Inbound marketing is crucial to having a good web presence, as it’s used as a way to attract prospective customers by educating and building trust about your services, product and/or brand. Map Pack: the first through third result on a google serp result page that serves up local businesses for a query. Contact Us, About Us, etc.). – Google Adwords’ rating of the relevance and quality of keywords used in PPC campaigns. In the Adwords platform, each keyword will have an estimated click cost, but the prices change in real time as advertisers bid against each other for each keyword. Twitch’s chat feature gives each stream an interactive element where the audience can converse with each other and even interact with the streamer. Used as a marketing strategy to gain PR and link opportunities. The breadth and scale of the capabilities we provide end-to-end across strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations are absolutely unique in the marketplace. This update would determine if content on site pages was related to queries it was being displayed for, and alter the site’s rankings accordingly. An RSS Feed is a place where all updates are tracked together, in an easily viewable format. Canonicals can also be used to avoid duplicate content issues within a website. Anchor Text – The clickable words in a hyperlink. Google did not confirm this, except that they make algorithm changes a regular basis. They use tactics like duplicate content, spammy link building, and negative SEO. Best practice dictates that all images on a website should have alt text, and that the text should be descriptive of the image. Digital technology has thrown a closed shop wide open, and there are more people out there snapping away than ever before. – a nebulous term that can apply to either 1. – An HTML element that is used to describe the specific topic of a web page. – A document in XML format that categorizes all relevant pages, posts, files, etc. – A Facebook platform that allows marketers to manage multiple pages and ad accounts in one central location. Google Maps – The location and navigation service provided by Google. Websites are typically identified with a domain name and published on a web server. This type of redirect is to be used for permanent redirects (example: you own and but you only want one website. This plugin keeps track of all completed form submissions, and allows for all of the fields on a form to be customized. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) – A branch of digital marketing that aims to improve the conversion rate of web pages, thus making the pages more profitable. Posts and comments can be ranked via upvotes or downvotes, culminating in a user’s total points or “karma”. Panda – A search engine algorithm developed by Google to rate the quality and relevance of content on a webpage. Similar to WordPress categories, but tags are more granular and specific, whereas categories are broad and thematic. (See also: Google Algorithm, Google Penguin). : The section of the Google search results page that features three businesses listed in a local map search area. page likes, message responses, post content). For example, if a publisher charges $10 CPM, and your ad shows 2000 times, you will pay $20 for the campaign ($10 x 1000 impressions) x 2. Any digital marketing that involves the use of a search engine, or 2. – Google’s online advertising service. Twitter – A social media platform where users interact, or “tweet” by posting a message or replying to a message in 280 characters or less. Search Operator – a text modifier that can be used in Google searches to return more specific results. When the same content is found on multiple websites, it can cause ranking issues for one or all of the websites, as Google does not want to show multiple websites in search results that have the exact same information. – Google’s now defunct social media platform. Some landing pages are designed with the purpose of lead generation, while others are used to direct the flow of traffic throughout a site. The early cyberpunk idea was that networked computers would let us do our work at home, as freelancers, and then transact directly with peers over networks. Most commonly used to collect names, phone numbers, and email addresses of potential customers. Organic –  A source of traffic to a website that comes through clicking on a non-paid search engine result. Google’s algorithm is constantly updated (approximately 500-600 times a year, or two times per day), which can have varying levels of impact on the rankings of websites across the world. For example, Google has 2 ad networks: the search network (text ads that appear in search results) and the display network (image ads that appear on millions of websites that have partnered with Google). Typically, users will find routes to nearby establishments including local businesses using Maps. Google Hummingbird – The industry nickname for one of the first major overhauls to the main Google search algorithm. – In October 2017, Google made another step towards encouraging HTTPS/SSL Certificates for websites. Profiles are automatically created when a user signs up. This update is only supposed to affect the slowest mobile sites. – A Google search engine algorithm intended to serve up locally targeted information for certain searches. Like, a two-inch reel of recording tape won't last forever. If a visitor visits the same website multiple times, they will only be counted once in the unique visitors metric. Gravity Forms integrates with many third parties and is therefore the standard contact form plugin used on sites built by Geek Powered Studios.

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