It doesn’t rise a whole lot. Everyone loves it! And please let me know how it turns out . Cover with a cake top and press again making sure not to break the cake top. Canned cherries would work. Add dry ingredients into egg mixture in two separate additions, stirring very carefully not to deflate too many air bubbles. Share: 1. I heard she made it for a party with the girls. In your recipe, it says warm milk, would it be fine to use condensed milk? Hello! If I wanted to make this into a roll should I half the recipe? This looks yummy as is though. Thank you for sharing your great review with me Happy Valentines Day! I remember seeing picture of the cake made that way, delicious :). This last time that I made it for my sis’ bday I did something a lil different & it also turned out amazing!! Support the sides of the cake as you press the filling in. 3 cups powdered sugar NW Cherry Growers sent me 10 lbs of cherries in the mail. This recipe is simple and decadent! 5 large – eggs (room temperature) 1 cup (200 g) – organic sugar 1 tsp. I hope you all vote for me Tues Aug 13th on the OXO Facebook page. This is, in fact, a classic Black Forest Cake. Thank you for the recipe-It’s become a family tradition we all look forward to! This Drunken Cherry Cake has been one of my most favorite childhood desserts. You could keep a little bit of juice from the can; you’ll just have more juice for soaking the layers and I bet it would taste great! It was quite a treat in our house too. Natasha cherries are out of season! Read more here>. Thank you Tina! I hope you give this recipe a try. its a must try kind of look. Transfer to your prepared cake pans and bake at 350˚F for 30 min or until toothpick comes out clean. I’m not sure what caused some of the recipe cards do that, but I’ve got it fixed now. Love the look of this. Sift 3/4 cup cocoa powder and 2 cups of flour together. I let the OXO cherry pitter to do the dirty work. Then add strained cherries and mix just until combined. Fill a medium pot with a few inches of water and put it on a medium heat. This cake looks so good!! Should I double the recipe or something? Cook on a medium-low heat for 3 hours. Keep in mind, this recipe calls for a 12 inch round baking pan. Once you are ready to assemble the cake, slice each of your cake layers in half horizontally into two even layers (Tip: don't slice your layers early or they may dry out). At first, I was glad that I found the recipe without sweetened condensed milk. Flour So drain the liquid from can and soak in rum, same amount and time correct? What could be the cause of that? Thank you Tanya, those are actually artificial candied cranberries , I’ve made this cake so may times lol. It really is as good as it looks. Love this recipe for drunken cherry. 1/2 cup golden rum (I used Bacardi Gold $8/bottle at a liquor store) Splash in hot boiled water. Thanks for your feedback! This cake is the moistest, and softest when it sits at room temp for at least 30 min before serving. Combine and set aside. Do you have a video of this cake on your youtube channel? I pinned it to one of my favorite community boards that I am member of, and as of today it’s one of their most popular pins. Hope this helps . I have not tried brandy in this recipe, but I think it would work well. Will bake this cake on holidays for sure. … used to make this cake sporadically because we had limited access to a large variety of ingredients in those days. You’re welcome, Sandy. Fill the cake shell with this mixture being careful to not damage the sides of the cake. Hi Natasha, Hi Natasha! The rum soaked cherries give the cake a slight tartness and a nice kick the really compliments all the chocolatey goodness. I think it would work, although there’s a little more depth of flavor with the frosting in this recipe. This cake does not taste overly sweet when all is said and done. İs there anything i can substitute rum with? To my greatest joy, the cake came out just as I remember it to be at my aunt’s house. Hi Natalya,What size pan did you use?Did you use the right size of pan? I agree, this cake is one delicious dessert. Grace the cake a with the one-pound pile of fresh cherries. Hi Luci, I haven’t tested replacing the milk with condensed milk. It’s super important to me! I wouldn’t recommend salted butter for this frosting. I typically use heaping measurements of flour rather than leveling them like we are all taught to, and it works every time. Place one layer cut side up on a cake stand. With my easy to follow step-by-step recipes, you’ll be surprised at how quickly a wholesome and delicious meal can come together. You can still use thawed frozen cherries or cherries in a very light (watery) syrup. ?im confused . or only fresh? There are a full two sticks of it in there and I think it will taste off with that much salt in it. In the process of making your delicious Kvas =) Thank you, Natasha for putting together such great cooking blog. Hi Debbie, I did use a whipped cream for a similar cake (black forest) and it worked well. Hi Valya, the ingredients part of the recipe is coming up in code language. Would love to hear what you think is best! 1. Struggling with self control right now, it’s that good! My cousin used to make it once a year for our family get together at Christmas. I will definitely try this cake.One question I have 4 small children and wouldn’t like to use Bacardi rum. Hope this helps :). . Natasha, for a long time I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your site!

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