Need minerals? Do you have any recipes involving fennel or fennel seeds? If you’re suffering from a cough, it can be frustrating and painful. (2) It means ‘to grow thin.’. The toxins are then flushed out of the body. It is also a memory booster, so fennel ensures proper functioning of our brains by regulating potassium levels. Fennel seeds reduce oiliness, help tighten skin pores and shrink large skin pores. This benefit makes it ideal in the treatment of acidity in the duodenum, the portion of the intestines that is responsible for the breakdown of our food through the use of enzymes. The solution to all your skin, hair and health problems is at your fingertips! Having fennel seeds daily can cure this problem. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Here are five ways fennel seeds benefit our skin, hair and life! Should You Sleep With Wet Hair & What are Its Risks? It is thought that, if caught and treated at an early enough stage, the anti-oxidant properties of fennel seeds may be able to minimize or eliminate carcinogenic diseases. First and foremost, black cumin oil helps your skin fight acne. As a toner, first boil fennel seeds. Fiber is essential to and aids in the regulation of our bodies’ digestive systems. Acne is a girl’s worst enemy. In another study, the anethole effectively stopped inflammation and the development of cancer by fighting off cytokines. Ayurvedic experts believe that every movement in a cell is governed by vata, which also play a role in migration and accumulation of the melanin pigment. Like the skin solutions, there are different ways to apply it to your hair. Another option is to apply a mix of almond oil with glycerine, honey and rosewater. What they will do, however, is to boost your metabolism to help you burn the extra calories your body is carrying. One can make a paste by water with fennel seed powder. Violent spasms and contractions in the organs, respiratory tract, intestines, muscles, and nerves can lead to chronic coughs, inflammation, and acute pain. The herbs can also be added to your bath water to create an aromatic steam bath, also effective in releasing ama that can be causing redness and too much melanin. The information contained on this site is for informational purposes only, and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a professional health care provider. Additionally, anethole has been found to slow the growth and spread of breast cancer cells. Next, apply the paste to the affected areas. Alternatively, these herbs can also be added to your bath water too, in helping body to effectively release ama (toxins), which cause excess production of melanin responsible for hyperpigmentation. They offer protection against many diseases, including cancer. Please leave us a comment in the comments section below this article. Daily treatments of pastes made of chickpeas and water, or almond powder and goat's milk can nourish your skin to reduce inflammation, sensitivity and spots of too much pigment. Make a paste by mixing fennel seed powder with cold water. Let us look at 10 amazing skin and hair health benefits of fennel seeds. Fennel seeds may not only add depth and flavor to your recipes but also help curb appetite.. A study in 9 healthy women demonstrated that those who drank 8.5 ounces (250 ml) of … One cup of tea at night can provide more natural relief than all the antacid medicines you can get your hands on. Allowed HTML tags: