Have some warm clothes to wear to supplement the quilt when you start experimenting in temperatures that may test the limits of the quilt. The numbers are generally 70/30, 80/20, or 90/10. The ratings – Warmer to Warmest – give you a quick look at each coat or jacket’s comparative warmth. Sleep. The higher the fill power, the more air pockets in the down and the warmer it will be for its weight. Our products have been worn in cold weather places around the world such as Iceland, the upper reaches of Canada, Alaska, and parts of Antarctica. Only you can decide how warm you need your winter coat to be. An 800 fill power jacket will require less down than a 500 fill power jacket to provide the same warmth. While there admittedly isn’t a lot of design wiggle room when it comes to down jackets 32 Degrees manages to carve out a niche of their own with this minimalist beauty. The Rab Positron has about three times as much down weight as that Mammut jacket, so it’s certainly going to be substantially warmer, intended for wintry temperatures well below freezing, and too warm for typical three-season camping. Well, you should, because it’s true. of down has a Clo of approximately 0.92. This example means that the jacket is insulated using 80% down and 20% feathers. The fill power rating can range from 300 to 900 and above. Recall that the down is plucked from underneath the feathers. But based on that Mammut jacket’s weight and its highest-quality down feathers, I would expect most people to find it warm enough for temperatures just above freezing, and some would be fine in it in temps just below freezing, and the hood certainly helps. It’s a matter of safety. My advice: If you had not used the quilt before modifying it, don’t make any assumptions about how warm it’ll be now; just experiment with it in temps around its original rating or slightly lower than its original rating. of down. A high-quality rating starts at about 550. •    For colder trips/winter, my jacket weighs 16 to around 20 or 22 oz. I searched this question after a lengthy conversation with a retailer about how to tell which down jackets are warmer, short of buying a bunch and subsequently returning them (which is how I’ve generally had to do it in the past). And his name is TIM (a nickname for TIAX Instrumented Manikin). Consider this as the blueprint to best Patagonia winter jackets. I’m glad you found my blog. Which Women’s Jackets are Warmest in Winter, Winter Essentials When They Are Essential, Why I wouldn’t face winter without my fleece pajamas, What to Pack for a Family Winter Vacation. They’re also constructed in a way that’s likely to make them more durable than older synthetics, although down mostly retains the edge there: I owned one down sleeping bag (from Western Mountaineering) for about 25 years, using it on innumerable trips, and it did not noticeably lose any loft before I eventually sold it through a consignment shop (simply because I had replaced it with newer bags). And yes, we have taken into account the cool weather clothing you’re likely to have on under the jacket … During the winter months, your jacket becomes a part of your identity. Trying to make sense of the relationship among fill power, down weight, and the down to feather ratio can be a little confusing. Is there a way to estimate its warmth value now that more down was added? Stay warm, and keep adventuring. The perfect winter jacket will go with you wherever you go and get you through whatever you get up to. Although the temperature rating system has its flaws, there are still other numbers, figures and facts to consider when looking for a great down jacket. …800 fill power with 1 oz. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone’s still using that bag. Getting poked by one of these hurts! There’s a limit to its ability to trap body heat. Here are some examples to help illustrate how fill power and down weight work together: At Triple F.A.T. While sleeping bags have temperature ratings, with down jackets and other insulated jackets, there exists no easy way to determine how warm any specific garment will be. I purchased a Mammut down jacket with 110 grams of 900 fill rating down. The higher the Clo value, the warmer the product is. Did you increase the amount of down by a fairly small fraction, or by as much as 50 percent, or by some other value? Thank you. That would begin to give you an idea of how much warmth you added. Hopefully this guide made it easier for you to make sense of all the numbers you see when purchasing a down jacket. Another feature to consider is a hood. Body Type - Research has shown that individuals with a lower percentage of body fat usually are more prone to getting chilly in colder temperatures than others. These are considered to be low quality, however, as they come from immature geese and ducks and therefore are made from smaller down clusters. This idiom is constantly referred to when discussing temperature ratings and warmth. When purchasing a down jacket, should you pay more attention to the fill power or to the down weight? I've been studying Patagonia jackets for the last 3+ years (see full post list at the bottom).

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