The more important factor to consider is the thickness of the aluminum and/or copper layer(s), and the overall mass of the pan. Demeyere cookware has more aluminum, so it edges out All-Clad in both thermal conductivity and heat capacity. The Demeyere Proline 7.9 in Fry Pan is great for preparing a couple of fillets of fish or meat. Some people prefer glass because they like to see what's happening inside a pan. TRK Note: TriplInduc® is really just 3 layers of stainless: exterior layers of 18/10 that protect an internal magnetic layer of 18/0. The LTD2 has rounder handles. Increased frying surface up to 50 percent. Induction compatibility, good performance, and light weight: All-Clad D3 or Demeyere Industry 5, Induction compatibility, superb performance, and heavy: Demeyere Atlantis, Not induction compatible, great performance: All-Clad MC2. Durability is also a frequent topic. Not dishwasher safe. Domed lids. *You can sometimes find the AC D3 pan on Amazon for as low as $70/120. Which pans get the heaviest use in your kitchen? Does cleaning with steel wool impact the cookware’s performance? (Most of this info is taken from the Demeyere website.). This is enough aluminum to create fast, even heating but not so much that the pans are overly heavy. Thus, cookware with an aluminum interior and a stainless exterior has the best of both worlds: excellent heating properties and extreme durability. When the All-Clad patent expired in the 1980s, the market quickly flooded with several knock-offs mostly made overseas; some of them are good quality, but many of are not. Demeyere: All Demeyere pans are induction compatible. Comments like yours make this work worthwhile. All Clad: Some people dislike the D3 handles, but overall it is lightweight, easy to use, and pretty. Good design is somewhat subjective, but both All Clad and Demeyere cookware are great to use and look at. If you're wondering Why isn't all stainless nickel-free?, it's because nickel-free stainless is less corrosion resistant than standard 18/10 stainless (the "10" refers to the nickel content of 10%). British architect John Pawson designed this stylish cookware line for Demeyere. Demeyere uses a variety of materials and technologies to enhance performance, including steel, silver, copper, aluminum, and a unique triple alloy base layer designed to increase induction efficiency they call TriplInduc. For that reason, you should avoid using these products to clean your cookware. Better than le Creuset, not as good as Demeyere Proline. One big one is balance: bottom clad pans can feel unbalanced, especially if you're accustomed to full cladding. Conical Sauteuse, Demeyere Atlantis 3 1/2 Qt. You want cookware with a classy and elegant design and a smooth, shiny surface. It features the same superb quality Demeyere cookware that professionals and home chefs have been enjoying for more … The human body does not need aluminum, and while the evidence that it's dangerous is sketchy, it's probably best to avoid ingesting too much of it. Besides performance, you want cookware that looks great and fits the style of your kitchen. All-Clad offers several multi-clad stainless cookware lines starting with just 3 layers (3-ply or tri-ply) and going all the way up to 5 (5-ply). Tin is also used, usually as the traditional surface in copper cookware, but it's got a number of drawbacks: it wears easily and has a low melting point (449.5F). This is not to say that Demeyere cookware isn’t up to par, but, in my opinion, its 7-ply construction, specially designed surface treatments, and induction base don’t provide enough noticeable value to justify the additional cost. Same configuration as the Atlantis line with different design. Unfortunately, cast iron has a number of drawbacks. Cast iron cookware is the reigning king of durability, with clad stainless coming in a close second. Avoid soaking pans for too long a time. A better strategy is to learn about your options first, then choose the option that best fits your cooking style. It heats up evenly, works excellent on induction cooktops, and is easy to clean. All content on is intended for informational purposes only. Great all around cookware. The mix of different lines is meant to "bring Chef Keller's preferences to the home cook." ), See also: The Best Nonstick Frying Pan: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy. Demeyere Cookware is made is Belgium and has been for more than 100 years. The result is better heating properties than even a lot of copper cookware. Durability is another important factor in selecting cookware. All-Clad and Demeyere cookware are two of the best options around. (Although not popular in the USA yet, induction is the fastest and most responsive type of cooking known to man. Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy. Often, the biggest difference between expensive clad cookware and middle-of-the-road clad cookware is the lids: expensive clad cookware is going to have stainless lids, while middle-of-the-road clad cookware is going to have glass lids. Possibly the best non-copper pan on the market, worth every penny if you can afford it. Again, Demeyere cookware was not tested. 3 ply, 1.7mm aluminum, induction. If you have an induction cooktop or are thinking about getting one, you probably already know that induction requires induction-compatible cookware. Industry 5 contains about 3mm of aluminum. All Clad: The stainless can be sticky and has rivets on the cooking surface to clean around. YES! For us, good design is more than cosmetic. However, I give All-Clad the edge since all of its pieces, including ones with vertical sides, are fully clad (heat conductive material throughout). But look at it…. Demeyere pans have a couple of features that All Clad pans don't have that make them easier to care for. We find this to be the case with the Demeyere John Pawson line, which, while top notch cookware in every respect, has big, square, unsightly handles. Durability: How well does the cookware stand up to use? Most serious home chefs would be happy with a set from either brand. All-Clad sources all of its materials from U.S. suppliers, and the materials are tested and guaranteed to meet National Standard ISO 9000 and ASTM 240 (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards. You want cookware that’s made in the U.S. under the highest standards that comes with a lifetime warranty. For their exterior, All-Clad uses magnetic 18/0 stainless steel that’s extremely durable, resistant to rust and scratches, and safe on all cooktops, including induction. All-Clad stainless steel cookware is oven and broiler safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (350 degrees Celsius). Is there any benefit at all? The exact thickness varies by cookware line, but on average, Demeyere is 3.7 mm thick, and All-Clad is 2.6 mm. Here's a 4 minute video from Demeyere which explains their reasoning (and pan construction): As valid as this reasoning is (and it is), the American market has always preferred fully cladded cookware, probably largely due to All-Clad's marketing strategies. Hi Jason – Thanks for the comment. So which did you choose?? A good number for copper starts at about 1mm; a good number for aluminum starts at about 1.5mm. Better! Both are great options. The more important reason to avoid cookware with copper, aluminum, or cast iron cooking surfaces is that they can impart an off, metallic taste to your food. click here to buy the demeyere Atlantis sauté pan: The All-Clad MC2 is the best deal out there for excellent performance (3mm of aluminum!). In fact, magnetic stainless has to be nickel free ("18/0" as opposed to 18/10 or 18/8). Besides the John Pawson line, which I believe is too modern/strange, Demeyere cookware has a classy and elegant design that would look great in any kitchen. Stockpot + Pasta Insert, Demeyere Atlantis 9.4 in. In their original line, Atlantis, the sloped-sided pans (e.g., skillets and sauciers) are fully clad, while the straight-sided pans (e.g., sauté and sauce pans) are bottom-clad. You really can't go wrong with any of these lines, but here are our favorites. Compare to AC D7. Most "green" sites will recommend glass or ceramic cookware for people with nickel allergies, but we don't because of their terrible heating properties (as well as being bulky and fragile). Demeyere customers can’t say enough great things about its cooking performance.

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