They won’t have been driving for ten years. Future Continuous Tense By 2020, I will not have been working for twenty years. 3) She will not have been driving alone since 1985. The Formal - Definition / Usage Is - "An Action Which Will Be Completed By A Certain Time In Future" Explaination: You must be confused and thinking what does it "An Action Which Will Be Completed By A Certain Time In Future" !!! Future perfect tense. How will not they have been driving since morning? 12) They _________ have been building the house for three years. I won’t have been playing cricket for five years. 7) Will she ___________ cooking since afternoon? (Subject + Auxiliary Verb + Main Verb + Object), (Subject + ‘will have been’ + Present Participle + Object). They will have been requesting a raise since February. The future perfect tense is used to express a few different situations. The president will not have been talking tomorrow. I will have met him. The children will have been playing since morning. But, if an already Negative-Interrogative sentence is prefixed with a question word it remains Negative- Interrogative. By tomorrow, she will have been singing for two years. 9) __________ you have been drinking milk for two years? Coordinación de Universidad Abierta y Educación a Distancia de la UNAM. 16) She __________ have been swimming for five years. them to not have more than two on the same day too. Marilyn: OMG!!! 5) Will they ___________ been painting since last month? 3) He will _________ been lecturing since morning. We will have been going to college since we were five. Answers- 1)False, 2)True, 3)False, 4)True, 5)False, 6)True, 7)False, 8)True, 9)False, 10)True. To live, future perfect continuous tense. The formula will read will + not + have + verb (ending in -ed or irregular form). The patient will have recovered from illness by the next month. I will not have been staying in London next summer. 8) They will have ___________ receiving the money since 1985. True or False Exercises/Worksheets/Activities on Interrogative Future Perfect Sentences: Determine whether the Interrogative Future Perfect Continuous sentences are true or false. Lyndsey: Hey David! (drive). Retrieved on march 2017 from 7) They will not have been completing the project for five months. The future perfect is used to express: actions that will be finished at some point When he leaves, they will have finished the movie. 10) Will she have been ___________ since afternoon? Verb for used is Present Participle that is –‘ing’ form, followed by the Object. 8) They will not have been _____________ the money for two years. 3)  She will never have been driving alone since 1985. 2) They will not have been drinking water for two days. Sometimes when you are worried you may think everything you have to do may not go as planned. It will have stopped thundering. (Subject + ‘will not have been’ + Main Verb + Object), (Subject + ‘will not have been’ + Present Participle + Object). MCQ Exercises/Worksheet/Activities on ‘Positive Future Perfect Continuous’ Sentences: Choose the proper word from the choices given so as to make the sentences in Positive Future Perfect Continuous, also verify your progress with the answers provided at the end of the exercise. 9) They will have been waiting ___________ yesterday. Ron will have been playing football since childhood. Will they not have been practicing law for five years? Through the whole unite, you have checked the use of the future perfect. ‘Future Perfect Tense’ purely talks about the incidents those are supposed to be taking place in future; similarly, ‘Future Perfect Continuous Tense’ are used to describe actions that are happening in present and will continue in future till a specified time. (Interrogative-Negative). Retrieved on March 2017 from By next month he will have been cycling for 24 hours. 11) I will not have been studying ___________ morning. 16) Will they have been driving _________ two hours? Marilyn: Do you think so? Future perfect tense denotes that an action will be completed at some point of time in future. 4) She will __________have been going to college for a month. 5) Will he have been _________ the new car since last year? 15) He will _________ have been eating since morning. 7)  She will _____________ been cooking since morning. I feel way too excited since World Cup is coming; I have been investigating some aspects of it and wish to share my very personal opinion and expectations about this coming amazing event: World Cup will have fulfilled almost all my expectations since Russia is the event host and it is a cold but incredibly beautiful and rich country; I hope the best team will have won unquestionably- I guess it will be: Germany vs. Netherlands. Present Perfect [graphic]. Answers- 1)a, 2)b, 3)b, 4)b, 5)c, 6)b, 7)a, 8)b, 9)a, 10)b, 11)c, 12)a, 13)b, 14)c, 15)b, 16)a, 17)b, 18)a, 19)b, 20)a. 17) Will they have ____________ protesting for three days? (2008). Answers- 1)will not, 2) have been, 3)will not have been, 4)not, 5)have, 6)have been, 7)not, been, 8)staying, 9) have been, 10)will, 11)since, 12)for, 13)since, 14)will not, 15)not, 16)not have, 17)not, 18)will not have been, 19)will not, 20)not have. 4) She will have been cooking for three hours. They will have been teaching German for 5 years by the end of this year. Let’s look at some additional examples to understand the uses of the past perfect tense. (2015). Connectors: Usage and Meaning. 9) They will not have been waiting ___________ yesterday. 17) Will he have been preparing ________ Friday? (Interrogative-Negative), Will they have been driving since morning? Will he have been sleeping since afternoon? I will have finished this story. Swan, M. (2005). 7) She would had been whining for three hours. By 2020, I won’t have been working for twenty years. (Interrogative-Negative), Will they not have been driving since morning? e.g. The present perfect tense is used to express a past event that has happened at an unspecified time where the exact time is not known and also is not necessarily completed. 1) She ____________ writing to him since 2015. The future perfect tense may also be used in the negative form to indicate a continuous action will not be happening in the future. I will have been working here for two years. 10) He will not have been dancing since morning. At the end of this topic, you will: Express an action that will have finished at a specific moment on the future, through different exercises in context of the affirmative, negative and interrogative grammatical forms to compare and predict actions and projects … Will it have been working for ten hours in a row? Will she have been cooking for six hours? Take the help of the verb hints wherever provided. When you finish, organize it by points because you are going to record your voice. Will the children have been studying since Morning? 7) They will have been completed the project for five months. Andrea: Well, you like your hobbies and apparently you´ve decided to practice them all at once. Los contenidos de cada REA son responsabilidad exclusiva de sus autores y no tienen impedimento en materia de propiedad intelectual; asimismo, no contienen información que por su naturaleza pueda considerarse confidencial y reservada. 14) They will have been ___________ for two hours. Simple Future Tense Let´s check the use of each and every one of the forms, shall we? Andrea: Aja! I shall have bought a suit. 19) Will she have been ___________ since morning? For example: — “ We will not work on important projects next month. 5) He will have been preparing for exams for two months. 8) By next hour, I will not have been eating for ten hours. 7) She will have been whining for three hours. When we use this tense we are projecting ourselves forward into the future and looking back at an action that will be completed some time later than now. Below given are some examples of 'Future Perfect Continuous' sentences –, Like all other tense forms ‘Future Perfect Continuous Tense’ can also be expressed in Negative and Interrogative Forms as given below-, Negative – Future Perfect Continuous Tense –, ‘Won’t ‘which is an abbreviation or short form of ‘will not’ may also be used as shown below-, Interrogative Future Perfect Continuous Tense sentences-. 6) By next month, she will not _____________ turning thirty. Answers- 1)will, 2)have, 3)since, 4)been, 5)have, 6)will, 7)have been, 8)driving, 9)have been , 10)will, 11)have, since,12)will, 13)been, 14)working, 15)will, 16)for, 17)since, 18)been, 19)for, 20)will. 14) Will they have been __________ in the same factory for ten years? 1) ________ she have been studying since morning? (stay). What´s wrong? 6)  ________ he have been playing since morning? 7) It will not have been ___________ for two days. Answers- 1)a, 2)c, 3)b, 4)a, 5)c, 6)b, 7)a, 8)c, 9)b, 10)b, 11)c, 12)a, 13)b, 14)c, 15)a, 16)a, 17)b, 18)a, 19)c, 20)a.

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