Traditional Fijian homes or bures are usually built communally by members of the same mataqali.The main wooden structure is made from a hardwood tree, often vesi.Bure shapes vary slightly between regions: most are broadly rectangular although in Lau they have rounded ends similar to … It is not a formal political body and is not the same as the former Great Council of Chiefs, which was a political body with a prescribed constitutional role, although the membership of the two bodies did overlap to a great extent. Honoring Hamana Kalili – father of the Shaka, Carvers of Polynesia: Fulfilling the Center’s Mission, Working at the Polynesian Cultural Center, Carvers of Polynesia: Blessed with abundance. There are traditions of craftsfolk willingly sacrificing themselves in their zeal towards their chief for in those days, death was seen as a noble passage into another world. Hawaii 2019 Global Breadfruit Summit begins October 14. The 14 Beachfront Bures feature a personal daybed retreat, outdoor shower with secluded courtyard, a spacious deck, traditional Fijian interiors and … Fax +82-63-230-9700, Re-thatching a roof by Dawasamu in Tailevu © Pacific Heritage Hub, Senior Administration Officer, iTaukei Institute of Language and Culture. Her blogs focus on their history, beliefs, practices and – as an added bonus – delicious food! Bure is the Fijian word for a wood-and-straw hut, sometimes similar to a cabin. by Nina Jones | Dec 27, 2017 | Cultures of Polynesia, Fiji | 0 comments. Book. Then get your Fijian groove on pounding a derua (bamboo stick.) The bure 1 Traditional indigenous Fijian house is made of natural materials—reeds, hardwood posts, stones, bamboo, sinnet, and ferns. Then get your Fijian groove on pounding a. Formerly the core family (wife Bures are sometimes built with whatever is on hand in the local area. The presence of smoke within a dwelling did not strike a sympathetic note in the early Christian missionaries, who with good intentions, wrongly considered it unhygienic and instructed that the cooking hearth be relocated outside. Click here to learn more! The Fiji beachfront bure is great for a couple with up to 2 kids. The PCC’s Bure kalou or “spirit house” in the Fijian Village has the highest foundation of all. Entering the wrong door can become an international incident! The chief could enter the building to confer with the priests or talk directly to the gods. During the cold season, the ambience within was always warm and comfortable. The clan of priests had sole charge of the temple grounds and building. Bures are used in Fijian tourism as travelers’ cottages or small resort structures. Artist rendition of a typical Fijian Village with a Bure Kalau – courtesy of Many resorts play with iTaukei themes, but the Fijian Parliament building in Suva, built in 1992, takes the bure concept and really runs with it – free tours are available if arranged in advance. Her hobbies include swimming, traveling, studying and writing about what she is learning from the various Polynesian cultures. Only a few steps from the beach and crystal clear Lagoon, the Beachfront Bures offer a secluded haven of relaxation and privacy. The chief could enter the building to confer with the priests or talk directly to the gods. Its prominent feature was its oval shape, which is a typical feature in Polynesian Tonga and Samoa, two islands renowned for their trade with the Lau islands. Don’t just see the culture, become a part of it, here at The Polynesian Cultural Center on the north shore of Oahu in beautiful Hawaii. To her, Polynesia is not just a place to visit, it is a way to live and she is very honored to be able to be a part of their amazing world. Your email address will not be published. Confused? While Fiji is a famous travelling destination among tourists for its beaches and beauty, its architecture is unique and particularly attractive. Skip to content. They feature private ensuite bathrooms and private patios. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A plain, white strip of tapa, or, Explore the Fiji Village  at The Polynesian Cultural Center, Here at The Polynesian Cultural Center you can feel the power as Fijian warriors give you an enthusiastic welcome while the women entertain with traditional dance.

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