A pain to install. The backwall measures 26" H or 66" H with posts. I also did not like that I had to take my work table apart and move the surface to allow this backwall to mount properly (this could have been referenced in the worktable manual). When you need parts for your Craftsman workbench, you'll find the replacement parts you need at Sears PartsDirect. Those were pretty good quality but this thing is a bit flimsy feeling. CRAFTSMAN 2000 Series 41-in W x 35-in H 7-Drawer Steel Rolling Tool … The only negative I've noticed is the pegboard hooks tend to fall out when I grab tools because the sheet metal isn't as thick as a regular peg board; but perhaps I just need to find a different type of hook. Simply slip this five-foot long tool wall behind your workbench, and you've created a ton of space for organizing your tools, equipment and accessories. Add storage modules4. My booklet was missing the even pages, which were critical to assembly, and had to download them, and it was not easy to find this product's manual, even though I had all the reference numbers available. If you wrench tighten nuts and bolts, the SS top will probably not fit between the flanges of the backwall. Very nice backwall but the light stopped working after 2 minutes. Add accessories" Adds light, power and additional organziation to your 6 ft. Craftsman workbench (009-14928 or 009-14929) /li> Mounts directly to workbench 6-outlet power strip provides power when you need Worklight illuminates work area All … I ordered the backwall with light and after it was received, first learned that the workbench top had to be moved forward to allow the backwall brackets to mount directly to the lower bench frame. In order to attach this to the workbench I would have had to remove and discard the backsplash, plus shift the benchtop 3 inches forward. 53. Two weeks and seven phone calls that took a couple of hours later, I was told that Sears does not deliver tools. I bought the premium 8' workbench and a ss top. Great prices, starting from as low as $139.99 - Browse our great selection online or in-store today! Spend some time figuring this out before you dive in. It's your shop, so keep it neat, tidy and attractive with this standing tool board. Stuff like that is really frustrating. Trap to avoid- built the legs of the back wall onto the bench as you assemble the bench or you'll be taking a lot of things apart. Why didn't the employee know that Sears would not deliver my items? This attractive 5-ft. black backwall turns your working area into a true workshop with the ability to tailor your peg board to your liking. Later purchased at ********** (but not in the original black). I like the item, but...needs a light switch, not just a plug. So once I got over this bench top shift, it was time to assemble. Reviewers may have received a benefit, like a sweepstakes entry or rewards program points, in exchange for writing a review. I’m going to mount the backwall directly to my garage wall, keep the red backsplash and throw the extra parts in my coffee can of stuff, never to be seen again. Nice for the price. The assembled bench and back board are very heavy, so this is definately meant to be a stationary work bench. Steel Backwall, Worklight and Outlet Strip, The Craftsman 14944 8' Metal Workbench Backwall can be mounted directly to your existing Craftsman workbench for easy organization and convenience, Backwall measures 26” H or 66” H with posts, 6-outlet power strip lets you power or charge tools, battery chargers, radios or any other item needed in your workspace. It also has no predrilled outlet hole for the lamp cord. So far so good. The only problem with the backwall is with the light - it doesn't fit tightly, and moves around when the workbench shakes in the slightest, and also there is no switch to turn it off and on, so you have to unplug it from the power source, which means you have to plug it into the backwall outlet. It would have been nice if the instructions for building the bench would have mentioned to leave the top off if you are attaching a backwall. Craftsman Professional 5 ft. Backwall - Black, The Craftsman professional 5-ft. black backwall helps you create a wall of tools visible and organized on this sturdy pegboard, No need to purchase specialty hangers or hooks because this backwall uses standard pegboard hooks, This standing backwall slips nicely behind any five foot long workbench but is made to be compatible with the five foot Craftsman workbench and the Craftsman professional wall cabinet, The baked enamel coating is rust resistant and the rugged steel construction of, The baked enamel coating is rust resistant and the rugged steel construction of this tool wall makes it a long lasting and valued part of your workshop. CRAFTSMAN 1000 Series 26.5-in W x 44.25-in H 5 Ball-bearing Steel Tool Chest Combo Black) Item #997947. No switch on the light. I have hung a lot of tools and a couple of wire baskets on it without any sagging or leaning. Craftsman workbenches are essential additions to your garage work area. The top drawers were now hard to access. Select your worksurface material3. It's a perfect match for the bench. Worst purchase I've made in years. Everything went together well, packaged fine, and once finished, it feels sturdy and looks great. for pricing and availability. Sears couldn't replace just the light fixture but would take the whole thing back, after I spent 4 hours assembling. This Well-made 5-ft. Black Backwall Organizes Your Tools Reviewers may have received a benefit, like a sweepstakes entry or rewards program points, in exchange for writing a review. You can unsubscribe at any time. Wide 3 Drawer Metal Tool Box - Red/Black. I have this backboard and can't use it . You get what you pay for.It would be wise to have a helper when you install this. This backwall is ideal for your garage, tool shed or workshop. Ended up cutting down the posts, screwing the pegboard to the wall, discarding the black cowl and hanging the cheapo light fixture by the ceiling. The light doesn't include a switch unless you plug it into the included power strip and use the power strip switch which of course shuts off power to everything else that is plugged into it. Big waste of time.We drove to a big Sears store 27 miles away because we thought they would have a good selection of workbenches that we could just buy, and bring home. This is a great size and very sturdy. Very well built. Add accessories". Not a great design. Fits well on my Sears Workbench and I use part of the screen to hand one of my Sears cabinets. Disappointing that the light has no On/Off switch! I needed all the directions! 20-in. You could plug into the supplied power strip and use its on/off switch, but that would cut power to all outlets - not ideal if you want to keep cordless drill batteries and other tools charged. I just ordered the backwall and opened the box, and after several minutes trying to pound that in Jerry’s head, he transferred me to customer service to “register for a warrant replacement.” The customer service person reaffirmed my feelings about Jerry, and he transferred me back to the part replacement center. I’m not sure $5.18 in parts is worth another trip to Sears. CRAFTSMAN PRO-X 1.25 X 25FT TAPE. As others have said, the light fixture should have a switch but since it won't work anyway, that doesn't really matter. I didn't read any reviews about this item before buying it because when I was online, I was trying to order work benches that have been discontinued, but that Sears has not removed from the website. I bought everything as a "set" ... you would think Sears would have designed the pieces to fit without relying on the customer to become MacGyver. I would like to get a second power strip for the other side...not available in the store. But hey, after 10 more minutes on hold, the line went to a busy signal. We put the top on per the bench's instructions, and had to remove it later when we put the backwall on. Here is where the real fun began… I called Sears to order replacement parts and spoke to an ***-clown named Jerry, who said that the “parts bag” for this product was $68.00 plus shipping. When finger tight, there is just enough space in the bolt holes to allow the backwall to expand wide enough for top to fit between the ends. Attaching it to the bench takes some patience as you're dealing with a very heavy object with sharp metal edges. drawers and back wall. You need two people to install it is very heavy. Today I went to the local Sears and worked my way up to the store manager, I was told to buy the correct course threaded nut and bring the receipt back to the store, and they will reimburse me.

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