very well too. The spine of the blade sticks out in a sort of triangular shape (to make space for the Spidey-hole in the side of the blade). In this Benchmade vs Spyderco breakdown, we’re going to look at the important differences. In addition to increased strength and safety of operation over a liner lock, a compression lock also has a higher “fidget” factor than a liner lock, owing to its ability to be swung open when the lock is pushed open similarly to an Axis Lock. Spyderco doesn’t struggle in this department though, thanks in part to the simplistic design of knives.

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