Inspiration Disney Characters introduced in Kingdom Hearts χ: Mad Hatter • March Hare • Razoul • Royal Guards • Maurice • Gaston The pair are extremely efficient in their undertakings, making them a dangerous threat to those who oppose their mistress. Guests Guests calendar. Fate During the scene where Flotsam and Jetsam wrap their tails around Eric, their positions are permanently swapped (as one can tell by looking at their eyes) when Sebastian and Flounder attack them. Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel Your imagination-inspired beachfront social hostel in Surf Town San Juan, La Union, Philippines. [5], In terms of maritime law, the definition of flotsam pertains to goods that are floating on the surface of the water as the result of a wreck or an accident. Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. Likes Despite her amorality, the eels are deeply loved by Ursula, who refers to them as her "babies" or "poopsies". Park attractions Ownership of a wreck is a highly controversial issue, as there are no clear lines within which it is defined. There's Magic in the Stars • Celebrate the Magic • Disney Dreams! In the original Kingdom Hearts, the two play a similar role to that of the movie. However, Flotsam and Jetsam being up for mischief, decide to ruin the garden and eat all the flowers (but spitting out all the seeds). Ariel and her friends plant a beautiful undersea garden which they cultivate and grow. Little Mermaid's Island: Sandy • Scales Television: Little Mermaid's Island • The Little Mermaid: The Series • A Poem Is... • The Wonderful World of Disney: The Little Mermaid Live! Books: Disney Villains: The Essential Guide • Disney Villains: Delightfully Evil: The Creation • The Inspiration • The Fascination • Disney Villains: The Essential Guide to the Evilest of Them All, Villains: Xehanort • Ansem • Xemnas • Maleficent • Pete • Vanitas • Xigbar/Braig • Xaldin • Vexen • Lexaeus • Zexion • Saïx/Isa • Demyx • Luxord • Marluxia/Lauriam • Larxene/Elrena • Terra-Xehanort • Young Xehanort • Xehanort's Guardian In the climax, Eric wounds Ursula with a harpoon, and she orders Flotsam and Jetsam to chase him. Books: Poor Unfortunate Soul: A Tale of the Sea Witch • Official Comic Adaptation • Disney Comics • The Little Mermaid's Treasure Chest • Disney Princess Beginnings • Marvel Comics Comic Book: Indigo • Marlin the Magician • Jenny, Season Two: "Resigned to It" • "Calliope Dreams" • "Save the Whale" • "Against the Tide" • "Giggles" • "Wish Upon a Starfish" • "Tail of Two Crabs" • "Metal Fish" • "T'ank You For Dat, Ariel" Flotsam and Jetsam In terms of compensation, it is seen as being awarded to anyone who voluntarily assisted in the recuperation of the wreck, whether it be saved from upcoming danger, or from loss. Designer Smashes the ground, inflicting 300 Physical damage to targets caught in the area of destruction and knocking them back. Disney Characters introduced in Kingdom Hearts II: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather • Maleficent's Raven • Scrooge McDuck • Mulan • Li Shang • Shan Yu • Hayabusa • Yao, Ling, and Chien Po • The Emperor • Lumiere • Cogsworth • Mrs Potts • Chip • Wardrobe • Pegasus • Megara • Pain and Panic • Hydra • Horace Horsecollar • Clarabelle Cow • Clara Cluck • Jack Sparrow • Elizabeth Swann • Will Turner • Captain Barbossa • Bo'sun • Jacoby • Twigg • Cursed Crew • Prince Eric • Attina • Andrina • Santa Claus • Skeletal Reindeer • Timon • Pumbaa • Nala • Rafiki • Scar • Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed • Mufasa • Kiara • Pridelanders • Hyenas • Tron • Master Control Program • Commander Sark • Kanga • Gopher • Stitch • Chicken Little They later fought Sora and co. in Ursula's lair, but were killed in battle. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Christmas: Royal Christmas Wishes, Sequel: Melody • Tip and Dash • Alex • Morgana • Cloak and Dagger • Undertow • Hammerhead Shark • Flounder's Guppies • Baby Penguin • Ursula and Morgana's Mother Personality Disney Characters introduced in the manga: Caterpillar • Chi-Fu Flotsam and Jetsam, London: See 139 unbiased reviews of Flotsam and Jetsam, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #2,534 of 22,829 restaurants in London. Shake It! Flotsam and Jetsam are both brought back to life and imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost along with Ursula. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. KitchenBar Learn More. Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition. A wreck is categorized as property belonging to no apparent owner, that either sinks to the seabed, or floats on the surface of the water, whether it be intentionally cast overboard, or as the result of an accident. Powers and abilities The first is the open sea, the second is Ursula's land, and the third is the corridor of her lair. [1] A shipwreck is defined as the remains of a ship that has been wrecked—a destroyed ship at sea, whether it be sunken or floating on the surface of the water.[2]. Affiliations Ariel must embubble crabs crawling on the floor and fling them at the moray eels to defeat each one. The eels are named after two different kinds of ship-wrecks. [5], Flotsam /ˈflɒtsəm/ (also known as "flotsan") refers to a sunken vessel whose goods float to the surface of the sea, or any floating cargo that is cast overboard. The second game involves Ursula in her giant form. In pop culture, Flotsam and Jetsam are also eels, and minions of … "Shipwreck definition. In the series, they are shown many times to be meek and incompetent, whereas in the film they are shown to be deadly and intelligent. Their interaction with Ursula was increased for the musical, where they become backup singers to Ursula in the song, "I Want the Good Times Back". Examples of these facts can be seen in episodes like "Against the Tide", especially during the scene in which Flotsam and Jetsam openly take notice of Ursula's recent misfortune, and during the climax where King Triton retracts Ursula's poison ink storm to hit Flotsam and Jetsam instead. • The Little Mermaid: Songs from the Sea, Entertainment: Animagique • Castle of Magical Dreams • Disney Dreams: An Enchanted Classic • Disney's Wishes • Fantasmic! They briefly appear in the chapter "Ursula's Revenge".

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