Gogroove FlexSmart X2 In-Car Stereo Bluetooth Adapter - Page 2. A quick set up and demo video of the new GoGroove Flexsmart X3. Tune your vehicles radio and the FlexSMART X2 to the same vacant FM station. Caller ID and voice command are not supported. Pair device 2 to the FlexSMART X2. 0000006933 00000 n Once the second device connects, tell the first device to reconnect to the FlexSMART X2 in it's Bluetooth menu. Wait for Find My iPhone to stop trying to find the inactive device. Enter pairing mode by holding down the call button. An LED display hub lets you control your music and take calls with ease. Multipoint Bluetooth Connectivity allows you to pair 2 devices at once so you can take calls and stream audio from either. The X2 is proven to be one of the best car kits on the market! You will here an ascending tone to indicate the FlexSMART X2 now has Multi-point pairing enabled. Plug it in. xref Make sure the FlexSMART X2 is in pairing mode and the blue and red lights are both flashing by pressing and holding the call button. mRNA vaccines won't just end the pandemic. The GOgroove FlexSMART X2 works great and is a good way to add modern wireless calling and Bluetooth … If music is playing, it will slowly fade out to allow the user to clearly connect to any phone call. 0000034690 00000 n GOgroove FlexSMART X2 Mini Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Kit with Hands-Free Calling Wirelessly play music, make hands-free calls & charge your mobile Phone Equipped with On-Board Volume, Audio Playback and Phone Controls Enhanced voice detection microphone makes hands-free calls easy while driving This small adjustment will ensure a custom fit and will NOT void the warranty. Place the FlexSMART X2 back into pairing mode, hold the blue call button down until it and the red call button are blinking rapidly. 0000005848 00000 n Sound quality is SUPERIOR to almost any FM Transmitter on the market and features an advanced FM Bluetooth Transmitting Chipset. The hands-free tech in the X2 allows the user to … endstream endobj startxref 0000031690 00000 n Volume adjustment on the FlexSMART X2 is accessed by pressing the center dial in once, then a range value between 1-30 should appear on the screen, turn the dial to adjust the volume. Hold the blue call button down until it and the red call button are blinking rapidly. Users interact with the X2 through a control knob and five buttons on the unit's face. Does manually tuning to a free station work better for you? 0000006346 00000 n You should see the option to remove this device from your account. Twist the knob to tune the FlexSMART X2 to the same blank station. 173 0 obj <>stream Mulit-Point Pairing. Continue holding the call button until both the call/end call buttons are flashing blue and red (this indicates pairing mode). Newer X2 models do not have a detachable neck.. ©2019 - 2020 AP Global, Inc. All Rights Reserved. A well designed display and easy to use frequency finder makes tuning into your music simple. Equipped with Bluetooth 2.1, USB port, FM tuner, Auxiliary-in port and DC surge protection, it’s ready for anything. <]/Prev 1256860/XRefStm 2640>> 4. AVRCP: Playlist control ; 0000020668 00000 n Buy GOgroove FlexSMART X2 Bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter with USB Charging, Multipoint Pairing & Hands-Free Calling - Works with Apple, Samsung, LG & More Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 Players with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Is there a AUX cord plugged into the X2, if so does removing it solve the problem? The handsfree technology allows the user to make and receive phone calls through their car speakers. Here are some of the best Hulu has to offer. If you need more assistance please claim your warranty at the bottom of the page and one of our help customer solutions team members will reach out to you shortly. X2 wireless technology When a successful connection has been made the end call button will light up for a hands free connection, and the call button will light up for a audio/music connection. Try testing the X2 with a different Bluetooth enabled device. Please assemble the two pieces as shown on page 4. Leading the Industry with new innovations, Accessory Power has included a USB Charging Port. Plug the FlexSMART X2 into a DC outlet and press the power button to turn it on. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The symptoms include but are not limited to being able to pair to a Bluetooth device, Automatic Pairing not working, and poor Bluetooth connection quality. And for your non-Bluetooth devices, use any 3.5 Aux. Select any devices that aren't active anymore. %%EOF With two devices connected to the FlexSMART X2, the first user to play audio will have playback control. Tune to that station and try using it. The X2 sits atop an 8-inch flexible stalk--putting the "flex" in the FlexSmart moniker--that can be easily bent and holds most positions. Please remove, then reinsert the transmitter, gently apply forward pressure until it stops. Rate, Comment, & Subscribe. Searching for a great show to watch tonight? When we attempted to pair the X2 with our HTC ThunderBolt 4G by Verizon, the handset was able to automatically complete the pairing process without the formality of the inputted PIN. That's enough juice to charge most smartphones, including the iPhone and larger-screened Android phones. Under the paired device list, open the settings menu for the paired FlexSMART X2. For Bluetooth connectivity only, an auxiliary cable is not needed. Use the USB port to charge your device so you always have power. 0000016986 00000 n Let's round up Amazon's best gems. **. 0000018017 00000 n An LED display hub lets you control your music and take calls with ease. Your mobile device should indicate a connected status. A powered USB port makes sure the Bluetooth-paired handset stays charged while in use. Designed with sleek style and versatility, the X2 Mini FM is the perfect in-car accessory. That's a tricky one to answer, as every car's stereo is different. To sign out of iCloud on an iOS device, tap Settings > iCloud > Sign Out. 0000011799 00000 n Apple should probably charge more than $399, It's the perfect iPhone SE rival in every way but one. 2654 0 obj <>stream With nearly 100 possible station choices, it can take some time to find the best station in your area. Searching for a great show to watch tonight? You might need to follow a few extra steps to use your iPhone or iPad with a Bluetooth accessory, like a car kit or headset. The FlexSMART X2 plugs into and grips the inside of your DC socket for full stabilization. The X2 is proven to be one of the best car kits on the market! Pair the second device to the FlexSMART X2, from your devices Bluetooth settings, prompt it to connect with the FlexSMART X2. However, there's one thing that nearly every car audio system includes: an FM radio. Does pressing and holding in the center dial for 3 seconds allow the FlexSMART X2 to choose a new station? FM transmitters by nature are limited in their capabilities and regulated by the FCC. The control knob is pressed like a button to switch between the two modes. 0000031188 00000 n Plug in, setup and pair to the X2 in seconds. Bags and Cases, All Equipped with Bluetooth 2.1, USB port, FM tuner, Auxiliary-in port and DC surge protection, it’s ready for anything. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Good The Gogroove FlexSmart X2 is extremely flexible, offering an easily positioned neck and three different ways to act as a bridge between a smartphone and a car's stereo. ** Note, the display does not "scan" through the stations, it will quickly jump to the next clearest station. 1-866-796-7324, All You will see the name FLEXSMART X2 appear in the device list. If you updated to the latest iOS, have iCloud turned on, and are using Bluetooth, you might experience these symptoms: To resolve the issue, you'll need to first sign in to iCloud and review your devices: Only FlexSMART X2's with model number GGFSX20200GYEW are equipped with the multi-point pairing function.

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