Good Story. I think the author’s atte. You can only complain about the cost of gas and food so many times before it becomes a bit much. I just can't let all those grouchy reviews go unanswered: yes, the woman has a strong writing style, but so does William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway, and yet we force poor, defenseless high schoolers to read their fiction. 272 pages Mollie hopes it will convince her husband to rethink his hare-brained scheme of sailing off into the sunset. #1 of the Jane Bunker mystery-If you like to read books about the ocean and the fishing industry off the coast of Maine, this was an excellent story about that. I am happy to read about a subject that the author obviously knows about. But Greenlaw also explores the islands darker side, including a tragic boating accident and a century-old conflict with a neighboring community. Vivid descriptions, local language and colorful "down east" characters make this an enjoyable story even if somewhat far-fetched. I know NOTHING about boats, fishing, the ocean, etc. "Alex, honey, pay attention" ... Really, how many adult males do you know that talk to their 17-year-old sons like that, especially in life and death situation? ... ... Full Biography Link to Linda Greenlaw's Website. Hopefully it will get better as the series continues. The plot is decent and there are some great characters that are well developed. She’s looking forward to sailing to Destiny Key, enjoying the Fourth of July festivities, and dressing her cat, Mrs. Moto, up in adorable costumes for her hubby’s crazy new YouTube channel. The term fisherwoman does not exactly roll trippingly off the tongue, and Linda Greenlaw, the world's only female swordfish boat captain, isn't flattered when people insist on calling her one. After surviving a killer investigation, along with a couple of attempts on her life, Jane feels she’s finally earned a respite in her beautiful, coastal hometown of Green Haven, Maine. There was a problem loading your book clubs. It seems like everyone in Green Haven knows that Jane Bunker has scored an invite to the ultra-exclusive Summer Solstice Soiree—and they all assume she’ll be in attendance, as one of the few eligible single women in town. When she gets to work one morning, the sheriff asks her to take a break on her personal war on drugs—it seems that she’s been so successful catching dealers and interrupting the flow of drugs in the area that she’s called too much attention to just how bad it’s gotten, and the community is worried that all the attention on the drug trade will deter the summer tourists that Green Haven so badly needs to keep the economy going. Linda Greenlaw's three bestselling books about life as a commercial fisherman -- THE HUNGRY OCEAN (1999), THE LOBSTER CHRONICLES (2002) and ALL FISHERMEN ARE LIARS (2004) -- have climbed as high as #2 on the New York Times bestseller list. The author of this book, being a survivor of the story that became "a Perfect Storm" certainly shows off her knowledge of ships during the life threatening episode in this book. Jane does not believe this and takes pictures and starts investigating. I thought the writing was just poor. What would you do if your husband became obsessed with turning your cat into an internet sensation? in "The BookBrowse Review" - BookBrowse's membership magazine, and in our weekly "Publishing This Week" newsletter. I never quite understood the main character and did not find much of the fictional aspect in the story plausable. Linda gets points for knowledge of maritime life and the fishing industry in Maine, but she has never met a modifier she didn't like.

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