Awesome!! Sprinkle with confections’ sugar and with sour cream on the side. However, it’s crucial to pre-heat the skillet before batter hits the pan otherwise your crepe will dry out before you can flip it. lol thank you for the video tutorial though.. Continue to cook a few seconds more until slightly golden. Let rest 20 minutes on the counter (or overnight in frig). They are my favorite , I use a little different recipe for my nalisniki I love nalisniki with cherries inside and serve with sweet sour cream (sour cream and sugar mix together on medium speed blender or mixer). I made the nalisniki today, and they were super good. I made my first nalisniki today, and they turned out amazing. These look soo good! Hi, I would like to make these. Thank YOU for following and please let me know what you think of the recipe! I’m so glad you enjoyed it Tatyana! This batter is thin to work with so it should not be difficult. Don’t feel confined to using only apples. I’m glad to know:). Refrigerate crepes that aren’t being served. Thank You so much Natasha for sharing with this delicious recipe!!! However, for weddings or special events crepes are commonly baked with butter when serving. I’ve added pineapple, peaches and apricots in the past with great results; just make sure you drain the fruit well if it’s canned. Welcome to the site! )Just printed recipe. Really enjoy your simple easy elegance recipes. Fold both sides in. Baking them is awesome if you are feeding a large crowd. we like them a little bit softer and fluffier This summer,while in Ukraine we ate this resturent they served the most amazing crepes. Thanks for the great recipe!!! Yes, a blender can be used but when making large crepe quantities (which is usually my case) you’d have to blend in batches which is more of a hassle if you ask me. This recipe makes a double portion of my easy crepes recipe. over Nalysnyky. . My mom uses the aluminum crepe pan … I can’t seem to make on that pan, nonstick has always been my go to ever since I was a kid . In a bowl, using a hand held electric mixer, beat eggs until light and fluffy. Lol I love how thin these turn out to be, yet totally workable. Anna, thank you for the nice review, I’m happy to heat that you love the recipe . What kind do you have and where did you get it? I love your recipe Natasha, and i put inside nalesniki dried cranberries and cherries in syrup ( without syrup ) from russian store. Thanks for this recipe! Dust with powered sugar (optional) and serve with sour cream or jam on the side. Then flip and heat the other side. , Oh yaya!!! The only other thing I can remember her using in her filling is cinnamon. Spread a thin layer of the cheese filling over the crepe and then rollup. Nestle. Do not refrigerate they will stick! My sister made these awhile back. And….my 5 year old son loved them. I don’t have cottage, think ricotta cheese will work? this is the best method for us! (for filling), Dill, fresh Hi Tanya, do you want to freeze the finished crepes with cheese in them? This is amazing how simple it is to make them and how delicious they are! ITS BEST AFTER BEING REFRIGERATED FOR ME AND I NEVER FRIED IT AGAIN JUST ROLLED IT UP AND LET IT GET COLD DANG DANG ITS BOMB!!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by! I’ve tried these with strawberry preserves mixed with sour cream and it is very good! I’m so happy you have enjoyed these! That’s so great Leta! Thanks and Merry Christmas!!! hmm good I then thought I would search thru your website to see what else I could see. Cook until edges slightly crisp and flip over. Place the cooked crepes on a platter and keep warm in the oven at 250°F. It may help if your milk is room temp also if using a mixer to ensure that your butter doesn’t clump up when it comes in contact with cold liquids.

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